12 and pregnant (EDITING) by hisfiancee
12 and pregnant (EDITING)by Melanie White
Meet Winter Marie Summer she's 12 and in middle school. Her and her boyfriend of 5 months had sex and the condom broke. Now she's a pregnant pre teen. How does her par...
  • broken
  • wattys2015
  • preteen
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Apocalyptic ✔ by Haven84
Apocalyptic ✔by Lora
An interactive apocalyptic story. You've heard the strange reports of cannibalism that seems to be sweeping the country. It all seemed so far fetched. Now, though, you...
  • teen
  • twd
  • zombie
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Character X Daughter/Son Reader by msystery
Character X Daughter/Son Readerby msystery
It's been a while since I last written something but I'm back and giving it a bit of an update
  • genjishimada
  • reaper
  • homestuck
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Dear Diary: The Diary of Aileen Collins by melbunnie24
Dear Diary: The Diary of Aileen Melanie Kollmeyer
This is the FICTIONAL diary of a middle schooler named Aileen Collins, an upper-middle class girl who faces weird adventures while growing up such as getting lost on the...
  • bullies
  • bestfriends
  • preteen
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Broken  by Maddy_Devildaughter
Broken by batman
WARNING I NEED HELP WITH LIFE This is a book about Scarlett Rose Unknown pov: This young girls face has scars that run in every drection like a long bumpy maze. She nev...
  • orphan
  • ice-t
  • teen
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Crazy Love  by sirdrummer30
Crazy Love by sirdrummer30
An adolescencent tries to find the girl of his dreams, while having to face life's challenges. Note: This is not the final draft of the book so I will continue to edit t...
  • humor
  • drama
  • love
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Unbelievable: Maze [On Hold] by xTheAquariusx
Unbelievable: Maze [On Hold]by Aquarius
"I curse you to a dark, painful, slow, lonely, excruciating, and agonizing death!" He hissed in my face as tears fell down continuously. His voice was terrifyi...
  • misunderstanding
  • depressed
  • useless
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The Little Ones by Mermaid_Killer
The Little Onesby Mermaid_Killer
Have you ever wandered what it will be like to be captured by the government? Well, neither did 12 year old Rochelle Simmons. She was just a preteen. She didn't know t...
  • powers
  • little
  • preteen
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My Crazy Preteen Life by ThatTMRFangirl_Ava
My Crazy Preteen Lifeby Insanity, Dear~
This is simply updates on my life and randomness
  • crazy
  • real
  • ava
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Thirteen: Now Available With Super Powers by SplashLikesToWrite
Thirteen: Now Available With SplashLikesToWrite
What's harder than turning 13 and going to the 7th grade,doing all that but with powers.Lorain stays in an underground facility for people with powers and other types of...
  • teens
  • middleschool
  • drama
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The Space In Between by pianomusicgirl43
The Space In Betweenby pianomusicgirl43
Jessamine and Stella are sisters, but they don't know who their family is. When something strange starts to happen to them. They embark on a journey to figure out what i...
  • princess
  • sword
  • music
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Different- Jacob sartorius by AlabamaMartin12
Different- Jacob sartoriusby AlabamaMartin12
Alabama is a 15 year old girl that's different from the rest. She wants to inspire people and show that bullying is not okay. No one notices her at first until she finds...
  • teen
  • preteen
  • jacob
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The Blue Riser by waterdragon423
The Blue Riserby waterdragon423
Aqua has special abilities that she is learning to control. However, she also needs to take on other responsibilities concerning the double life she leads. Not only that...
  • friendship
  • preteen
  • magic
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The Last Girl On The Bus by Sweatersnake
The Last Girl On The Busby ~♦•♥ gay snek♥•♦~
I'm only the last girl on the bus trapped the way I am. Do judge me.
  • life
  • gay
  • romance
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Over and Inside the Stone Walls by Katy_Bug_
Over and Inside the Stone Wallsby Katy
Even though Babe has a photographic memory, she is still a normal girl from a small town. She was always happy and looking for adventure until about a few weeks ago when...
  • school
  • spy
  • friends
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Lilah Dobrik  by Merianaia
Lilah Dobrik by Meria
  • kid
  • youtubers
  • youtube
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We're 2 young by CraziiGirlLuv
We're 2 youngby CraziiGirlLuv
Sasha & Davion were 11 when they became boyfriend & girlfriend but their age meant nothing. Trying to be grown they thought sex would be fun. They would sneak & do it wh...
  • pregnant
  • urban
  • teen
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Bachelor King #9: Like brother, like brother by SpinyKyverna
Bachelor King #9: Like brother, Eduardo Lopez
Book #9 in the Bachelor King series. A lot of parents fear the moment when their child starts to reach the fringes of that fantastic journey in life: adolescence. But, f...
  • drama
  • theliteracyawards
  • growingup
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My Kind Of Friend by Molly515
My Kind Of Friendby Molly515
Ivory had always been a loner. She was never good at magic as the others and comes from Aphava, also known as poop land. But what happens when tables turn at her school...
  • princess
  • preteen
  • prince
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River Way Dance Academy: The Novel by officiallykat
River Way Dance Academy: The Novelby Kat
[COMING SOON. This is a fiction novel based on the Wattpad dance roleplay phenomenon]. [Highest Rank: #312 in Chicklit] [11/20/17: Rising ChickLit List] Meet the dance...
  • friendship
  • danceroleplay
  • riverwaydanceacademy
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