I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys Diary | sequel to ISTBBD by fallenxroses
I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys b r i ♡
Sequel to I Stole The Bad Boys Diary. You must read that story first or this will make zero sense!! - - - It's been months since Adam the man who controlled Scarlett's...
  • drama
  • badass
  • teenager
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Time | Phan AU (MAJOR grammar editing in progress) by AllTimeRachel
Time | Phan AU (MAJOR grammar Miraculous Phan
Dan has set a date. He will wait 6 months and if his life isn't better by then he will end it. Just days after planning this he meets Phil. Things get worse at first, an...
  • amazingphil
  • love
  • suicide
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Familiar•Chaelisa• by ChurchRozie
Familiar•Chaelisa•by 인간
"Oh Rosie why don't you understand me?" ••••••••••••••••• Started: I forgot Ended: 4-19-18 *Completed*
  • completed
  • drama
  • loveislove
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One Terrible Mistake by HiddenHijabi
One Terrible Mistakeby HiddenHijabi
"Is that why you were staring at me all of yesterday night? I thought you were glaring at me with hate but you were actually marveling at my attractiveness, weren't...
  • mistakes
  • romance
  • guilt
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Frozen Hearts-Katekyo Hitman Reborn by mintgreyashes
Frozen Hearts-Katekyo Hitman Rebornby ☆Liz☆
Always a mask. Sawada Tsunayoshi had always pretended. He hadn't felt warmth in a long time,the numbing coldness was all that he knew. He thought that no one would ever...
  • khr
  • pressure
  • abandoned
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Shudder by zarryjawline
Shudderby zarryjawline
'If I could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you' _ mature content @teecaakes covers
  • styles
  • dirty
  • diaries
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All for You - Lonzo Ball (18+)  by damntynika
All for You - Lonzo Ball (18+) by damntynika
It's hard being Lonzo Ball, but you made it a little easier.
  • pressure
  • lamelo
  • ucla
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Thug Love 2: Second Generation (editing) by savage_NoWebbie
Thug Love 2: Second Generation ( Destini_Writes
Hazel has always been daddys little girl but entering her second year of high school is going to be rough. She will face peer pressure,betrayal and love. Will she make i...
  • love
  • thug
  • jacob
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Silverstone: Games of Trust by JfMaddie
Silverstone: Games of Trustby maddoo
~Book Two of the Silverstone Series~ It's the Spring Term, and Rose Harlow can't wait to get back to Silverstone and start competing with her friends. The stress is...
  • riding
  • horses
  • pressure
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I Love You by Christala17
I Love Youby Christala Cuevas
Sabi nila, "True love is about sacrifice for the sake of the ones you love" yan ang sabi ni Francis Chan.Pero ang problema hindi niya alam kung bakit nagsasakr...
  • love
  • humor
  • teasing
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Trophy Child by sam_as_i_am
Trophy Childby Sam E.
Casey Jones isn't exactly the kid his parents want him to be. He's rude, cynical, and hopelessly average in school. More than that, Casey doesn't want to pursue college...
  • guitar
  • friends
  • stress
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DESTINED TO BE YOURS..!! ( Muskan Akbar
#1 in Spiritual on 2nd Oct 2k16!!!! #1 again on 09/10/16 Topped the charts in just a month! Thanks a lot my lovely readers!!! #1 in undiscovered 09/09/16 She sat on a...
  • love
  • job
  • spirituality
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The One That Got Away  by NiyatiArun
The One That Got Away by Iron Man
"Loving you was a mistake. And I paid for it." (Chris Hemsworth × reader)
  • pressure
  • hollywood
  • loss
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Unbothered by Ebony246
Unbotheredby Grace Jacob
It's hard being Siobhan. It's hard wanting so much out of the world only for it to give you glimpses of hope and nothing more. Siobhan Jackson is a teenager, you know...
  • teenfiction
  • blackgirlmagic
  • coming-of-age
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Always and Forever: Book 1 (EDITING) by nana-15
Always and Forever: Book 1 ( nana-15🦄🦋🌸🍒🍍
"I want a baby." My eyes shot open at his words. A soft chuckle escaped my lips. "Russ, we've already talked about this." I state, sitting up with th...
  • happyendings
  • anewbeginning
  • livingyourbestlife
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IT WAS JUST A DARE...... TO HIM by Todibossxclusive15
Oluwatodimu is a normal teenage girl in Nigeria if her life is considered normal. One day after exams, her classmates decide to play Truth or Dare as per the tradition...
  • truefriends
  • anger
  • pressure
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14th REASON by zkhannn
14th REASONby Hadria_Selena
Salam! This book is fusion of two important parts of my life i.e. 13 reasons why show and Joker. It would be great if you were already aware of 13 reasons why show. My...
  • stress
  • life
  • smile
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A Penny For Your Thoughts  by GoldenShandrie28029
A Penny For Your Thoughts by 28029 ✔
"Get rid of my demons and give me a penny for my thoughts." Just mixed feelings turned into poetry. All sorts. Mostly dark, anxiety, depression, beauty, sad...
  • depression
  • hate
  • pressure
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My Emo Poem's by tishach2002
My Emo Poem'sby Crystal Heart
Just a compilation of poem's made by me that I worked really hard on so plez don't steal or copy. Also I'll make some poem recommendations if you want.
  • equality
  • freeverse
  • rights
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Twisted  by CurlyCobra
Twisted by professional loner
This is just an emotional outlet for me. P.S. I think I might be bipolar. It is completed until I feel like writing another poem, which I might tomorrow. Please, don't...
  • life
  • utopia
  • opinion
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