Getting Down and Dirty by wolfyfoxy
Getting Down and Dirty by wolfyfoxy
boyxboy/ boyxboyxboyxboy yep we have a foursome going on. four brothers with deep desires can only be brought out by anger, gelously and apologies. sex scenes/graphic...
  • heat
  • boyxboyxboyxboy
  • nightmares
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Manan SS Urge to get married [ completed ] by Andal100
Manan SS Urge to get married [ com... by Andal100
Manik is a hardcore businessman, dhruv is his younger brother and nandini is a jewelry designer.. Well, i won't reveal anything.. u need to read it!! Thanks to @flyingpr...
  • jealosy
  • feelings
  • love
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Always and Forever: Book 1💍🖤💕 by nana-15
Always and Forever: Book 1💍🖤💕 by nana-15
R+C=🖤 Always & Forever READ‼️‼️‼️‼️VOTE‼️‼️‼️‼️COMMENT‼️‼️‼️‼️
  • ciarawilson
  • madeforeachother
  • anewbeginning
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Scorching Bonds by StorytellerMike
Scorching Bonds by Storyteller .
They say falling in love is the easiest part in romance. If that's true, then Jake and Hunter may not survive trying to make it work between them. Their time in high sc...
  • demons
  • love
  • plot
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Needed by Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
  • iris
  • bitter
  • york
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Pressure by Monst3rs
Pressure by Lindsay
Katie: The pressure to be pretty. Nathan: The pressure to provide. Paige: The pressure to be loved. Aiden: The pressure to be perfect. Jocelyn: The pressure to be accept...
  • belmic
  • anorexia
  • emo
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Silverstone: Perfection is Not Enough by JfMaddie
Silverstone: Perfection is Not Eno... by maddoo
~Book One of the Silverstone Series~ Silverstone Horse Riding Academy. It's the dream of every young rider. Over three quarters of the students who attend will go...
  • pressure
  • riding
  • money
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Time | Phan AU (MAJOR grammar editing in progress) by AllTimeRachel
Time | Phan AU (MAJOR grammar edit... by Miraculous Phan
Dan has set a date. He will wait 6 months and if his life isn't better by then he will end it. Just days after planning this he meets Phil. Things get worse at first, an...
  • bullying
  • pressure
  • love
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Far Away by lala1333
Far Away by lala1333
Book 1 in Morris series. She was a nerd while he was the captain of the baseball team. She was bullied but he wasn't. Little did they know they so much in common. They d...
  • kiss
  • fighting
  • court
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Thug Love 2: Second Generation (editing) by savage_NoWebbie
Thug Love 2: Second Generation (ed... by Destini_Writes
Hazel has always been daddys little girl but entering her second year of high school is going to be rough. She will face peer pressure,betrayal and love. Will she make i...
  • peer
  • fiction
  • kasen
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REVERSE | ✔ by paperhigh
REVERSE | ✔ by hamna🌿
❝He knew what he was doing. He wished he didn't.❞ a bully's perspective. Ⓒ 2015-16, paperhigh. Highest Ranking: #22 in Short Story [26/05/16]
  • peer
  • destruction
  • nomorebullying
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Trophy Child by sam_as_i_am
Trophy Child by Sam E.
Casey Jones isn't exactly the kid his parents want him to be. He's rude and cynical and hopelessly average in school, but more than that, Casey doesn't want to pursue co...
  • average
  • parents
  • band
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Shudder by zarryjawline
Shudder by zarryjawline
'If I could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you' _ mature content @teecaakes covers
  • hidden
  • onedirection
  • diaries
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first love by Gabriella_the_hoe
first love by Gabriella_the_hoe
How shawn falls in love with Victoria hagans when she moved to his school. The trouble they get through, it affects them both! Ex boyfriend and Ex girlfriend, want them...
  • mendes
  • lovestory
  • pressure
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Love, Drugs and Cancer by emukid96
Love, Drugs and Cancer by Hailey LaDonna
Samantha Carter is a 16 year old girl who has developed cancer. The cancer was caught late and Sam has a 60% chance of dying. It seems that all the odds are against her...
  • boy
  • cocaine
  • teenagers
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The Artist Story by XyTheQueen
The Artist Story by Xychurriah Payne
A Girl Who Finds That It's Hard To Be A Artist In This World Full Of Violence.
  • artist
  • pressure
  • love
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All for You - Lonzo Ball (18+)  by damntynika
All for You - Lonzo Ball (18+) by tynika :)
It's hard being Lonzo Ball, but you made it a little easier.
  • love
  • pedigree
  • college
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Albatross H.S by _living_paradise
Albatross H.S by _living_paradise
She was drowning in an enigma. //Cover credits go to aversed .//
  • pain
  • perfect
  • styles
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Pressure by KyraaBailey
Pressure by Kyraa Bailey
Growing up in the City behind the light Sasha grew up in a neighborhood on the westside of LasVegas. Sasha mother was strung out on drugs all her life, so she was raised...
  • struggle
  • pressure
  • thuglife
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eight things to do in a bathroom ✔️ by notdevy
eight things to do in a bathroom ✔️ by devy:):
she isn't skinny. she isn't strong. she isn't everything to someone who's everything to her. and that's how it begins highest rank- #84
  • death
  • skinny
  • wattys2017
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