My Body His Baby Wattpadprize14 by JHeister
My Body His Baby Wattpadprize14 by no name Random
Bella goes in the clinic to donate her eggs and comes out knocked up by Hollywoods biggest star, Logan Spade. Bella will have to figure out how to deal with Logan, his b...
Public Eye (Modern Royalty #1) by RosalynBurgess
Public Eye (Modern Royalty #1) by Rosie ChickLit
||NaNoWriMo 2017 Entry|| Coming Soon|| When everything is perfect, falling is not something you ever think will happen ||This book will contains a number of themes which...
Disguise by ARyding
Disguise by Abbie Teen Fiction
'Once upon a time.' 'And they lived happily ever after.' Fairy tales. Princess stories. The tales your dad tells you as he tucks you into bed when you are just a young c...
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm [Completed] by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys'... by Cellienda Romance
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
British Guys Aren't Cute by UnicornFartGlitter
British Guys Aren't Cute by Loki of Asgard Romance
'Fact: British guys are not cute. Never have been; never will be!' Meet Nora. During the day, she's a crazed, Irish student trying to survive the insanity which is Lond...
USWNT 1.0 by KWEENY Fanfiction
This is a story that takes place during a training camp for Rio 2016 for the USWNT. Friendships, love stories and football will be there, as well as drama and comedy. ...
Forever Rivals by uswntfanatics
Forever Rivals by uswntfanatics Fanfiction
Alex Morgan and Christen Press... those names never coincide well. Always pitted against each other, never together. While one gains the other regresses. One ego rises w...
The long lost press by Thunderbow88
The long lost press by Thunderbow88 Fanfiction
What happens when y/n press younger sister of uswnt player christen press are reunited after years of searching,but coming up dry will life change or stay the same read...
Malkin and Me by PensPrincess
Malkin and Me by Ella Marie H. Fanfiction
After leaving Russia to escape an abusive relationship, Lida moves in with a distant family friend and famous hockey player, Evgeni Malkin. Though from the same hometown...
Don't Run. by lovetravellife
Don't Run. by Kimberley Action
Quinn Wilder is wanted for her best friend's brutal murder, the only problem? She didn't do it, so she ran the day they tried to arrest her. Now it's two years later and...
Secretly Famous by malin87
Secretly Famous by Malin Romance
Darlene is a world famous singer, loved and adored by her fans and she loves the popstar life. She is used to hold concerts in front of thousands of people on world tour...
Call Me Knight by AlexCroft13
Call Me Knight by Alex Teen Fiction
When Talulah Carlyle goes home to North Carolina, for a break from her high-fashion life, The last thing she expects is to get kidnapped by a british hottie named Reid M...
Model Behaviour by jayjay33
Model Behaviour by Ann General Fiction
Anneka Weston had a very successful life of glamour modelling, with her good looks she was always used to being in front of the camera from a young age and being in th...
Living The Prime Years by GoldenTrashbin
Living The Prime Years by Caylie Hart General Fiction
You're a Prime. What are they? They take care shall you put it? Medias. No, they don't create and run medias, more rather, keep them in check, if you will. See...
Conflict of Interest by hopelesscynic
Conflict of Interest by hopelesscynic Mystery / Thriller
Regina Iverson, an ambitious defence attorney, thinks she has finally made the career break she for so long desired when she gets assigned to a high-profile murder case...
The Press Conference by StardustAndCosmic
The Press Conference by midnightsnapdragon Fanfiction
When Cinder hosts a press conference meant to answer the questions of her people, the subject immediately turns to suitors ... and what the emperor might have to do with...
X's And O's by Bxttxhsxckkxtchxp
X's And O's by Bxttxhsxckkxtchxp General Fiction
Scarlett Reagan Quimby was the darling of Hollywood. She was perfect in the spotlight. Brady Campbell now disagrees. His scoop was everything he needed and now being Sca...
Random Music Suggestions by -MINYOONGAHOLLY-
Random Music Suggestions by IDFC Random
Y/N & Christen Press [ON HOLD] by heyitsliz10
Y/N & Christen Press [ON HOLD] by Call Me Daddy👑 Fanfiction
Y/N is a senior at Liberty HS in California. Christen Press is a former u23 National player who begins teaching English at Liberty High. The two get to know each other w...
Lies // Wesley Tucker by okokjen
Lies // Wesley Tucker by jenna Random
Not everyone is what they seem to be. -