British Guys Aren't Cute by UnicornFartGlitter
British Guys Aren't Cuteby Loki of Asgard
'Fact: British guys are not cute. Never have been; never will be!' Meet Nora. During the day, she's a crazed, Irish student trying to survive the insanity which is Lond...
  • nun
  • poltics
  • guilty
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My Body His Baby Wattpadprize14 by JHeister
My Body His Baby Wattpadprize14by no name
Bella goes in the clinic to donate her eggs and comes out knocked up by Hollywoods biggest star, Logan Spade. Bella will have to figure out how to deal with Logan, his b...
  • press
  • pregnancy
  • paparazzi
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Baby Doll by JeanLouise
Baby Dollby JeanLouise
Sequel to A Wrong Turn Into Yesterday. 10 Years after Pamela and Corey said goodbye, Corey is back in Pamela's life, but with a twist. He wants her to plan his wedding t...
  • home
  • angry
  • media
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Disguise by ARyding
Disguiseby Abbie
'Once upon a time.' 'And they lived happily ever after.' Fairy tales. Princess stories. The tales your dad tells you as he tucks you into bed when you are just a young c...
  • last
  • boy
  • ball
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Malkin and Me by PensPrincess
Malkin and Meby Ella Marie H.
After leaving Russia to escape an abusive relationship, Lida moves in with a distant family friend and famous hockey player, Evgeni Malkin. Though from the same hometown...
  • mother
  • lonely
  • final
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Writing the Future by CristianoCR7Ronaldo
Writing the Futureby CristianoCR7Ronaldo
Ashlyn Harris had Riley Harris when she got a little careless at a bar trying to forget that the love of her life left her....but that was fourteen years ago. What happe...
  • christen
  • ohara
  • ashlyn
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This is a story that takes place during a training camp for Rio 2016 for the USWNT. Friendships, love stories and football will be there, as well as drama and comedy. ...
  • presston
  • hảo
  • long
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Torn Between (a James and Dave Franco FanFiction) by surfoverseas
Torn Between (a James and Dave surfoverseas
Cher is a 24 year old fashion blogger and workaholic. When she meets the Franco brothers, oblivious to their fame and relation to each other, she gets to know them bette...
  • relationship
  • jealous
  • problems
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His Dirty Secret by Lovely_Blossoms
His Dirty Secretby Shafira Sardar
Six years ago Victoria fell in love with a man she shouldn't have - her brother's best friend. Being blackmailed into leaving she decides after years that it's time for...
  • dating
  • threat
  • couple
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Will you push the button? by YinWithoutTheYang
Will you push the button?by YinWithoutTheYang
"If you press this button you will get unlimited superpowers, but, you have to use them for evil. will you push the button?" A book filled with push the button...
  • pushthebutton
  • wontyou
  • press
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Secretly Famous by malin87
Secretly Famousby Malin
Darlene is a world famous singer, loved and adored by her fans and she loves the popstar life. She is used to hold concerts in front of thousands of people on world tour...
  • cheat
  • cousin
  • guest
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Model Behaviour by jayjay33
Model Behaviourby Ann
Anneka Weston had a very successful life of glamour modelling, with her good looks she was always used to being in front of the camera from a young age and being in th...
  • models
  • breakup
  • hunger
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I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what? by CatherineEvans17
I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, CatherineEvans17
Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one no...
  • posh
  • direction
  • payne
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Preath vs Talex by preath1723
Preath vs Talexby preath1723
Preath vs Talex. Tobin has always liked Alex, but Christen has caught her eye. After Alex's divorce, who will Tobin pick? Preath vs Talex
  • tobin
  • ohara
  • heath
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Living The Prime Years by GoldenTrashbin
Living The Prime Yearsby Caylie Hart
You're a Prime. What are they? They take care shall you put it? Medias. No, they don't create and run medias, more rather, keep them in check, if you will. See...
  • fiction
  • water
  • internet
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Joker x reader  by xxLady_Wilsonxx
Joker x reader by Lady Deadpool :3
You were working for the press and wanted to know more about the joker case.
  • love
  • insaneasylum
  • crazylove
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Wesley Tucker Imagines by lunarroseashes
Wesley Tucker Imaginesby anjela
Cute and smutty imagines of my babe Wes Tucker.
  • imagines
  • wesley
  • play
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blind spot » taemin by riceordie
blind spot » taeminby hai ✨
that heart of yours has a lot of blind spots. blue ; second book
  • blue
  • ít
  • press
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Gunshot by CaraReadsFanFiction
Gunshotby Cara
This is basically about a (fictional) school shooting and its from the POV of one of the girls taken hostage during it. And if you have any editing you think i should do...
  • trauma
  • reporters
  • school
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West of what I expected by Aliw89
West of what I expectedby Aliw89
  • uswnt
  • tobin
  • press
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