Undeniable Chemistry by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Chemistryby Hades
This is book one in the Undeniable Trilogy. Lorenzo Moretti. The man she can't forget. The man that gave her everything and then ripped it all to shreds. But he did give...
  • parents
  • ceo
  • alone
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Isabella by AmbyLuvsz
Isabellaby Amber
When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her tha...
  • baby
  • wife
  • italian
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Heirs For The Billionaire  by afrane_est
Heirs For The Billionaire by afrane_est
There was one thing Alyssa Edwards knew for sure, she has hated conceited Daniel Paterson from the day he almost destroyed her bicycle and Daniel reciprocated that but t...
  • featured
  • marriage
  • famous
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My Muted Alpha | ✔️ by EnchantressSkittlez
My Muted Alpha | ✔️by 🅝🅒-17
Rhea Grey has been traveling the world for her mate, looking aimlessly for many years with no luck. Disappointed and with little hope left, she decides to return back to...
  • pregnancy
  • war
  • werewolf
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My Baby Daddy Is A Badboy by Forever_aloneVEVO
My Baby Daddy Is A Badboyby Lianna A💋
Turning my head, my eyes locked with the school's bad boy ' Cayden Grey'. Everything about him was so beautiful but mysterious. He had strong sharp features, his eyes we...
  • badboy
  • pregnancy
  • love
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The Ex-wife  by BellaStevens930
The Ex-wife by Bella Stevens
Highest rank so far on hot list : #33 in romance "Get out", he shouted at me "get out now and never come back" I wiped at the tears that were streami...
  • cheating
  • lovestory
  • wattys2017
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Knocked Up (Editing) by HoneyBee___
Knocked Up (Editing)by Honey B
  • pregnancy
  • baltimore
  • druglord
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Baby Daddy (Wattys 2017) by Devilsmom
Baby Daddy (Wattys 2017)by Pearl Mae
"I was so surprised when I saw her red hair that day. I didn't have anybody with red hair in my family. So I figured she got that feature from him. And I found out...
  • billionaire
  • wattys2017
  • love
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The Clinch by DancingPope
The Clinchby Kay
Darryl Kallahan has always had a problem with her temper, and being practically raised in a gym surrounded by testosterone it's no wonder why she can probably bench pres...
  • wattys2014
  • boxing
  • bully
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The Tales Of A Pregnant And Rejected Luna|✔|2fab4reads|#projectcharacter  by RamataMaguiraga
The Tales Of A Pregnant And RamataMaguiraga
Highest ranking: #25 in werewolf L- life giving U- useful and strong N- natural care taker A- attractive That's what Luna stands for, all the things I was told I was...
  • family
  • 2fab4reads
  • denied
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Lulu & Mason  ✔  by littlemisssunshine-
Lulu & Mason ✔ by ty
In which a one night stands leaves two strangers with a third party. book one
  • pregnancy
  • bump
  • parents
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Secret Daughter by Jsworld
Secret Daughterby Jsworld
Highest Ranking 👉 #4 in Romance (07/08/2017) Charlotte is a smart girl and a bright student. Although her family was not wealthy and couldn't pay her way into one of t...
  • cute
  • romance
  • fight
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My Brother's Best Friend by kindlove706
My Brother's Best Friendby kindlove706
Bethany Carrington is a junior in high school. She's a great student, she has really good taste in fashion, she even has the "perfect" boyfriend or so she tho...
  • teenpregnancy
  • blake
  • pregnancy
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Don't Need A Man by llmariahleell
Don't Need A Manby Mariah (Riah) Lee
"Who says I need a man in my life?" "Rose, you can't raise three kids alone!" "Why not? They aren't accidents. I got pregnant knowing I could ra...
  • pregnant
  • weddings
  • singlemom
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His Hidden Child|✔️ by RamataMaguiraga
His Hidden Child|✔️by RamataMaguiraga
Rejection was the last thing I could ever think of. To think, I the bakers daughter, would be mated to the Alpha king, only to be rejected afterwards. ********* The mis...
  • happy
  • romance
  • 2fab4reads
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The Coaches Daughter by Liv3004
The Coaches Daughterby Łïv
(Unedited) WARNING: do not read this book unless you are happy to deal with spelling and grammar mistakes, I'm sorry but I'm just to busy to edit my chapters properly s...
  • sad
  • boyfriend
  • bestfriend
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Secret by paperhouses_
Secretby n
Kali Raynes, a twenty one year old, raising her two year old baby alone. Hayden Carlisle, a twenty two year old, oblivious to the fact that he has a daughter. He left hi...
  • bestfriend
  • couple
  • pregnancy
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His Secret Baby (Story #1 of the Teenage Pregnancy Series) by love_life1029
His Secret Baby (Story #1 of the Lexi
Colton Daniel has it all. Athletic ability, good looks, good grades, and a smoking hot girlfriend. With his future locked and loaded he breezes through senior year. That...
  • girlfriend
  • friendship
  • college
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A Chosen Mate. by SapphireFox
A Chosen SapphireFox
Every fifty years a girl from her village is chosen to be the mate of a werewolf. Myah goes to her friend's house during "The Night Of The Chosen One". Her fri...
  • family
  • boyfriend
  • pregnancy
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The Alpha's... What? by Maddie_4
The Alpha's... What?by ❉maddie❉
*READ: I have gotten a few comments saying my story is similar to The Alpha's Unknown Daughter. I have never personally read that story but I can assure you that it is c...
  • wolves
  • grace
  • alpha
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