Spy of the Decepticons  by DecepticonSoundwave
Spy of the Decepticons by landis littleman Fanfiction
Panisa Landis Elizabeth Littleman is a freshman college cadet at the prestigious Air Force Academy with high aspirations and dreams of becoming one of America's finest A...
Prime Charge (OptimusXfemale!Reader) by StarscreamTheAsshole
Prime Charge (OptimusXfemale!Reade... by That Asshole Starscream Fanfiction
((PLEASE READ)) Y/n was a singer. She loved singing,it helped her cope with the dark feelings of depression and suicide,and the crippling social anxiety. MMMM MMM,GOOD O...
Transformers Prime: Prime's Daughter by EmilyAlves2
Transformers Prime: Prime's Daught... by TFormersGeek17 Fanfiction
Three years after arriving on earth and making Jasper, Nevada their home away from home, Optimus Prime and his spark mate Flash Storm have welcomed a new member of Team...
A Predacons Partner by MoustacheMaybe
A Predacons Partner by MoustacheMaybe Fanfiction
A predacon is bred inside shockwaves lab and is named Scales. But only one decepticon understands her,but who? And when she discovers who she is, who will help her them...
Can't Remember to Forget you by jubilantgirl
Can't Remember to Forget you by Victoria Fanfiction
Saffron, also known as Commander GoldWing, a bot who posed a striking resemblance to the first in command, was second in command for the autobot femmes. After Elita-1 wa...
Transformers Prime Scenarios by Spartan_Alaska
Transformers Prime Scenarios by Tracet Malfestio Fanfiction
Title says all, requests are open but no lemons.
Blue Blood by trinity_wolf
Blue Blood by -Trinity- Fanfiction
After blasting the autobot's base to ashes after Optimus Prime destroyed the Omega Lock, their only way of ever returning home, Megatron gets some news delivered to him...
Rules For Living With The Transformers by DecepticonOnline
Rules For Living With The Transfor... by Lucy Fanfiction
~Even though they are big softies, they have their limits.....~
Bleeding Out ⚔ Megatron by DecepticonsWillRule
Bleeding Out ⚔ Megatron by Decepticons Fanfiction
"When the sky turns gray And everything is screaming I will reach inside Just to find my heart is beating." Ordinary, normal, girl who will have no hesitance t...
New family and old family by Rosepetals28
New family and old family by Rosepetals28 Fanfiction
Frostbite has lived with her two older brothers before and after the fall of Cybertron. Sticking to them like scraplets, of course she's still just in her sparkling year...
Transformers Prime (Older Brother) by Izzy142
Transformers Prime (Older Brother) by Izzy Fanfiction
When Raf's mysterious adopted 20 year old returns from the military a Autobot life signal pops up. He very protective of his little brother and has many scars and secret...
Cryptic | Transformers  by Tf_Creations
Cryptic | Transformers by transformers_creations Fanfiction
Andromeda, the queen of the predacons. She keeps this a secret and is only allowing herself to reveal it when it is "need-to-know." Though this information is...
Torn between ~ Transformers Prime by CINEMATRONIC
Torn between ~ Transformers Prime by Cinematronix Prime Fanfiction
" I won't be gone for long, just stay hidden and don't be stupid, which I already know is very hard for you to. " I can't help but smugly grin at this, I am st...
Transformers The Hatchling by slyfox18
Transformers The Hatchling by Carly Fanfiction
The decepticons began digging up something up deep in the mines when autobots intercept the transportation of the object and unleash a creature within something that has...
The Sapphire Dragon (Transformers Prime) by BadCyberPunk
The Sapphire Dragon (Transformers... by BadCyberPunk Fanfiction
Predaking saw how brave the human was toward the Decepticons. She wasn't afraid of them. It was one of the things he adored. Her name fascinated him as well. Elena. . . ...
Bellatrix [ Transformers Prime ] by Tf_Creations
Bellatrix [ Transformers Prime ] by transformers_creations Fanfiction
Bella is ferocious, compelled and can definitely take down Optimus Prime is she felt like it. Though she seems like a cunning warrior on the inside at first, she slowly...
Hellboy's Daughter. 《Transformers crossover. Optimus X reader.》 by Predaqueen1235
Hellboy's Daughter. 《Transformers... by Predaqueen1235 Fanfiction
In this story you are the 14 year old daughter of Hellboy, and you are blind due to an explosion that killed your mom and twin brother. Also your name is Liliath, and tw...
Transformers Prime: In love with a wrecker?! by TheSilentWolf985
Transformers Prime: In love with a... by SilentWolf Fanfiction
ShadowLight is a warrior that was born as a mistake. Her teacher is Ultra Magnus. Shadow finds herself on the planet called Earth. She picks up a track of team Prime. T...
AllSpark Predacon (TFP Fanfic) by Shadow200219
AllSpark Predacon (TFP Fanfic) by Boo Fanfiction
Shadow a predacon came to earth after your species became extinct. You we captured by M.E.C.H and caged away and tourtured until the Autobots find some videos on M.E.C...
Burn (A Predaking x OC Fanfic) (Editing) by StormFireGirl
Burn (A Predaking x OC Fanfic) (Ed... by StormFireGirl Fanfiction
What sets Mira Sanchez apart from all the rest of humanity? The fact that she was kidnapped and her conscious mind was patched into a humanoid-form of a female Predacon...