Star Blood by world_joy_
Star Blood by World Joy
"Little Star," the king said, his red eyes shining down as he greedily took in my whole body and the repressors upon it, "it will be my pleasure to corrup...
  • power
  • monster
  • fangs
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What we wish for (The Alpha's true mate) by PennyHart
What we wish for (The Alpha's true... by Penny
Lea was an orphan, so when the upcoming Alpha finds out she is his mate he rejects her because he think she's week. Only he doesn't know what she has been through and wh...
  • mate
  • hate
  • powers
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Rejecting His Special Mate by MysteryWriter61
Rejecting His Special Mate by MysteryWriter61
Highest Rank in Werewolf: 26 "I, Axel Stark, Alpha of the Ice Moon pack, reject you Nyx as my mate and luna," he said, looking me straight in the eyes. I just...
  • special
  • werewolf
  • humour
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Siena (Forestfolk, Book 1) by Zoe_Blessing
Siena (Forestfolk, Book 1) by Zoe Blessing
Siena can heal wounds with a touch of her hands. A captive since birth, she is used as a tool of war by a Plainsmen tribe. A chance escape into the forest proves success...
  • fiction
  • teenfiction
  • tribe
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The Moon Goddess [4] by FifthAngeI
The Moon Goddess [4] by αℓℓу
She was born with the power to control the universe at her finger tips. An immortal deity carved from the stars, she reserved her powers to watch over werewolves and rul...
  • luna
  • hunters
  • alpha
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Alpha Raven ✔ by SmashingInnocence
Alpha Raven ✔ by Aria Hale ✌
Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entran...
  • wattys2017
  • werewolf
  • friendship
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The Awakening | Heavily Editing by Z_M_Ivy
The Awakening | Heavily Editing by Zara Mae Ivy
"Who is she?" "Who is she? A girl that's going to save us one day." ...
  • telepathy
  • elements
  • animal
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Alpha's Mermaid (COMPLETED) by rebekahlthompson
Alpha's Mermaid (COMPLETED) by Rebekah Lynne
UNEDITED When Melody's mother, Queen of the mermaids, is murdered, Melody must flee. Moving in with her father, the Alpha of the Cordelia Pack, Melody must find a way to...
  • mate
  • friends
  • family
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The Alpha and His Witch by mahika1128
The Alpha and His Witch by Mahika and B
Skylar was a sweet, young girl from California, who had the powers of a witch. Her dad is a werewolf and her mother is a witch. A lot changes in her life once she t...
  • pack
  • love
  • mate
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Untamable (Completed) by UntoldPromises
Untamable (Completed) by @BrookeMunro
Katerina has been tormented by all the people she counted on most in her life. Her pack, the kids at school, even her own brother. She felt lost enough as it was since...
  • mark
  • winter
  • partners
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Own Me ✓ by IzzyBae20
Own Me ✓ by isabelle
#15 || Book #1 «»«» ❝Sometimes people get what they don't deserve.❞ «»«» Nora Grayson is a 20-year-old female who's fluent in smart ass, sarcasm, and colorful language...
  • stubborn
  • heartwarming
  • werewolf
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Friends with the King of the Underworld by _lovepenny
Friends with the King of the Under... by _lovepenny
**Wattpad Featured Story!!** Emylin is a human. Her best friend, Damien, is not. He's the mysterious, handsome King of the Underworld. A social outcast, shunned by her p...
  • paranormalromance
  • paranormal
  • urbanfantasy
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Raven Academy for the Extraordinary by Caty199973
Raven Academy for the Extraordinary by Emily
Thank you for considering our special school. As in the title, our school is for the unique and extraordinary. A few questions before we go further: 1. Are you different...
  • characters
  • izzy
  • raven
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Oh, Alpha by ThePurpleDragon
Oh, Alpha by ThePurpleDragon
Alice Alyssa Wildmer is a werewolf. Her mate has rejected her and caused her pack to rank her lower than an omega. She is abused and when her mate marks another person...
  • sortofrewritten
  • runaway
  • moongoddess
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The Big Bad Alpha Claims Me | ✔️ by Cinnamontotheroll
The Big Bad Alpha Claims Me | ✔️ by K.W.
It's not everyday you are kidnapped by one of the most powerful and dangerous Alphas around. To add to everything, he claims me as his and it's hard to resist someone li...
  • werewolves
  • alphas
  • deadly
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Trinity High (Book 1 of the Trinity Series) by youXfoundXme
Trinity High (Book 1 of the Trinit... by youXfoundXme
Caley Lucia's life takes a turn for the worst when her mother dies of a strange disease. She is forced to go live with her father, who left when she was 5, and attend th...
  • magic
  • witch
  • dad
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Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated
Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated
Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all r...
  • mate
  • white
  • cute
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Mafia Kings Little Angel by pandapet22
Mafia Kings Little Angel by Arianna marie
Lena talles just turned 18 she is 5'0 and pretty but she hides it behind glasses she doesn't need and bangs. She has 1 week left of school the place where every one igno...
  • mafia
  • powers
  • italian
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Rejecting The Omega by Matkins26
Rejecting The Omega by Marissa Atkins
Clare Jackson made one mistake when she was 14 which affects her entire life. Her brothers disowned her and turned everyone else against Clare also. She was abused and...
  • 2ndchancemate
  • 3rd
  • wattys2017
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He's Fast; She's Weird (Marvel/Twilight crossover) by insaneredhead
He's Fast; She's Weird (Marvel/Twi... by insaneredhead
Wanda and Pietro move to Forks, Washington, where they settle in for an easy, simple life.......only for that easy and simple to be distrubted when they meet Alice Culle...
  • edwardcullen
  • wandamaximoff
  • jasper
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