Never Trust a Rogue by _CallMe_Crazy
Never Trust a Rogueby _CallMe_Crazy
Completed *warning I haven't edited it yet* Sophia Frost is a cold, charming and secretly sweet woman. However she's a Rogue with no desire to be apart of any pack, not...
  • runaway
  • power
  • possessive
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Oh, Alpha by ThePurpleDragon
Oh, Alphaby ThePurpleDragon
Alice Alyssa Wildmer is a werewolf. Her mate has rejected her and caused her pack to rank her lower than an omega. She is abused and when her mate marks another person...
  • powers
  • pack
  • sortofrewritten
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Abused and Forgotten by ReadsBooksForFun
Abused and Forgottenby Jay
This is book two, the first book is called Mistreated and Rejected Chloe, her brother Alex and her Alpha Luke have been caught by hunters. They must find a way back to t...
  • hurt
  • war
  • rejection
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Total Respect (Removing 03/20/2018) by ali-lee
Total Respect (Removing 03/20/2018)by Ali
Miguel has a natural air of maturity. His body is a canvas for his latest tattoo, covered with long sleeves and a suit coat by day as he runs an esteemed line of cruise...
  • power
  • love
  • passion
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Frozen Tears by SophiaKjeldbjerg
Frozen Tearsby SOPHIA K
COMPLETED. "What are you?" he asks, his deep melodious voice vibrating in my ears. I refuse to show him any weakness, any fear at all. I stare into those endle...
  • completed
  • featured
  • kill
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She can't be Tamed by creativityinabox
She can't be Tamedby creativityinabox
After five months surviving in the forest without detection, Cassandra is finally captured by Ashe, a warrior who influences her more then she cares to admit. A little e...
  • dominant
  • warrior
  • power
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Save Me by Rainisms
Save Meby Alexa Last
Mula ng mamatay sa aksidente ang kaniyang nobya ay hindi na hinangad pang muli ni Dylan Monteclaro ang magmahal. Coincident nga lang ba o talagang pinagtatagpo sila ng...
  • love
  • purity
  • myfakewife
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Office Affairs by tessa-x
Office Affairsby Tessa Lovatt
[New Adult / Complete / Available as an Audiobook!] Sasha Henshaw can't believe her luck when she lands a job at Montgomery's, one of London's most prestigious companies...
  • ceo
  • officeromance
  • power
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Eclipse Child  by world_joy_
Eclipse Child by World Joy
There are certain things in life that everyone knows. When asked though, how they came to possess knowledge of this information, a confused look will enter their face...
  • mate
  • sunchild
  • joy
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Erebus by RainToTheMusic
Erebusby :Grey;;
She's a soft hearted omega who never deserved the torture that was put on her. He's the terrifying Dark Alpha who would kill without a second thought. Layla is an omega...
  • love
  • alpha
  • power
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Caged Wolves by JorginaAdele
Caged Wolvesby JorginaAdele
Lucina and her siblings have been locked in a cage for moon knows how long. They are weak and malnourished, they don't even know where they are or why they have been loc...
  • submission
  • lost
  • power
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Skinned by taintedfilipina
Skinnedby Arielle
He is without a pack, He is without a mate, He is without a wolf, And he is not the son of the Moon. He is the sanctuary of brutality, a slaughter that waits for its tur...
  • werewolf
  • luna
  • wolf
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Destined to The Dragon by winteringpages-
Destined to The Dragonby A.Kestal
A prince exiled for murder. A girl accused of treason. ~°~ Olivia Willow with a past of horror has always found it hard to forget the memories of blood sprayin...
  • prince
  • thriller
  • supernatural
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Second Chance by passtheduch
Second Chanceby Passtheduch
All Julianna knew growing up was fighting and killing. Being a contract killer was the only thing she knew how to do. However being too good at one thing will make you...
  • female
  • mature
  • fantasy
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The Antihero by myloveforwords
The Antiheroby myloveforwords
'I should have been the one to leave, not her' I said truthfully. 'You are right' He tiled his head and kept looking at me. 'Why are you doing this Armaan? Don't you rea...
  • lovehate
  • family
  • dark
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The fiction gamer by Destroyer_Creater
The fiction gamerby Destroyer Creater
You were a normal person mowing your lawn paying the taxes truthfully you want some excitement some adventure something interesting and it happen when a pop up appeared...
  • weapons
  • gamer
  • akeno
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Love at All Sights by bbellalo
Love at All Sightsby Bella
Celena Blake Leon, the owner of a multi-billionaire company "Celena and Architects Inc." daughter of the famous Blake Leon Markis, owner of the Markis chain of...
  • family
  • billionaire
  • arrogant
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Mr. Arrogant by ItsAnaHere
Mr. Arrogantby Ana
He stood tall in a fine Armani suit. His thick dark hair laid freely on top of his head. The air seemed to escape my lungs. His deep emerald eyes seemed to pierce rig...
  • heart
  • ceo
  • love
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Exo Imagine by heyitsnixie
Exo Imagineby N I X I E
Just writing EXO imagines, if u want a request just message me! Tell me your name, bias, and story line! I hope you guys will enjoy them!!
  • exo
  • exopower
  • power
Crimson Rose by MadHatt3r97
Crimson Roseby Faith Kazern
The world is not as peaceful as it use to be. The gate of hell have been open and monster start to poured out from the gate. Scarlett Drachen code name 'The Slayer'. Nev...
  • anime
  • betrayal
  • fanfiction
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