Harry Potter One Shots by everlovingdeer
Harry Potter One Shots by everlovingdeer Fanfiction
What would life at Hogwarts be like? Who would you crush on, fall in love with? Maybe it would be the Boy Who Lived, himself? What about one of the Weasley? Or pe...
Love at First Sight (Harry Potter Love Story) by giannaluvsdogs
Love at First Sight (Harry Potter... by Gianna Fanfiction
Do you believe in love at first sight? I do! And when you're done reading this story, so will you! Meet Alex Weasley, and go through the story of her life with ALL THOSE...
Poems •Sirius Black• by InspirationExists
Poems •Sirius Black• by ɥɔɐɹ Fanfiction
"She fell in love with the stars when she saw them in his eyes." • Adria Hopkins was not as she appeared. The quiet, mysterious Gryffindor to all was merely t...
Pretty Little Bumble Bea /James Potter/ ❁book 1❁ by InspirationExists
Pretty Little Bumble Bea /James Po... by ɥɔɐɹ Fanfiction
"Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!" "Why would I sting like a Bee? then I would die!" ❁I'm terrible at descriptions lol❁ ❁Marauders era❁ ❁Boo...
A ferret in my house A drarry story by daniellemarie394
A ferret in my house A drarry story by daniellemarie394 Fanfiction
What happens when Draco has magically turned into a ferret and Harry's cousin Dudley takes him home as a pet?? Will Harry be able to save Draco before Dudley starves him...
Snapchat ➳ drarry by spookytheknightbus
Snapchat ➳ drarry by spooky🎃 Fanfiction
Snapchat AU What happens when Harry accidentally stumbles upon Draco Snapchat? Drarry Happens thats what
Marauders x Reader by abby_jones99
Marauders x Reader by abby Fanfiction
Do you love Pad foot? Do you love prongs? Do you love Moony? Do you love worm tail? Then look no further because here's a collection of marauders x readers! Feel free to...
Harry Potter One Shots And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
Harry Potter One Shots And Imagines by Charlotte Fanfiction
Hello so this is a book filled with Harry Potter One Shots and Imagines. These one shots are for Marauders and Golden Trio era but not next gen. You may request any i...
Harry Potter preferences  by A_Free_Niffler
Harry Potter preferences by Lexus Fanfiction
I will be doing ------------- Harry Ron Draco Fred George Neville Cedric Lilly Young James Young Sirius Young Remus Young Peter Young Tom Dean Seamus Viktor Krum Oliver...
1 | CONTROLLED VARIABLE | James Sirius Potter  by ch_loecarlosd
1 | CONTROLLED VARIABLE | James Si... by » c h l ö e « Fanfiction
"What do you want potter?" "Your heart." [HARRY POTTER] [NEXT GENERATION] *slow updates* #869 in FanFiction ☞ dilectio proximo series ☜
Destined to Love by Call_Me_Malfoy
Destined to Love by Brienne von Ember Fanfiction
Hermione and Draco are sent into the future of an alternate reality by out favorite headmaster. When they wake up married- what else can they do besides fall in love? De...
Mr and Mrs Malfoy|HermionexDraco by DramioneLoveStory
Mr and Mrs Malfoy|HermionexDraco by Dramione <3 Fanfiction
I have gotten the idea for this from another story that I can't find. But it was unfinished and I wanted to go along the lines of that. Obviously won't be exactly the sa...
The Long Lost Zabini {Dramione} °Wattys2017° by PotterHead__02
The Long Lost Zabini {Dramione} °W... by Hailey Potter Fanfiction
18 year old Hermione Granger has lived with the Granger's her whole life, knowing, believing that they were her parents. The Second Wizarding War has ended and everyone...
Simply Irresistible by Bookworm1993
Simply Irresistible by Bookworm1993 Fanfiction
Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover." "I'm sorry what?" "You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that w...
Instagram for the Next Generation by seeking-hogwarts
Instagram for the Next Generation by || Coda || Fanfiction
Ever wonder what the social media feed would like for next generation of Hogwarts kids? Assuming that they had wifi and phones that worked both at home and Hogwarts, of...
Little Bird by marissa-lynn
Little Bird by Marissa Fanfiction
"It's much harder to stay hidden from the Dark Lord when you're in love with a Death Eater." Evelyn Hawkings' parents were well-known Death Eaters, but they di...
Inheritance by StyxHuntress
Inheritance by Fanfiction
Harry Potter thought his life was over. Having been beaten to almost an inch of his life many times, he receives an early inheritance, and discovers he's not who he's su...
To Hogwarts We Go! A Hogwarts reunion story. by roses9girl
To Hogwarts We Go! A Hogwarts reun... by Roses9 Fanfiction
"I believe it's time to go back." Hermione sighed "Yes! To Hogwarts, we go!" I do not own Harry Potter, those rights are J.K. Rowlings! Thank you...
Drarry Oneshots by _TheSpookyFujoshi_
Drarry Oneshots by I Am Spooky™ Fanfiction
DRARRY All the characters in here belong JK Rowling, unless I say otherwise.
In Love & Hatred - Dramione by candiedblackout
In Love & Hatred - Dramione by Michelle Fanfiction
Hermione's creamy complexion burned his nerves in sweet torture. The silver irises of Draco's eyes ravished her image sending her to ecstasy. His love is wild and she is...