His Disgusting Wife (Completed) ✔ by Shakti5555
His Disgusting Wife (Completed) ✔ by Shakti Romance
Rank #1 in hot list of Romance Genre many times.. Cover @Grishma_Rajput "You are a living corpse to me. I can use you as I wish. You are just my slave and will be...
My Personal Assistant by hiitismes
My Personal Assistant by Itistwo Romance
Alaiza is a normal girl . At least that what she think she is . She is in fact a very beautiful girl . She got the job of being the personal assistant of Nathan Archer...
Xavier's Girl by Mybooks1011
Xavier's Girl by KAT Teen Fiction
A wave of anger surged through him as he noticed Aria talking with a boy. The way he easily made her laugh and smile made Xavier want to smash the guy's head into the lo...
The Mating Season | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
The Mating Season | ✓ by sheryl Werewolf
What if mates didn't exist? Instead, werewolves chose who they wanted to be mated to for the rest of their lives during a short period of time once a year. This period w...
Irresistible Attraction by sweetchoclate9
Irresistible Attraction by rose Romance
The Devil met his Angel. Zachary Reynold Knight is dominating, arrogant, billionaire playboy and CEO of Knight Inc.,. He is simply called the devil. Girls literally wors...
manan- a cute love story by sruthilaya13
manan- a cute love story by sruthi_sru Fanfiction
My very first fanfiction story: #1 in #fanfiction on 09/05/2016 for a week & again on 09/06/2016 more than a week (same date.. haha :) ) ..!! Got nominated in The Gem A...
SACRED BONDING  by Shakti5555
SACRED BONDING by Shakti Romance
#18 in Romance Genre. He married her for revenge by blackmailing her father. She married him for her dad who loves her so much. He is kind and loving to everyone exce...
I'm All Yours(Published) by rainbowlovie
I'm All Yours(Published) by rainbowlovie General Fiction
Completed Novel: can be purchased on Kindle as an eBook. Link is available on my bio. Shakthi was a beautiful, 25 year old Indian girl. She was a Chennaiite and was wo...
His Not So Real Love by stubbornfire23
His Not So Real Love by stubbornfire23 Romance
He was never mine. He was always hers. But my heart decided to fall for his Not So Pure Love
PRABHAS AND ANUSHKA  by vaibhavip18_
PRABHAS AND ANUSHKA by vaibhavip18_ Fanfiction
Highest Rank #451 in FF (23-09-2017) You love someone and that person loves you too but both are unaware of each other's feelings. Same is in the case of Prabhas and A...
Marriage- A Bliss Or Woe (Completed)  ✔ by Shakti5555
Marriage- A Bliss Or Woe (Complete... by Shakti Romance
#1 in Romance "I can't keep you happy. I am unable to come out of that memories" she said bending her head with tears. I hugged her from side. "Sweet he...
Designed By Him - The Desire to Possess by PopcornSweetcorn
Designed By Him - The Desire to Po... by Ms Popcorn Romance
Jerk Arrogant Psycho Inconsiderate Robot Everyone had something to say about him but he didn't care, not one bit. He lived a life that he desired ever since the beginni...
A story written by fingers , concluded by hearts ! Intrude to witness the hurtful journey of two souls....possessive but hurt hubby...! Loving but hurt Wifey.....! And...
The Devil In The Leather Jacket  by Ivory_Somerhalder
The Devil In The Leather Jacket by Ivory Somerhalder Teen Fiction
#36 in Teen Fiction on 15 Aug, 2016 "Okay. I will stop but whenever I feel like smoking I will kiss you instead. I need a new addiction and your lips feels so addic...
Sandhir FF: Love Or Friendship by aashifictions
Sandhir FF: Love Or Friendship by Aashi Fanfiction
Hi friends ! My name is aashi..and i am a crazy fan of sandhir..i love their chemistry very much so decided to write this ...
Somebody To Love...till my last breath. (MAJOR EDITING) by Annu7896
Somebody To Love...till my last br... by Annu7896 Romance
"Aaradhya, I just want you to trust me for once, Please Aaradhya". He pleaded literally begged. His eyes were fixed on me and he was waiting for my reaction. I...
My "special" Possessive Boyfriend (readerXboyfriend by Melancholychild_2017
My "special" Possessive Boyfriend... by Melancholychild Teen Fiction
Having a possessive boyfriend was bad enough but what if he had powers? Ones you didn't know about until you wanted to leave him?
I am possessive...Very very possessive by srithabhya
I am possessive...Very very posses... by srithabhya Fanfiction
Hi friends....my first story....with lots of twist and turns.....important chapters are made private....*need to follow to read*..... It's a story on ABHIGYA...About the...
Promises ARE Lies by JyotiiD
Promises ARE Lies by Jyotii Das Romance
Swara lost her mother at a very young age. That's why her father decided to remarry. Her step mother never considered her as her daughter. She always neglected her. She...
His Queen by detroixt
His Queen by sully Werewolf
❝I'm not giving up on us, and i never will, not when I've finally found you. ❞ He leaned in his hot breath trickling my neck. - In which a mysterious wolf meets the i...