A Mother's Prayer [Cristiano Ronaldo] by Jayme112234
A Mother's Prayer [Cristiano Ronal... by Jayme112234 Fanfiction
When his son starts asking questions about the mother that he has never known, Cristiano Ronaldo finds himself in a lot of pressure to answer them and not just from his...
Everybody Wants to Rule the World [Cristiano Ronaldo] by Jayme112234
Everybody Wants to Rule the World... by Jayme112234 Fanfiction
Of freedom and of pleasure, Nothing ever lasts forever, Everybody wants to rule the world ft. Cristiano Ronaldo AU
Football One Shots by Lilac_Wishes_1313
Football One Shots by Lilac_Wishes_1313 Fanfiction
Mostly Neymessi -I take requests for pairings and plots *TRIGGER WARNING* Some chapters deal with more serious topics. Please read with caution.
☆『 Portugal's Photo's 』☆ by Portugal-
☆『 Portugal's Photo's 』☆ by "Olâ!" Fantasy
Dragging a large, wooden box across the floor of his ship, Alfonso looked proud. "Photo's! Stories! Let's look what's inside~"
Everything Can Change || Antoine Griezmann by his_lunatic_girl
Everything Can Change || Antoine G... by Dream Girl Fanfiction
Desde o primeiro momento que colocou os seus olhos nela soube, imediatamente, que o seu destino era mais que ser amigos mas, infelizmente, ela estava demasiado envolvida...
Innocent Until Proven Guilty [Cristiano Ronaldo] by Jayme112234
Innocent Until Proven Guilty [Cris... by Jayme112234 Fanfiction
A peaceful night out for dinner leads to Cristiano Ronaldo's life being changed forever. ft. Cristiano Ronaldo
Sense • Eden Hazard & Alvaro Morata Fanfiction  •  by Nolove_11
Sense • Eden Hazard & Alvaro Morat... by FoolsGold Fanfiction
He knows what he wants, he gets what he wants. That's simply how it works when you're the Prince of Belgium, even if what he wants could cost him everything.
Football Preferences by Teenwolfdylans
Football Preferences by Teenwolfdylans Fanfiction
• Cristiano Ronaldo • Neymar Jr • Gerard Pique • Sergio Ramos • Marc Bartra
Added On Snap - Why Don't We by Filipa1Filipa2
Added On Snap - Why Don't We by Filipa1Filipa2 Fanfiction
❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣•❣ A simple and common girl from Portugal added in Snapchat by their idol... If you need to know what happen, what are you wanting f...
WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE | football ed  by madridiots
2 choices 1 decision Which Do You Choose? (Maybe The Hardest Descisions Of Your Life)
The World ▪️ AS by mulaan2
The World ▪️ AS by Mulan Fanfiction
Uma máquina fotográfica e um mundo onde o futebol é aquilo que mais ama, é assim a vida da Carolina.
sete || ronaldo by desmadres
sete || ronaldo by guty galavyz Fanfiction
seven was the number on the back of his jersey, and it was also the number of the deadly sins.
My heart will go on (Antoine Griezmann) [EN PAUSE] by SeriesGirl
My heart will go on (Antoine Griez... by GameiroWife Fanfiction
"Comment on est censé faire ? -J'en sais rien, Paul. Arrêtes de poser cette putain de question !" ✔ "Comment il va ? -Toujours pareil." ✖ &qu...
The Love Game ( a Cristiano Ronaldo Fanfiction) by savage110sp
The Love Game ( a Cristiano Ronald... by Sofia Goll Romance
Adelina moved to Madeira, Portugal from São Paulo, Brazil just in time for 7th grade. School player Cristiano Ronaldo is determined to pursue her.
Kiss me in Barcelona by fabiopaivareis
Kiss me in Barcelona by Fabio Paiva Reis Romance
Something like Persuasion (Jane Austen) in the vision of a man of the modern world, Kiss me in Barcelona is the story of Isaac, a young student who left Brazil to do a d...
Strike It Right (Louis Tomlinson) by CarolStyles95
Strike It Right (Louis Tomlinson) by Carol ♡ Fanfiction
Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't, Tried hard to fight your feelings but you just couldn't, You fall deeper with each passing day, but tried to hide i...
Let Go| Andre Silva Fanfiction by michaelaTroy
Let Go| Andre Silva Fanfiction by michaelaTroy Fanfiction
When Stella met Andre Silva in a NIKE event, sparks almost automatically flew. But what will she do if she found out that Andre is seeing another girl, will she keep the...
Leggings and Cleats by morenaenmadrid
Leggings and Cleats by Rita Fanfiction
Amanda - an average football-hater girl and her best friend Clara - the opposite, are getting invited to watch the match between Portugal - Greece. Will Amanda change he...
Learn Portuguese  by Bluessome
Country Balls by SergeantBurns
Country Balls by SergeantBurns Random
Don't take any of this as my political orientation