The Sister Of Popular by jaxehh
The Sister Of Popular by Jackie
"Why can't I be popular and have friends?" Levi and Lexi are twins. They are closer than close. They've always stuck together and been best friends. They've...
  • sad
  • bullying
  • school
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How To Rule Your High School by MissKatey
How To Rule Your High School by Kate
**A Wattpad Featured Story** Madison Carlisle isn't just popular, she's the one girls want to be and the guys want to be with. But what's a girl to do when a new kid thr...
  • football
  • surfer
  • teens
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James & Lyla by UnsinkableShips
James & Lyla by sarah
When Lyla starts writing the words she should've never left unsaid. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.
  • relationships
  • friendship
  • secondchances
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Forever Lyla by UnsinkableShips
Forever Lyla by sarah
When Renner falls in love with the pretty girl in his history class, the last thing he expects is for her to notice him, particularly when, at first, all she seems to se...
  • hope
  • popularity
  • unrequitedlove
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Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED ) by Mona-Mae
Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED ) by Ramona G.
[As promoted by @theduffmovie profile] Vivienne Lanter is a geek. Glasses, bad clothes and a depressing reputation all because of Matt Jacobs who did a horrible thing to...
  • wattpadprize14
  • teen-fiction
  • popularity
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My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Wattys 2015 Winner] by yabookprincess
My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Watty... by des the idiot
SAMPLE, PUBLISHED! A girl, a boy, and a bet. Good girl Astrid Ella Bailey, the Oreo-loving school nerd of Evergreen High, has anxiety issues. Like any other nerd, she pr...
  • popular
  • arrogant
  • goodgirlbadboy
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Undateable by NeveAdams
Undateable by Neve Adams
Kaia is annoying but is popular. Cade is unpopular but a troublemaker. Both... very undateable. Kaia has never dated in her whole life, and she never planned to. Cade ac...
  • dating
  • comedy
  • teenagers
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Dismissing Dakota [book two] by sumeyaalington
Dismissing Dakota [book two] by s u m e y a
Highest Ranking: #16 in Teen Fiction - The story of Dakota and Silvia continues in the sequel, Dismissing Dakota. ⚠️ DO NOT read the summary unless you...
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • highschool
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b r e a t h e by gloriaasimon
b r e a t h e by glo !
what happens when the new girl with a not so new problem meets the town's youngest one? a story of fear, pain, and love:readers will engulf themselves in ella and alex's...
  • girls
  • romance
  • highschool
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Bad Boy Knows Me by Golden_sass
Bad Boy Knows Me by Bats
"So what do you want from me?" I finally ask. "I don't want anything from you, it's something you need from me, and till you have it I'm not going to leav...
  • queenbee
  • secrets
  • possessive
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Blaze (boyxboy) by SuperheroesAndSprite
Blaze (boyxboy) by Lia
Elliot Spellman wanted to live; he wanted to feel the rush everyone else did. He was tired of being just some kid in the back of the class who went home every night to s...
  • humour
  • badboys
  • popularity
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The Popularity Debt by bryonymagee
The Popularity Debt by Bryony Leah
Maddie Elliot's life in the sleepy town of Hallow's Wood was simple before Ingrid Brooke arrived. Now, both girls are locked in a tangle of secrets, lies and jealousy...
  • romance
  • stalker
  • maddieelliot
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The Popularity Project by Aaliyah134
The Popularity Project by Just abit normal
"Well, I called you because I've thought about the makeover and--" "She's in." Lucy cut in, biting her lip again innocently when I scowled in her dir...
  • frenemies
  • jealousy
  • popularity
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He was my Smoke, by Chocl8Muffin
He was my Smoke, by Muffin
Roya just got out of Rehab after fighting addiction since her boyfriend died. On her path to help other people who think drugs are the answer, she'll meet the guy who be...
  • slap
  • believe
  • park
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Anomalous Lovers. by MemKween
Anomalous Lovers. by MemKween
Amira is the new girl in town. She struggles with the pressures of popularity and during this, she meets a boy nicknamed "Scorpio". Soon after, she learns why...
  • interracial
  • teen
  • life
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Baseball Caps {Wattys 2017} by nahnotnash
Baseball Caps {Wattys 2017} by 💜-nash
#Highest Ranking : 158 in Teen Fiction 9/03/17 I positioned my feet and hung the bat right behind me. I watched my little brother as he threw the ball and it came hurt...
  • baseball
  • shortchapters
  • badboy
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Between Two Girls by Blake_is_Awesome
Between Two Girls by Blake
Highest Ranking: #189 in Teen Fiction Meet Paige, a bookworm with voices named Emery and Juli in her head. Meet Lucy, the popular girl Paige has a crush on. At some poin...
  • romance
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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Dare or Dare? | COMPLETED by persekyoot
Dare or Dare? | COMPLETED by perssecute
"We said whoever eats the most pizza has to do the dare no matter how cruel or easy it is." This is just a glimpse of our sleepovers. Ivy and Autumn always dra...
  • highschoolcliche
  • badboygoodgirl
  • teenfiction
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He's My Neighbour by maceymarriott
He's My Neighbour by maceymarriott
"So you are saying-" I grinned, gazing into his eyes. "I'm saying I like you too, Amy." "This must be seriously hurting your ego right now."...
  • wattys2015
  • popular
  • nerd
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Fly High (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (FanFiction) by JacquelineDohim
Fly High (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (... by Jacqueline Dohim
What happen when a female pilot and a supermodel cross path? A story consist of money, popularity, paparazzi, juicy gossip and romance? Read to find out.
  • adoption
  • caradelevingne
  • model
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