This or That by WritingGirl34
This or That by M Random
Chocolate or vanilla ~ Adidas or Nike ~ Android or iPhone The rules are simple: choose a side based on these questions and compare your results with others. | Completed |
Book of Random by NightlyMaiden
Book of Random by *ѕтαя∂υѕт ѕραякℓє* Random
Just a random book about me! Tags, shout outs, updates, polls, quizes and rants enclosed as well. Enjoy!
The Werewolf Genre Polls by WerewolfLibrary
The Werewolf Genre Polls by The Werewolf Library Random
Do you want to write a werewolf story but have absolutely no idea where to begin? Do you wish to know what readers like to see when it comes to the werewolf Genre? This...
What's Your Favorite? (Songs, Ablums + More) by problematichood
What's Your Favorite? (Songs, Ablu... by - ̗̀ dayshawna ̖́- Random
musical poll book. i want to know what songs you'd prefer over another, and what your favorite song is from an album enjoy and vote 🖤❤️🖤 © problematichood | wattpad...
Polls by whimsica_l
Polls by Silver Random
Isn't that Kitty Cat adorable? :3 oH YEAH THE BOOK! Basically, you can answer the questions I ask, request questions, rant, or do whatever. I will also put tags here! PE...
The Disney Poll by RobertoRivera822
The Disney Poll by R@nDom_DisneYFan17 Random
Hey everyone, got the idea from @AangTheAvatar & @the_poisoned_apple. Being The Host of Disney Poll can be awesome and fun but it can also be dangerous. Meet our hero Th...
Small Book Of Many Uses by Missing_Harmony
Small Book Of Many Uses by Connor Murphey Random
This is a book for contest entries, book ideas, writing tips, polls, and more!
Warriors RP Fanfiction Thingy - You Decide (Always Open) by PurpleDragon2003
Warriors RP Fanfiction Thingy - Yo... by Wavey Fanfiction
Basically I give you guys polls that determine the storyline based on the answers from the polls before. You get to decide everything! Voting is in the comments. I have...
About My Account by JustUrAverageGarbage
About My Account by JustUrAverageGarbage Random
This book will alert you of updates for future stories or my updating schedule. I will also post polls and contests here. You can also comment here for any comments, sug...
Random Things. Rants, Polls, Life Stories. by PercabethHinny
Random Things. Rants, Polls, Life... by PercabethHinny Random
There's polls on various subjects, including polls on my current stories. There's also rants on things that irk me , feel free to read them, so long as you don't get off...
FNaF Shipping Polls - Closed- by Cloudd13
PØLLS by kaiyofox
PØLLS by Fatty with a dream Random
Wings of Fire Oc's (Self Drawn) by CrescentMoon6077
Wings of Fire Oc's (Self Drawn) by Sydney Burke Random
Give me your OC and I'll draw it! I hope you like my drawings! Lot's of credit goes to @SaheltheSandWing since I LOVE the way he does dragons! Plz support this by giving...
Wings of fire Polls by Elsa_Animus
Wings of fire Polls by Frostbite the hybrid Random
For wings of fire, answer these questions!
PreCure Ideas! by -LunarEclipse-
PreCure Ideas! by Mikadzuki Yoru Random
W-What have I gotten myself into? MISO, HALP MEH!
PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 4 by PiiXieDustMagazine
PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 4 by PiiXIE Dust Magazine Teen Fiction
Happy Halloween!!! In this issue and only in this issue is all Halloween themed articles, we cover everything from witches, to spooky trends, and much more. Are you one...
Polls, Polls, & More Polls. by Katarinapaige2017
Polls, Polls, & More Polls. by Katarina[: Random
Just some fun surveys and stuff that I did :D .
Future Works by BriannaPeace
Future Works by Brianna Peace Non-Fiction
A poll of plot ideas I have for future stories. Leave a comment for each chapter either picking you're favorite one out of the options, or listing them in order.
MLP Polls! /ON HOLD/ by nightt_mare
MLP Polls! /ON HOLD/ by Olivia Random
- polls for MLP: FIM
Confessions -NaLu oneshots- by nalu-fan-fic-writer
Confessions -NaLu oneshots- by nalu-fan-fic-writer Fanfiction
Lucy has a crush at certain pink haired dragon slayer called Natsu. Would our busty celestial mage even confessed? Meanwhile on the other hand,Natsu had feelings for a c...