Badass Luna by humanitis
Badass Lunaby Human
Elisabeth Walker, NYPD detective. Ryan Barnes, Alpha of the Red Steele Pack. Elisabeth never expected to run into a creature that was yet to be discovered when she too...
  • fight
  • army
  • law
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Living With A Police Officer *Completed* by Tears_To_Roses
Living With A Police Officer *Comp...by Lauren
Harmony Kingston has been through more in her short life, then anyone good ever image going through. She's a homeless delinquent, always getting into trouble. When Harm...
  • police
  • hero
  • cop
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The Vacation by lrobinson
The Vacationby LINDSEY
K9 deputy Mac Tullman and his furry partner Rego are going on their first vacation in years with a group of fellow officers and their spouses and a few others friends. T...
  • action
  • firefighter
  • adventure
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From One Mafia To Another by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
From One Mafia To Anotherby Legolas Greenleaf
Ash Davis comes from a very powerful family. They consider themselves business men, but that is only partially correct. They are rich but there is more to his families s...
  • rich
  • tattoos
  • mafia
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The Test by Patpookie
The Testby Patricia S.
Going through my pictures, I went to the one that I had just taken, and the phone slowly slipped out of my grasp. What had escaped my notice before is that the couch...
  • mystery
  • kidnapper
  • detective
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Love, War, and Force Protocol (Lesbian Story) by gabbysanerd
Love, War, and Force Protocol (Les...by gabbysanerd
My name is Tara Jackson and I'm 25 years old. I am the Commander of a special forces squad in New York and my life is perfect. Until one thing happened and messed it all...
  • perri
  • fanfiction
  • biel
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Mysterious Red [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
Mysterious Red [COMPLETED]by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK ONE OF THE RED SERIES} Most kids her age go to high school and worry about which boy will take them to homecoming or prom. She works for the mafia. Nor...
  • mob
  • death
  • aaronwinder
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Eridanus Flooding (A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY) by RC_Pointer
Eridanus Flooding (A WATTPAD FEATU...by R.C. Pointer
[WATTPAD FEATURED] There are a lot of things to consider when lying in a pool of one's own blood. Perhaps how such an event came to take place. And if the previously me...
  • billionaire
  • assassin
  • thriller
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Tough Love by freakylass
Tough Loveby freakylass
Danica Romanov has just started her new job as a data analyst for the S.W.A.T team of the NYPD. She has spent the last few years on her own, away from everyone. What hap...
  • hurt
  • abuse
  • nightmares
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A Dangerous Game [Ereri/Riren] [boyxboy] by TheShamelessShipper
A Dangerous Game [Ereri/Riren] [bo...by TheShamelessShipper
Police detective Eren Jaeger is a man with a twisted past and a thirst for justice. One day, he is sent by the NYPD to infiltrate a dangerous gang (called "la pandi...
  • boyxboy
  • ereri
  • yaoi
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Shades Darker ||BWWM|| by ebreezy_
Shades Darker ||BWWM||by e.m.a.n.i
He laughs, "Fix you're face baby girl, people might start to think you actually care about what happens to me" He says while letting out a ring of smoke. My ja...
  • bwwm
  • police
  • brutality
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Shadow of Doubt by LindaPoitevin
Shadow of Doubtby Linda Poitevin
When police officer Kate Dexter runs over a man on a dark country road, the last thing she expects to discover is that he's also been shot. Unable to get help because of...
  • ontherun
  • romanticsuspense
  • federal
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Criminal Conflict (an Undertale sanscest story) by ___it_was_jess___
Criminal Conflict (an Undertale sa...by ___it_was_jess___
🌈This is an Undertale book🌈 Daily updates! Criminals have always littered the streets causing a mess and breaking the law. But what happens when criminals Fall i...
  • dustberry
  • criminal
  • afterdeath
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Blood Sisters by camisha_neverscared
Blood Sistersby Camisha
When Serenity Silver got released from jail, she only had one main priority to get what she lost and with how the game was going now, she needed help from the women who...
  • streetlit
  • cash
  • mmm
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Always and Forever (an Ever After novella) by LindaPoitevin
Always and Forever (an Ever After...by Linda Poitevin
Sean and Grace's story continues in this sweet novella that picks up a few months after FOREVER GRACE. Still struggling to settle into family life after losing her siste...
  • love
  • police
  • lovestory
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Dangerous Territory by Whynotagain
Dangerous Territoryby Jade
If there's one thing Malandra Bates knows, it's that nothing good can ever come out of Irongate Penitentiary. Especially not a mate.
  • prison
  • romance
  • scent
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The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 ) by RDHayes
The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 )by R.D. Hayes
After years of pulling heist, the Great Bandit is caught. The judge discovers something different about her, and gives her an opportunity that most criminals would only...
  • judge
  • hero
  • woman
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Criminal Case: Grimsborough  by PurpleCatAngel
Criminal Case: Grimsborough by PurpleCatAngel
Marie Holmes just graduated as a police officer and was assigned to the Grimsborough police department. She was assigned to David Jones to be her partner and together th...
  • romance
  • police
  • criminalcase
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Prison Rp by TheDemonzInside
Prison Rpby Tobias
Be an inmate or a cop
  • roleplay
  • gay
  • jail
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2413 (Kanato x Reader) by sakamaki_triplets
2413 (Kanato x Reader)by ➵ KT ; 민혁
"Hey," You looked up from your phone and to your dad. "I'm getting us food okay? Watch him, don't let 2413 go." ---------- (AN: 100k! //O M F G// T...
  • lovers
  • fanfic
  • prison
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