The Sunset Awards 2017 by TheSunsetAwards
The Sunset Awards 2017 by TheSunsetAwards Random
Have you written a story that you have worked really hard on, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get enough people to read it? Well this award is for you! Th...
No Spilled Ink~ by Fangmiserly
No Spilled Ink~ by Cinderelly Poetry
~Extraordinary poems that tell stories from an ordinary latina Girl.• "They're simply perfection."~RobTheir Some are short and sweet, some are long and strong...
My Poems by Horns_holdin_my_Halo
My Poems by ... Poetry
Well hello there. You want depressing? You want horrible? You want dying? Sadness? Shit that will scar you for life? Welcome to my poems. And my life. I hope you don't...
Persona; A poetry by wallflowergoddess27
Persona; A poetry by wallflowergoddess27 Poetry
M E L A N C H O L I C (Started off with essays, but also have short poems and quotes.) - wallflowergoddess27 | eddkdud
|| Poetry Contest || "Ongoing" by thecafemocha
|| Poetry Contest || "Ongoing" by thecafemocha Random
This is the time for the world to know the poet inside you. Rules for the poetry contest. -Make sure you are following me and you have added this book to your librar...
Poetry Contests- Currently Open to Enter by renaeloveswriting
Poetry Contests- Currently Open to... by Renae Poetry
Poetry contest! New contest every three weeks! Current contest: theme is weather. It can be any type of poem but has to have something to do with weather. (Examples: ra...
In My Thoughts by Fanelli62
In My Thoughts by Poetry
These are a collection of poems that I use to express the waves of emotions inside of my head
poems to myself  by MommaMafia
poems to myself by Neisha Poetry
uncovering me, whole and honestly. Just expressing my feelings and thoughts. Ranked #865 in poetry (9/20/17) Ranked #733 in poetry (9/21/17) Ranked #691 in poetry...
My poems by GreyFleetwood
My poems by Grey Poetry
Poems I have wrote that one day I want to put in a book
My Poems by ThirdFloorBalcony
Lovely. Dirty. Fragile. by Dancingriverbird20
Lovely. Dirty. Fragile. by Kennedy Montecue Poetry
This is a collection of poems written through the pain of growing up, falling in and out of love & lust with all the wrong people, and trying to exist in a world filled...
Meraki by courtneydorland
Meraki by poetrybycourtney Poetry
#44 in Poetry [4-5-17] Join me on my journey of self-discovery, my lows & my highs. I hope that I leave you feeling better. I hope that I have made you feel less lonely...
Poems and Short Stories by DarknessAndLight
Poems and Short Stories by Karianne Poetry
A collection of short stories and poems.
white noise by romvnholidvy
white noise by tea. Poetry
the sounds that float in my head
Grass Whistle by Ajay-Kumar
Grass Whistle by Ajay Kumar Poetry
As soothing as a grasswhistle, let the poems help you fall into a poetic slumber. The Pandora's box that is the nature, contains countless wonders up its sleeves, they m...
PM by unpleasing
PM by ali Poetry
a twisted tongue is only alive at midnight
Just My Poems 2 by SamLutAng
Just My Poems 2 by SamLutAng Poetry
Second installment of my poems.
When I Fall For You by picolatoastada
When I Fall For You by Palak Goel Poetry
"I have braced myself ever since I saw you, because I knew I was going to fall for you." Basically one shot poems of feelings of Love and the sadness of being...
Broken shards with broken hearts. by Neha21ok
Broken shards with broken hearts. by Neha sanyal Teen Fiction
This story is just about a girl who loved a guy insanely , In return she expected much from him although she wasn't ready for SEX still she did just for her boyfriend an...
Poems for the broken  by Gwen_is_a_fangirl
Poems for the broken by Gray Poetry
Something probably no one will ever read...but if you do it might be the best thing you've ever read or end up more confused.