A Better Place by mysterious_aries
A Better Placeby Frederick B. Espiritu
Poems Collection - Random Theme... Note: All media used are from the internet...
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Hundred Pages of Intellect (On Going) by Baltawesomee
Hundred Pages of Intellect (On Goi...by Baltazar Rodriguez
Makata-wesome, Let me inspire you even more with some products of my intellect. Pages of my very own short poems and every pages is my definition of satisfaction I ho...
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Words Left Unsaid by abkdsamantha
Words Left Unsaidby Samantha Lajom
Highest ranking: #8 ❤ Crazy minds, twisted stories, broken hearts and crying souls; craved for poems to be read and told ;
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4AM by Unaesthedick
I spent most of my life learning how to feel less These days I teach myself to feel more Kill your emotions and you'll die along with them • this poetry journals purpo...
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  • 2017
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poems by m_girl13
poemsby Rebel Yell
poems based on how I feel Sorry but the poems are mostly about depression. You have been warned A/N Hey guys I've been writing poems for a while and I know that you'll...
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Be Mine? Poets Pub February 2018 Contest by PoetsPub
Be Mine? Poets Pub February 2018 C...by PoetsPub
Welcome to our February 2018 Poetry Contest. It is the month of love and we have some interesting challenges for you to write about. All Pubbers are welcome to enter t...
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Left Untold by warpaintxx
Left Untoldby flora🥀
I couldn't say all the words I wanted to, everything I needed to tell you. For so long, I controlled. But now it's time to unfold; this is all that I've left untold. Hig...
  • hot
  • hurt
  • grunge
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Unspoken Poetry by TheMoonNightingale
Unspoken Poetryby Hoshi♔
I am not a writer nor a poet I am just a girl whose poems are unspoken... *A Collection of Quotes & Random POETRY* 🌹🌹🌹 {06.25.17} {Highest Rank #29 in Poetry} {themo...
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Shadows  by PastelPrince-_-
Shadows by Nik
*Trigger warnings* I started writing poetry as a way to express my feelings and expressions in a healthy way. Poetry was one of the first healthy coping mechanisms I fou...
  • random
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Spoken Poetry ♡ by lightestxdark
Spoken Poetry ♡by A
Started: August 2017 Ended: December 2017 Highest Rank in Poetry: #6 Ang librong ito ay kinukumpleto ng anim at siyam na pung mga tula. Ang dalawa dito ay nakasulat sa w...
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Paper & Ink |#Wattys2016| by KimxSimon
Paper & Ink |#Wattys2016|by Papillonner
"I am the black on white; the ink on paper." A collection of my nightly thoughts and daydreams. Highest rank: #5 in Poetry. Please enjoy reading and find a f...
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Essence Of Blue by GlowingTales
Essence Of Blueby Dorcas
"Each essence of blue should not be left behind, just as each existence of a soul should not be abandoned." - GlowingTales A novel compromising original poetry...
  • hope
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In Your Heart - V Day Special [Dil Dosti Dance] by SarafWasima
In Your Heart - V Day Special [Dil...by Saraf Wasima Islam Saba
Once again back with the Exclusive Valentine week SS. This isn't a continuation of Rise In Your Love but a series #2 of V Day Special book . GS election campaign is on...
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these beautiful thoughts by lilyleingenevieve
these beautiful thoughtsby ☀️ lily ☀️
my garden of thoughts blooms a little bit brighter every time a smile comes on your face
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The Breakup Plan •James Potter• by InspirationExists
The Breakup Plan •James Potter•by rachel
"You know you're not half bad under the many layers of arrogance." "You are absolutely terrible at compliments." •Marauders Era• •Part of the 'Poems'...
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FOUR THOUSAND (S)MILES by kierstenlb
h.r : 127 1.26.18 1k reads 2.4.18 PRETTY EYES BEAUTIFUL LIES AND PINPRICK THOUGHTS THREATENING YOUR LIPS four thousand miles to my first smile. beautiful cover by lucid...
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Dose Of Thought by LostWolfCry
Dose Of Thoughtby Astrophile
Poetry straight from my head and out of my heart. Theses poems usually reflect my thoughts and/or my life as I'm usually not good at having to write off a topic
  • emotional
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DELIRIOUSNESS  → MISC. by teamsophie-
DELIRIOUSNESS → MISC.by ( madeleine! )
❝ BOY OH BOY I LOVE IT WHEN I FALL FOR THAT ❞ in which maddie creates a place for all her thoughts highest- #830 in random [feb. 12] [ a misc. book of non-important thin...
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CYPHER PT. 5 ─ me.by ً
❝ i suggest that you get out of my room before i murder you for stealing my clothes. ❞ copyright © sameera jatti. 2017. all rights reserved® sameera jatti. 2017.
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Shades of Purple by lil_rocker26
Shades of Purpleby 🐶 p u g s 🐶
❝my tears are like rain-- but you only see the rainbow.❞ *** i can only speak drops of the ocean i carry inside of my heart. *** started: 23/1/2018 *** cover made by...
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