Address Me As Doctor  by intellectual212
Address Me As Doctor by intellectual212 Fanfiction
The Fourth Book In the More Than Friends Series, Deanna grapples with the recent loss of her father, moving to a Nashville for medical school, and getting adjusted to...
He Is The Unwanted One by queen_luscious_lips_
He Is The Unwanted One by Jamesheia Teen Fiction
||Highest Ranking #96 in Teen Fiction (09/16/2017)|| Isadora Is just your average weird/mental individual who is moving to a new town and starting her senior year in a c...
The Miller Boys by peanutbutterluv21
The Miller Boys by Symone Romance
We've witnessed their parents love story now it's time for theirs. Kellan and Knox Miller have always wanted to have relationships similar to their parents and hoped the...
Perfect Curves [Completed] by laneelane
Perfect Curves [Completed] by Lanee Lane ChickLit
Highest ranking: #4 in Chicklit Penelope has been overweight her whole life. She let her crazy friend talk her into joining a gym. What she didn't expect to find was R...
Can't Have It All by intellectual212
Can't Have It All by intellectual212 Fanfiction
Kenya is on top of the world as one of the world's most successful rising businesswomen. But she quickly learns she can't have it all. Something must give and she has to...
Me Or Her by pretty_niquee
Me Or Her by pretty_niquee Random
Janelle and Tony have been bestfriends since their 6th grade year in middle school. No one would accept Janelle for who she really was except Tony. They're now in their...
New York by Aooraa
New York by Sang Woo Kim🀄 Romance
Police officer Vannoy Makken is a regular Hispanic//Puerto Rican man who talks, walks, and has everything. Even has the girls ( the girls that he doesn't want ). However...
What Skylar Needs [Completed] by laneelane
What Skylar Needs [Completed] by Lanee Lane Romance
When his new neighbor disturbed his Sunday night football with terrible pop music Skylar was less than pleased. Didn't she have any respect? Melanie never meant to upse...
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know Teen Fiction
April is a big girl who knows how to handle herself. Growing up with two older brothers she learned you either fight back or get pushed over. Her kind heart and boyish w...
"Jaz listen I'm sorry okay I messed up I know just please forgive me " No Jermaine I can't you got her pregnant twice , you and her are really trying to make m...
Love & Trappin' by __PND__
Love & Trappin' by Baby Badu Romance
Cyan is the sweetest girl you'll meet at Jeffers High. An acceding student in all honors classes and a well rounded family gal. She was never one to socialize and commun...
Starting Over ( Sequel to African Beauty ) by Dauphinachancia
Starting Over ( Sequel to African... by Robin G. Romance
"You look awfully familiar," he whispered in my ear, "if only you would take off the mask. " he said, but still keeping his moves together. I don't k...
Life After Marriage Book 3 by intellectual212
Life After Marriage Book 3 by intellectual212 Fanfiction
August and Amber newly married learn to navigate the tricky waters of married life. Trilogy to If That's What It Takes.
Nobody But You |NBA Boomer| by curveslayer
Nobody But You |NBA Boomer| by Curves | ❤ Fanfiction
New Short story, w/ members from the NBA Gang.
The Resistance by -ShellyF
The Resistance by Shellzie!! Teen Fiction
Jahmir Phillips and Kaelynn Smith met once Jahmir moved to Atlanta with his grandparents. Her weight always seemed to make her the center of attention. Kids would pick o...
STORY OF THE CHUBBY by African_Directioner_
STORY OF THE CHUBBY by African Directioner Teen Fiction
Cecilia 'Chubby' Hastings can't wait for high school to be over so that she can get away and go as far as she can. She doesn't have many friends so her presence wouldn't...
C H A R L E N E  by KvngIvyy
C H A R L E N E by .. ChickLit
29, Charlene "Charlie" Biltmore has a phobia of committing. That was something she just couldn't do, she goes from man to man with one thing on her mind. Relat...
The Curves Ahead - Wattpad Award Winner by Blondeanddangerous
The Curves Ahead - Wattpad Award W... by Kate J. Squires Romance
Watty Award winner for HQ Love. Curvy Evianna has it all - as the host of a number one talk show, she's adored by millions of Australian TV viewers, has a gorgeous co-s...
Plus-size nerd and the Bad Boy (Curvy Romance Book 1) by sabrina1730
Plus-size nerd and the Bad Boy (Cu... by Sabrina Morgan Teen Fiction
Annabeth Daniels is starting her senior year in a new school. She has no friends. She is a nerd. But worst of all she is plus-size. She has a past that she doesnt talk a...
Time Will Tell by ingeniousmindoftune
Time Will Tell by ❦Prince$$ Fanfiction
Remake of Hood Sacrifice.