His Plus Size Possession  by qweenenn
His Plus Size Possession by 🌺 Romance
"Girl why is your face all over the newspaper?" Karla asked picking up the recent paper I got this morning. "Huh? Lemme see," I asked in confusion. ...
Love Me..Love Me Not  by ingeniousmindoftune
Love Me..Love Me Not by ❦Prince$$ General Fiction
You asked! Now it's here! A fan favorite back in 2015! Now it's back with a remake.
A Mother's Love(URBAN) by jadah_nichole
A Mother's Love(URBAN) by JADAH👑 ChickLit
This story follows your favorite characters of PSBG as they all venture through new chapters in their lives. Nani Gordon is dealing with the ups and downs of pregnancy...
His Diamond by RaiofSunshine0321
His Diamond by Diamond Rai Conner Romance
This is the story of how an Italian Mafia leader,Antonio, and has fallen in love with Diamond, a curvy teenager who's trying to find her way in the world. Ever since he...
Worth Fighting For by Jaz-Nao
Worth Fighting For by Jazz-21 Random
The miseducation of love has always been California's down fall. Abuse is acceptable as long as you hit back is what's she's been taught. Her 2 year relationship revolve...
He's My Boo Thang  by bonolodiva
He's My Boo Thang by Bonolo Mataboge ChickLit
You loved them in Thick Thighs Save Lives 2 and I Like My Kisses Down Low and now Kenya and Bahati will be back for their happily ever afters in He's My Boo Thang. Kenya...
Omani by OmgitsLucy_
Omani by Napturally Flawless General Fiction
This is a story about Omani Davis told by her as she goes through her freshman year of college at FAMU. This story seems harmless except her ex boyfriend is literally cr...
His Poor Queen 🌟 (BWWM) by cavesong
His Poor Queen 🌟 (BWWM) by Ghoul kitten Romance
Ema is a plus size girl who has been through the struggle through out her whole life. She has never experienced love before what happens when she meets 27 year old cody...
A Plus Size Love Story by Kayla16__
A Plus Size Love Story by ❤️🤤 Fanfiction
Brianna has been bullied since she was a kid about her size. Little does she know the finest and star athlete of the school is in love with her.
Just A Girl by Caitlyn6500
Just A Girl by CaitE Teen Fiction
Reese Monroe was just a normal girl, or so she thought. Her life is flipped upside down when her single mother up and moved her in with her boyfriend and his college stu...
IF loving you so wrong🥀 by 1onlyyyy_daja
Disaster by PoehtiPhelan
Disaster by Tymoni Random
Disaster. "You cannot play mental gymnastics with me" - Kevin Gates
Plus Size Love  by LMashedPotato
The Life Of Demeta  by demeta
Those Who Fall In Love •Chris Evans• by xForgottenMagicx
Those Who Fall In Love •Chris Evan... by ᖴOᖇGOTTEᑎ ᗰᗩGIᑕ Fanfiction
Comic con! Every nerdy girl aspires to be here at some point in their lives, and for best friends Hanan and Savannah, it was the end of the line. Who knew one day would...
#Big Girl Magic ✨ by MixedMocha
#Big Girl Magic ✨ by Mixed Mocha👸🏽✨ Fanfiction
Brooklyn Symone is an 18 year old senior in high school. She attends South Bay School of Arts. Ever since she was a young girl Brooklyn has been a bigger girl. She is a...
Just A Girl: character overview  by Caitlyn6500
Just A Girl: character overview by CaitE Teen Fiction
This is an overview of all the characters in my new book Just A Girl.
Not Allowed To Cry by LornaRachel
Not Allowed To Cry by LornaRachel Short Story
what if life was different??? what if they didn't shout anymore? would she have peace ? what if they didn't whisper in the corridors wherever she went? would life have b...
Sweetest Girl by dramagirllaa
Sweetest Girl by dramagirllaa Romance
Follow Myeisha on her journey