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••LINKS•• ➵FACEBOOK GROUP: ➵'WHICH HARRISON INC. CHARACTER ARE YOU' QUIZ ➵'UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT' PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY: ➵'UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT' PLAYLIST ON YOUTUBE: ➵IF YOU ARE READING ANY OF THE HARRISON INC. BOOKS, PLEASE CLICK THIS AND LOOK AT THIS CHART: ***** ***** ***** Hi, there! I'm Hailey, an introverted hopeless romantic with a sarcastic and badly-timed sense of humor. I'm quite real and unapologetic. My books may talk about sensitive topics that will hurt some of your feelings. I'm a fucking realist; I can't help it. I've been on Wattpad for a while, and with the shift of this platform I've shifted and changed as well. If you expect anything sugar coated in my books you're in the wrong place. I love and respect you all, but you will never see me change to accommodate anyone ❤️ (Unless I have truly offended you. In that case PLEASE send me a PM). ** ** ** ** •• YOUTUBE VIDEOS •• -Promo for 'The Harrison Inc. Series: The Publicist's Plight': -Teaser trailer for 'The Harrison Inc. Series: Under New Management': **** **** ↠ My FAVORITE Website to create book covers on: ↠Best size for your profile banner: 1920x400 ↠Best size for your book covers: 256x400 ↠Best size for your profile pictures: 100x100 ** ** ** ** ❃ ❀ social media ❁ ✾ twitter: ceaseless__mind instagram: harrisonincseries Ciao!
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email : ( ) , line : @kuo2754m, facebook : Devi nanda (, instagram : @devinandasari . . . Semua karena cinta (2013) . Kiss me hug me touch me (2016)-dapat didapatkan di gramedia dan toko buku lainnya :)
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you all can follow me if you all want...17 thun kalau nak chat or apa-apa pun...boleh inbox saya! :) saya bukannya jenis snobbish... Twitter: ieyra_aqish fb: t-rah abeey salsabila ig: iamieyraaqish wechat: iamaiqish2808 add je...
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Annyeong! I'm Asha. But you can call me Ate A, Miss A, Asha, or whatsoever. Friendly po ako. :) Please read my first ever story. :) You can follow or message me on the following: WP: TogetherToInfinity Twitter: @Ashadyosaaa FB: Asha WP
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Το όνομα μου είναι Άννα! Οι ιστορίες που έχω γράψει είναι: - Ιταλικός Γάμος(Βιβλίο 1) ΟΛΟΚΛΗΡΩΜΕΝΟ - Ελληνικός Έρωτας(Βιβλίο 2) ΟΛΟΚΛΗΡΩΜΕΝΟ - Ισπανικό Πάθος (Βιβλίο 3) - Έρωτας από το πουθενά (On Hold) - Συνέντευξη με τον... Έρωτα (* την οποία γράφω μαζί με μια φίλη μου) Λατρεύω τα ταξίδια αλλά οι αγαπημένες μου χώρες είναι η Αυστρία, η Κύπρος ❤ και η Ιταλία Για σπόιλερ αλλά και για άλλα πράγματα ακολουθήστε με στο Instagram πατώντας blackrose518 :-) και εάν θέλετε να συζητήσουμε κάτι στείλτε μήνυμα στο email μου:
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¡Bienvenido/a! Amante de los clichés. Espero que te guste lo que escribo, realmente no soy profesional en esto.
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A Big Big Big fan of Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Haesoo x Wang Wook❣
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Romans 8:18
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Followback?Just mention me 1)Bini Aku Sombong]√] 2)Aku Sayang Kau[√] 3)Takut?[slow update] 4)Si Nerd dan Si Playboy[√]
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follow my ig : srhfdr