Science Fiction


The Last She by hjnelson
The Last She by H.J. Nelson
A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every female. Except one. Ara witnessed the horror and destruction, but for the last three...
  • kidnapped
  • wattys2017
  • forced
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When Breathing Gets You Killed  by mRoseGoldsmith
When Breathing Gets You Killed by RoseGold
What if your world was taken over by mindless people who want to take away your ability to breathe? Australia has been taken over, invaded by it's own people. Nobody kn...
  • fiction
  • newadult
  • post-apocalyptic
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Sanctuary's Aggression: The Infected by MairaDawn
Sanctuary's Aggression: The Infect... by Alicia
Highest rank #13, 1st for Scifi in Hidden Gems, Dizzy and Rebellion Awards. "I might have just procrastinated myself to death." In an infected world, a y...
  • survival
  • virus
  • theflowers2018
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Repopulation by torytwo
Repopulation by Tory
They say it must have been dormant inside us for a few years before it actually showed up. When the symptoms started, nobody knew what it was. It baffled doctors and sci...
  • southern
  • love
  • rich
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Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
When a deadly disease ravages the little town of Holmsley, fifteen-year-old Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ...
  • terrorist
  • death
  • zombiesurvival
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Alive: The Aftermath Chronicles by Cole_James
Alive: The Aftermath Chronicles by Cole James
Ashes to ashes, they all stay down. In the madness of a tyrant colony, a woman with immunity and an AWOL troubled soldier, struggle to keep her secret from their power...
  • future
  • thriller
  • zombie
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Breeders by RRDCdancer
Breeders by MusicGirl12
Society. Collapsed. The Plague. Hit. Killed 1000's. Sabrina is 15 years old. The plague hit, and killed off her family. The plague killed thousands to millions of peopl...
  • breeders
  • plague
  • breeder
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Dragons of Arcane: The Game! (A Roleplay)(open) by -Nightly_Norion-
Dragons of Arcane: The Game! (A Ro... by Norion Balle
A book series you read has just released a virtual reality game. You were so excited to learn you'd be able to create your own character and be a dragonblade master. You...
  • dragon
  • wind
  • shadow
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Cell X by MissSpel
Cell X by E.S
~ You never make the same mistake twice. ~ Before Cell X killed everyone she cared about, Kara thought trust was something she could afford. But when They steal her fre...
  • betrayal
  • future
  • dystopian
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The Seven Sleepers by mchawkinsauthor
The Seven Sleepers by Matt Hawkins
HIGHEST RANK #1 in Adventure. #14 in Science Fiction. Ward is the most wanted person in Bareheep, but he has no idea why. Realising he will soon join the tar-covered cor...
  • horror
  • philippullman
  • apocalyptic
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The Grim (Ravens #3) by thedancerclaire
The Grim (Ravens #3) by 100 trash
Five months since the Wild Crew found refuge in the High Midwestern Fortress, the disease that forced half the group away from their precious lake has followed them to t...
  • brothers
  • plague
  • scifi
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The Plague (A Creek A.U) by I_am_craig_tucker
The Plague (A Creek A.U) by °Craig~Tucker°
//WARNING// gore, violence and strong language ahead// You Have Been Warned. °Ongoing Series! °Update Schedule- Mondays, Wendesday and Fridays. NO GAURANTEE °When you l...
  • style
  • plague
  • onesided
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Tell it How it is by lit_addict
Tell it How it is by H.G.
Welcome to Nova. Liza's family was exiled to the southeast district from the center district of Nova, the small island country that survived World War III, after her fat...
  • romance
  • plague
  • youngadult
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6 by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
  • spacebattle
  • future
  • resistance
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Angels on Earth Book 1: A long way to go by NicoleB777
Angels on Earth Book 1: A long way... by Nicole Braessler
Sahara is 21 year old from Ohio who survives through the worst and loses everything. She has to find the strength to keep pushing on when the world is dying. In the twis...
  • military
  • cleveland
  • ohio
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The Rise of the Outbreak by GatoKitten
The Rise of the Outbreak by K. M. Taylor
A deadly airborne disease known as Kuru has struck Utah and spread across the nation. Not only has the disease sent a panic throughout America, it has managed to spread...
  • cannibalism
  • scary
  • survival
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My Boyfriend Is A Ghost( human plague Doctor X furry) Book 1 by razaksatmm
My Boyfriend Is A Ghost( human pla... by razaksatmm
after being poison and trap by a bully, winter has been save by a human soul. They became friends. after a few years, they meet again but this time, winter is not a litt...
  • fiction
  • plague
  • furry
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Hope Unraveling by hufflepuffiness
Hope Unraveling by A Katz
Imagine laying down your life to save the world, then watching it come crashing back down. Right before your very eyes. Partial Title and Story Credits: @an_unstable_fa...
  • unraveled
  • worldcomescrashingdown
  • stuck
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Chained Heart: A Miraculous Tale by Beastmaster1
Chained Heart: A Miraculous Tale by Beastmaster1
In a world where your life can end with a single kiss; Even if the mind forgets, Your body will not. ~ When Chat Noir gets poisoned by an Akuma, Ladybug is left with on...
  • ladybug
  • miraculous
  • ladynoir
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The Princess Who Dared by ShezaFiroz54
The Princess Who Dared by Sheza Firoz
"Andreida, go to your room. The court is no place for a princess!" "But, your highness, the people are dying. I want to help." "That is your bro...
  • romance
  • corruption
  • girlpower
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