Science Fiction


Repopulation by torytwo
Repopulationby Tory
They say it must have been dormant inside us for a few years before it actually showed up. When the symptoms started, nobody knew what it was. It baffled doctors and sci...
  • love
  • death
  • country
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Breeders by RRDCdancer
Breedersby MusicGirl12
Society. Collapsed. The Plague. Hit. Killed 1000's. Sabrina is 15 years old. The plague hit, and killed off her family. The plague killed thousands to millions of peopl...
  • endoftheworld
  • breeder
  • breeders
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Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
Quarantineby Bella_Higgin
When a deadly disease ravages the little town of Holmsley, fifteen-year-old Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ...
  • blood
  • virus
  • infection
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Thief Among Thieves by LilBlue14
Thief Among Thievesby Haley Dyer
The Middle Ages were never an easy time to live in. With the plague floating about, and the lack of resources, it was hard to find a way to live peacefully among one ano...
  • mystery
  • middleages
  • steal
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Ruined: Blood of Five (Book Three) by Mander_Pander
Ruined: Blood of Five (Book Three)by Amanda
(#7 in Sci-Fi!) One death. Two betrayals. One kidnapping. With four recruits gone, the rest of Troop 470 has been struggling desperately over the last month to keep on...
  • plague
  • dark
  • bxb
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
  • plague
  • adultfic
  • rebellion
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I'm just a plague Doctor (human Plague Doctor X Furry) (book 2) by lieutenant_razak
I'm just a plague Doctor (human lieutenant_razak
sequel to 'my boyfriend is a ghost (human plague Doctor X furry)' Sophie Jackson, a blue female furry and a medical student of the Raymond university. One day she woke u...
  • boyfriend
  • scp-049
  • fiction
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My Boyfriend Is A Ghost (human Plague Doctor X Furry) (Book 1) by lieutenant_razak
My Boyfriend Is A Ghost (human lieutenant_razak
after being poison and trap by a bully, winter has been save by a human soul. They became friends. after a few years, they meet again but this time, winter is not a litt...
  • ghost
  • boyfriend
  • fiction
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Elixir Of Life | Redemption Of Arivarsha | Book 1 by thedazzlewriter
Elixir Of Life | Redemption Of Dazzle Kaya
Hunters are dying and the Demons are rising. In Besar, the now cursed statue of the Hunters's goddess, placed the priestess of the temple in a terrible situation. Knowin...
  • sorcerer
  • priestess
  • paranormalromance
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The Double Helix Project by mikywells
The Double Helix Projectby Michael Wells
Johnathan Withers, a biology professor, was recently shot in a hit-and-run. Waking up at the nearby hospital, Biolace, he discusses his previous encounters with the mask...
  • action
  • powers
  • mutation
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Hybrid by GracelessGalaxy
Hybridby Ellie Grace
Cover by @-WorldOfWonder --------- Torrent has lived his life literally in the shadows. The result of a foolhardy science experiment, he is the offspring of a ravenous h...
  • shadows
  • scifi
  • horror
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Surviving the Plague by 96Nutcracker
Surviving the Plagueby 96Nutcracker
They walk among us. Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Skin-walkers -no matter what you label them they are the greatest threat to humanity aside from humanity itself. To call t...
  • plague
  • survival
  • zombies
Inhumane by michaelhealeyx
Inhumaneby Michael Healey
A new disease racks up the world, nobody sees it coming, everyone who has it has a 99.99% chance of dying. Everybody fears their safety. Earth is fearing its end. David...
  • plague
  • future
  • earth
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Mistakes Have Consequences  by darrellr1029
Mistakes Have Consequences by darrellr1029
The year is 2025, and a discovery has been made in the field of biology. When an influenza disease bacterium and a cholera bacterium sample were left in a Petri dish and...
  • pandemic
  • future
  • scifi
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The Dying Immortal by HansChandra
The Dying Immortalby CouldPossiblyHappen
The Prophecy from The Spirit of Delphi: ================================= The Iron Age is The Age of Evil. Let it be destroyed by the twelve, or else some of their glor...
  • battle
  • olympus
  • olympiangods
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Day by Day by GlennGriffiths
Day by Dayby Glenn Griffiths
The world is spiralling into hell. World War III has erupted. Natural disasters and terrorist attacks have become daily occurences. Meanwhile a deadly wave of pestilence...
  • gore
  • apocalyptic
  • apocalypse
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SCP-049 Is Love A Plague? by rackyjr
SCP-049 Is Love A Plague?by Faith Long
SCP-049 has been curing humans for many, many years. But what has he really been curing them of? The plague has been gone for hundreds of years... But he must be sensing...
  • love
  • horror
  • scp
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Her Royal Match by SanayaKant
Her Royal Matchby Sanaya Kant
Set in the late Victorian era of 1890 when women liberation was still a distant dream, Princess Marine , a certified doctor & a rebellion in the royal family is one amon...
  • wattys2014
  • doctors
  • royal
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Lunar Virus by its_really_not
Lunar Virusby Honestly,
Elodie Chaucer always knew that aliens probably existed. What she didn't know, was that there was a secret organisation out there that protected people on earth from ali...
  • aliens
  • action
  • plague
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Lead Glass by sr_ahuja
Lead Glassby S.R. Ahuja
New chapters every Tuesday and Thursday. It's a miracle they escaped. They'll need more than that to survive. She didn't know the date or the year or the decade, but she...
  • totalitarianism
  • survival
  • aliens
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