Something to Fight For (Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover) by CaptainSSilver
Something to Fight For (Percy Jack... by Silver
***Updates every Saturday (and occasionally twice a week)*** Was it worth it? After the Doors of Death are closed, Percy is forced to consider the choices he has made...
  • marvel
  • captainamerica
  • demigod
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 Percy Jackson Meets Uncle Bruce by LuigiWolfDragon
Percy Jackson Meets Uncle Bruce by LuigiWolfDragon
What happens when Percy finds out he has a mortal Uncle and not just any mortal, but Bruce Wayne also known as Batman. Read to find out. Sorry for the bad description, a...
  • robin
  • percyjackson
  • batman
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Turning Tides (Percy Jackson/HTTYD crossover) by LushenPudding
Turning Tides (Percy Jackson/HTTYD... by Le Moo
Percy wakes up in a strange forest. It is not the forest in camp. He doesn't know where he is, but at least this time he knows who he is. He hears a shout off in the...
  • percyjackson
  • norse
  • wattys2017
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Rise of Perseus (Perlia) by MidnightIridescence
Rise of Perseus (Perlia) by MidnightIridescence
I was betrayed, accused by ones I called family. They thought they could torture me by casting me into the pit. They thought they could break me. Boy are they in for a s...
  • nicodiangelo
  • annabitch
  • tartarus
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Secrets | Percabeth AU  by Brainy_dolphin
Secrets | Percabeth AU by Flaine
[Completed] It all started in San Francisco, when these opposites met. Percy Jackson, who lives life as a superstar. Annabeth Chase lives the normal life that Percy has...
  • love
  • chase
  • highschool
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Dark Phoenix (PJO-HoO/Harry Potter) | ✔️ by miaandme2
Dark Phoenix (PJO-HoO/Harry Potter... by Slithering Slytherin
The Order of the Phoenix; a secret organisation held at No. 12 Grimmauld Place, London. It wasn't Nico's idea to shadow travel all the way across the Atlantic Ocean fro...
  • harry
  • jason
  • pjo
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Commander Alpha (Completed) by koroy003
Commander Alpha (Completed) by Krispy
Commander Alpha of Chaos's Army (PJO/HOO Fanfic) Percy Jackson. Savior of Olympus. Hero of the century. For a while, he's the most respected demigod out there. But i...
  • fluff
  • action
  • solangelo
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(Fem) Percy Jackson and the Army of Chaos by PokemonDestiny
(Fem) Percy Jackson and the Army o... by Marissa
Perseus Jackson. Daughter of Poseidon. Betrayed. Everyone except three of her closest friends leaves her for her half brother. And surprisingly her uncles offer her some...
  • chaos
  • fempercy
  • pjo
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Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s))  **SLOW UPDATES** by BridgetDiAngelo
Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s)) **S... by •Mug Mother•
Percy's screams woke the crew on the Argo II. And Jason was the only one who actually calmed him. Both boys felt something. Pipers dirty little secret comes out. And the...
  • pjo
  • heroesofolympus
  • oneshots
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A new purpose  (pjo/ HoO fanfic) by eliana_casey_xoxo
A new purpose (pjo/ HoO fanfic) by Eliana
When Percy Jackson's new brother Nathan turns up at camp, he is forgotten. He looses annabeth; the friendship of his camp mates; he's parents are dead; and most importan...
  • power
  • jackson
  • hoo
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The Queen's Champion by Anaklusmos14
The Queen's Champion by Anaklusmos14
Percy is betrayed by the person he trusted most. Not what you expect, you'll see. Lost, he vanished without a trace. He returns a different man with a close relationship...
  • notmybest
  • opmuch
  • pjo
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Percy Jackson: Grandson of Voldemort by susanjace
Percy Jackson: Grandson of Voldemo... by suze
When Harry Potter learns that Voldemort has a grandson, what will his reaction be? Apparently not very good. Even after Percy helps the Golden Trio, Harry is not convinc...
  • hermione
  • hp
  • jackson
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Percy Jackson and The Avengers Crossover by LordBRYCE
Percy Jackson and The Avengers Cro... by B.R.Y.C.E
Percy is targeted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury sends the Avengers to detain and subsequently jail him. However, not all the Avengers believe Percy deserves imprisonment. Aft...
  • natasharomanoff
  • camphalfblood
  • brucebanner
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Percy Jackson and the Avengers by suga_verse
Percy Jackson and the Avengers by Trash
My 7th birthday was the day my Uncle left. Ten years later, I've just come out of my second war. Then, out of nowhere, my uncle comes back with a bunch of Cosplayers and...
  • thor
  • piper
  • hawkeye
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instagram ⇢ heroes of olympus  by Jordundundun-02
instagram ⇢ heroes of olympus by s a m m y ♧
If Heroes Of Olympus characters had Instagram Highest Ranking - #449 in Fanfiction [1st November 2017]
  • groverunderwood
  • jasper
  • pjo
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Lunar's Plight by Major_Nich
Lunar's Plight by Major_Nich
Guardians are meant to protect their charges to their dying breath, but what if that guardian is known for doing the impossible? Find out by reading Lunar's Plight!
  • fanfiction
  • olympus
  • moon
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A Loophole (Percabeth Selection) by Muggles_Mortals
A Loophole (Percabeth Selection) by Squirrel
35 girls coming into my home to win my best friends heart. You would think I'd be happy for him. But I'm not. I'm the exact opposite. I've had a crush on him since I was...
  • theselection
  • rickriordan
  • hazellevesque
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200 Amazing facts To Blow Your Mind V by _internet_queen_
200 Amazing facts To Blow Your Min... by ✨Emily✨
Just a bunch of random facts. *may contain memes*
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  • johncena
  • voltron
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(Fem.)Percy Meets Avengers by PokemonDestiny
(Fem.)Percy Meets Avengers by Marissa
Percy Jackson is broken inside. When the rest of the Seven (Piper, Leo, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Andrew(Male Annabeth) died in the final battle she died inside. Now she work...
  • marvel
  • pjo
  • femalepercy
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Solangelo One Shots by DerynZoeChase
Solangelo One Shots by deryn
Solangelo One Shots. Loads of fluff, created to cause high doses of fangirling. Warning: There will be feels. Good luck.
  • lgbt
  • hoo
  • boyxboy
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