200 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind IV by _internet_queen_
200 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Min... by ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ Random
Just a bunch of random facts. *may contain memes*
The New Avenger by bex1112
The New Avenger by Digit Fanfiction
Everything's different now, after the Giant War. So even after arriving home Percy can't tell anyone the truth; not his mom, not his new, rather odd, neighbor, not the f...
A Loophole (Percabeth Selection) by Muggles_Mortals
A Loophole (Percabeth Selection) by Squirrel Fanfiction
35 girls coming into my home to win my best friends heart. You would think I'd be happy for him. But I'm not. I'm the exact opposite. I've had a crush on him since I was...
Lunar's Plight by Major_Nich
Lunar's Plight by Major_Nich Fanfiction
Guardians are meant to protect their charges to their dying breath, but what if that guardian is known for doing the impossible? Find out by reading Lunar's Plight!
Instagram : Percy Jackson by alizabell13
Instagram : Percy Jackson by AKA Hazel Fanfiction
If the Percy jackson character had social media.
Solangelo one shots by write-your-life-away
Solangelo one shots by write-your-life-away Fanfiction
Literally just solangelo one shots
Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Hunt by fandomtrashidek
Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Hunt by fandomtrashidek Fanfiction
All of the seven except for Leo and Percy died. Now you can just imagine what Percy, Leo and Nico must have felt. You see, Hazel killed herself, and Nico was forced to w...
instagram ⇢ heroes of olympus  by Jordundundun-02
instagram ⇢ heroes of olympus by Sammy Valdez 💕 Fanfiction
If Heroes Of Olympus characters had Instagram
Growing Up In Tartarus: One Wrong Move by lgbtpjo
Growing Up In Tartarus: One Wrong... by Carter J. Michaelis Fanfiction
What if, when he was twelve, Percy had been the one wearing the special trapped shoes? What if his friends and co-questers hadn't been able to catch him before he fell...
Rise of Perseus  by MidnightIridescence
Rise of Perseus by MidnightIridescence Fanfiction
I was betrayed, accused by ones I called family. They thought they could torture me by casting me into the pit. They thought they could break me. Boy are they in for a s...
Solangelo One Shots by DerynZoeChase
Solangelo One Shots by Deryn G. Zoe Kogane Tonks Lig... Fanfiction
Solangelo One Shots. Loads of fluff, created to cause high doses of fangirling. Warning: There will be feels. Good luck.
Solangelo stuff by wolfmoonhowler
Solangelo stuff by Ava Fanfiction
Just solangelo. Buckle your seat belts and pray for no crafting in the future.
Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s))  by BridgetDiAngelo
Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s)) by ⭐️Mug Mother⭐️ Fanfiction
Percy's screams woke the crew on the Argo II. And Jason was the only one who actually calmed him. Both boys felt something. Pipers dirty little secret comes out. And the...
Heroes Of Olympus OneShots by silvergryffindor
Heroes Of Olympus OneShots by Aurora Borealis Fanfiction
#xreader Request Is Open(you can text me through wattpad).I don't write smut(sorry to disapointed you but I dont like those kind of book). My Goals are to reach 100K re...
People Meet Percabeth by ThaliaRedwood
People Meet Percabeth by Thalia Redwood Fanfiction
An overused plot, but amazing! This is about people meeting my OTP!
"and her smile- it forges galaxies and fosters life in a barren world but oh, her rage- it shatters the stars and brings constellations to their knees" teen wo...
Percy Jackson Jokes + Pictures by SparklesReader
Percy Jackson Jokes + Pictures by Sparkle Random
This is a book of pictures and jokes relating to PJO and HoO or just fandoms in general. It's basically my collection of favorite jokes because I can't write. Use the Ta...
Betrayed: Percy Jackson, The 15th Olympian by lanorshark
Betrayed: Percy Jackson, The 15th... by lanorshark Fanfiction
Percy is betrayed by all he holds dear. #pertimis #betrayed #percyjackson #percy #artemis #betrayal #15tholympian
"She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell." sequel to ; euphoria teen wolf ; seasons 4,5,6 slight percy...
Something to Fight For (Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover) by CaptainSSilver
Something to Fight For (Percy Jack... by Silver Fanfiction
***Updates every Saturday (and occasionally twice a week)*** Was it worth it? After the Doors of Death are closed, Percy is forced to consider the choices he has made...