That Cold Winter Night (Jack Frost x Reader) by happy_sherbert
That Cold Winter Night (Jack Frost... by ﻬѕнєявєятஐ Fanfiction
All Rights are Reserved for Dreamworks. I don't own the cover either. Hope you enjoy. You are an 18 year old girl who lost her mom in a car accident 1 year ago and you...
Rise of the Guardians x reader by SierraPoulson
Rise of the Guardians x reader by Thatgalaxypotato Fanfiction
You were only 8 years old when your mother left you and father. Ever since that day has been a living hell, your father would get drunk most nights and get very violent...
My Winter Angel - Jack Frost x Reader by Angelspirit04
My Winter Angel - Jack Frost x Rea... by Angelspirit04 Fanfiction
A Jack Frost x Reader fanfiction!
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by takemetotulsa
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by Makenzie Fanfiction
hope. (n.) a person or thing that may help or save someone. it takes a special Bunny to bring that kind of love, and it takes a very special someone to believe that hop...
Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader) by Kandygirl263
Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader) by PAAAAASTA~ :D Romance
What happens when Jack Frost turns your life upside down? Find out! You know you want to. :). (I don't own Jack Frost or the picture.)
Darkness, my old friend//Pitch Black X Reader book 1 by DeathByCupcakes
Darkness, my old friend//Pitch Bla... by Everything Random Fanfiction
Pitch and his nightmares are growing stronger. Last time this happened Jack Frost was there to save the children. But now they need you. (Y/n) is a 17 year old girl in t...
SnowBaz Short Stories by Carry_On_SnowBaz
SnowBaz Short Stories by Penelope Fanfiction
This is a little collection of stories that I think would happen during or after Simon and Baz's eighth year. I also accept prompts and suggestions for stories. Just mes...
Out of all stars { BeChloe } by frxgilesky
Out of all stars { BeChloe } by • Fanfiction
•beca is in a relationship with jesse •based on pitch perfect 2 •this is the first fanfic I wrote, so forgive me if it sucks. •totally appreciate it if you guys comment...
Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack Frost X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack F... by Natasha Tasyaar Fanfiction
Y/N. Is different from everyone else. She's not a normal human or should we said not a human. She's been living with human since she was a kid and she's also able to see...
Bechloe (One Shots) by BitOfANerdInGerneral
Bechloe (One Shots) by BitOfANerdInGerneral Fanfiction
Bechloe One Shots. Give suggestions in the comments. Feel free to give your opinion.
A New Guardian: The Daughter of the Moon(Jelsa) by DeniseSiah22
A New Guardian: The Daughter of th... by Denise Fanfiction
A new guardian is chosen. But why was she chosen? Was it because she is the daughter of the Moon. What other dark secrets does she hold? The Big 4 - Jack Frost, Hiccup...
Jelsa in highschool by bigheadedbob749
Jelsa in highschool by bigheadedbob749 Fanfiction
Jack Frost meets a very different girl. The only girl who wouldn't fall for him. Will he achieve his goal of being her boyfriend?
bechloe: a dangerous love (pitch perfect bechloe/bloe fanfiction) by bechloe_is_life
Aubrey's Sister Did What? (Pitch Perfect/Greg Fanfic) by wtf__cuteness
Aubrey's Sister Did What? (Pitch P... by Chelsea Santha Teen Fiction
When Aubrey's sister, Dylan, moves to Barden University, she never thought she would sharing a dorm with a treble yet alone end up loving him! After a past horrible re...
Wrapped Around My Finger by BitOfANerdInGerneral
Wrapped Around My Finger by BitOfANerdInGerneral Fanfiction
Beca is new to the Bellas and is staying firmly by Amy's side. Chloe finds the new girl cute and decides she wants a part of that. Chloe makes Beca flustered, which she...
I Like the way you Work it. *FINISHED* by domdahdom
I Like the way you Work it. *FINIS... by domdahdom Fanfiction
Greg Gorenc fic. Pitch Perfect Treble #3 Gabriella Mitchell is a freshman at Barden University. She's about 4'8 with blonde and black hair. Beca has always been Gabri...
The Big Four - Lost by MavisSilvermoon
The Big Four - Lost by Alpha Dragon Fanfiction
Hiccup . . . Merida . . . Rapunzel . . . Jack . . . All four have one thing in common: they died. When they did, Hiccup and his two new friends Merida and Rapunzel becam...
Feral Child by kittycat3191
Feral Child by kittycat3191 Fanfiction
Pitch has done it again. He has turned Jack into a toddler but his plan fails when Jack is thrown into the past. Jack is small and living with a herd of Pookas. Read as...
Innocent Smile of Mine...   (Pitch Black love story) (COMPLETED) by ClaryAby_26
Innocent Smile of Mine... (Pitch... by KrazyBeeeee Fanfiction
"Just a little smile would do the trick..." The famous saying of Anastasia Joane , 15 years old. Anastasia's father died right when she was born and t...
The Big Five in High School by JELSA080
The Big Five in High School by MIKEE*JELSA Fanfiction
*UNDER EDITING* Elsa Arendelle,her sister,Anna and their mother moved to Norway. Enrolling to a school called 'Arendelle High School',which is owned by their father,th...