Yes sir, Captain (Completed with book trailer) {ReaderxPirate] by annat173
Yes sir, Captain (Completed with b...by Anna
Official Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/UAGAmQLWhxk "You, my friend, I am proud to pronounce as the Princess of Etholira. You are sixteen. You get pretty much anyth...
  • kidnapped
  • kingdom
  • mystery
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Angel's Vengeance- Book One: Pirates and Souls [completed] by _palenomian
Angel's Vengeance- Book One: Pirat...by Sorah
Anne had one choice, and her charade began to unfold. Living as a boy on the streets of Welkly, her opportunity to escape came with the Angel's Avenge. Captained by Ja...
  • goddess
  • jameson
  • gods
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Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete) by sophie9630
Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete)by Sophie
Abbie has never been what one would call a typical lady. Trying to keep up with England's rich and powerful is far too much work, and Abbie has never enjoyed the endles...
  • sailing
  • pirates
  • historicalfiction
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Tides of Passion by _lovestoriesrmylife_
Tides of Passionby _lovestoriesrmylife_
When Dianna gets kidnapped, her father hires ruthless pirate captain Josey to find her. Josey not only finds Dianna, but he also finds love as he sails the seas with the...
  • love
  • england
  • romance
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Swept Away (The Swept Away Saga, Book One) by kamerykae
Swept Away (The Swept Away Saga, B...by Kamery Solomon
From Kamery Solomon, #1 bestselling genre author and creator of the bestselling series The God Chronicles, comes the international bestseller SWEPT AWAY, a time travel r...
  • treasure
  • timetravel
  • historical
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Not a Slave!!! by background21
Not a Slave!!!by Neetha Sai
It is a time where a woman is used for attaining something precious which would fulfill the dream of becoming a king of the kingdom they wish for without a war. It is a...
  • pirates
  • seperation
  • father
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Hiding the Truth (A One Piece Fanfiction) by Enenra
Hiding the Truth (A One Piece Fanf...by H. A. B.
We all know that the infamous Straw Hat pirate's captain, Monkey D. Luffy's brother is Portagas D. Ace. But what if he had a sister. Would the story be different? Monke...
  • anime
  • portagasdace
  • roronoazoro
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Strong(One Piece x Reader) by Animefreak1145
Strong(One Piece x Reader)by Reverse Harem Lover
The Pirates Era has ships sailing all over the world to chase and find the One Piece, as well as to become Pirate King. All thanks to the infamous pirate Gol D. Roger wh...
  • strawhats
  • shanks
  • one-piece
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A Pirates Treasure by dreamer7218
A Pirates Treasureby A. LynnRose
Under Edit: 2/14/18 Amandah, Governor Swann's oldest daughter, has rejected every marriage proposal thrown her way. When asked about it she just says she want's exciteme...
  • jack
  • blackpearl
  • adventure
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Taken. (Larry Stylinson + Vampire) by CbRihLarry
Taken. (Larry Stylinson + Vampire)by Smut? Smut.
Harry styles is the captain of the ship Lone Star. He was turned and, with the help of other vampires, he was able to take over the fleet of vampire filled ships. He swo...
  • boyxboy
  • princelouis
  • pirates
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Tangible Like a Sea Cube by OptShiftEsc
Tangible Like a Sea Cubeby OptShiftEsc
[A NEW chapter EVERY other Day!!] |This is a mpreg ManxMan and Mermaid fantasies combined.| Ever considered giving birth to a half human and half fish baby (or a mermai...
  • plottwist
  • mpreg
  • justwriteit
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The Duke's Captive (Spirited #3)(*SLOW UPDATES*) by LibMikie101
The Duke's Captive (Spirited #3)(*...by Michaelene
"You make me wish to be uncivilized." His voice was a low groan in her ear, like it was blasphemy. Sophie's corset tightened across her breasts, and goosebumps...
  • pirates
  • spiritedmiss
  • adventure
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The Pirate's Prince (ManXBoy) by Silver_Ink_
The Pirate's Prince (ManXBoy)by Silver_Ink_
Sebastian, the one and only son of the king of England, is running for his life. Meanwhile Captain Walker is preparing his crew to raid the next cargo ship they've been...
  • lgbt
  • prince
  • manxboy
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Legacy || Harry Hook Descendants by idkstan
Legacy || Harry Hook Descendantsby ELI (EE-LYE)
•To live would be an awfully big adventure.• Primrose is the forgotten daughter of the infamous 'boy who never grew up'. She has lived on the Isle since a young age, goi...
  • beast
  • mal
  • descendants
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Big Book Of Descendants 2 by Walt_Dove13
Big Book Of Descendants 2by Walt_Dove13
Just random stories, gifs, imagines blah...
  • sofiacarson
  • mitchellhope
  • descendants2
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Deep Blue Sea  by WorldWriter_1
Deep Blue Sea by ✨тнєωяιтєя✨
[MANxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Blue' Series: Easton LeLand is a merman. He has lived in the sea all his life and never broke the rules. He knew that there were pirates that...
  • tails
  • drama
  • myth
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Lucy And Fairy Tail by Huntress-of-magic
Lucy And Fairy Tailby Huntress-of-magic
Lucy a princess, but not a land princess a mermaid, saves the ship fairy tail from a storm that should have killed them all. Now Lucy is trapped in this ship and cannot...
  • graylu
  • pirates
  • mermaid
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Falling For The First Mate by KeyTree004
Falling For The First Mateby KeyTree004
Evanora Lockett got more than she bargained for when she dreamed of sailing with pirates. Scarred one night by the poison ink of a pirate’s pen, she finds herself as th...
  • heroine
  • ship
  • hero
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Safe | Reader x Jim Hawkins by FandomTrash1307
Safe | Reader x Jim Hawkinsby FandomTrash1307
When a mysterious stranger unexpectedly arrives at the Ben Bow inn, at first Jim wasn't so sure about her, but then when her life becomes threatened by her own mind, he...
  • love
  • romance
  • pirates
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Never Let Me Go (A McHanzo Fanfic) by KlaraRoman
Never Let Me Go (A McHanzo Fanfic)by KlaraRoman
Based off the AU by rebeza on Tumblr. ~ Captain Jesse McCree never forgets. So when a familiar face with fins wounds up years later on the shore of a remote island, McCr...
  • yaoi
  • pirates
  • hanzo
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