Pink Boy by Gnarly_Rydical
Pink Boyby yeet
Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon are both two very different people who have different lives and different experiences. Kim Namjoon, school's bad boy has been adored by a ner...
  • taehyung
  • gay
  • seokjin
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Aesthetics by whoscmx
Aestheticsby Claire X
The forms of art are inexhaustible; but all lead by the same road of aesthetic emotion to the same world of aesthetic ecstasy. Aesthetics~ a set of principles concerned...
  • love
  • horror
  • peach
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Fairy Tail Preferences  by DestinyErza
Fairy Tail Preferences by Lol what a loser
[REQUESTS: Open] - Natsu - Gray - Jellal - Loke - Laxus - Gajeel - Sting - Rogue - Lyon - DISCLAIMER- I don't own fairy tail or it's characters, I also don't own the cov...
  • boyfriendscenarios
  • gray
  • cute
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BTS 2018 FUCHSIA AWARDS (Season 1) by pinklessons
BTS 2018 FUCHSIA AWARDS (Season 1)by ↝Cherri
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⚊ ❝ in here, success ⠀⠀⠀⠀ is not a distant dream. ❞ Enter your BTS story here. Win the awards and more! (PARTICIPANTS NEEDED) Status: 「✓」Open 「⠀」Closed Started...
  • jungkook
  • bts
  • jin
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Angel H.S by harryshairfic
Angel H.Sby harry
There she is, running around with my children. Her blush colored pleated skirt rising up making her cotton panties visible to perverted man like myself.
  • kink
  • harrystyles
  • babygirl
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My Pink Shirt (bxb) by Patnis
My Pink Shirt (bxb)by Love At First Klance
BOOK 2 IN THE GAY COLOR SERIES Ash Anderson was first bullied, by a kid named James, on the first day of second grade. Why? Because he wore a pink shirt. People call him...
  • gay
  • cute
  • bxblove
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kik → jenlisa [on hold] by sekkanroji
kik → jenlisa [on hold]by 『아이린』
series of text in which lisa finds jennie's sassiness amusing
  • idk
  • blackpink
  • kpop
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Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Yellow Energem by bunkeyice
Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Lilly
Millions of years ago, the evil Sledge tried to steal the greatest power in the universe, but an alien name Keeper entrusted them to dinosaurs. As for Sledge, he was bla...
  • graphite
  • powerrangersdinocharge
  • red
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His Little Princess by Deceptive_Love
His Little Princessby Deceptive_Love
Book #1 in Little Series Dante Knight is a cold, heartless multimillionaire. He owns the worlds leading business by being the most ruthless mafia leader. One night when...
  • violence
  • dante
  • ddlg
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shy wolf [rosekook] by internationalkookie
shy wolf [rosekook]by ☆ koOKTaeChi☆
He only looks afar...his beautiful mate. "Go see her. It's time." "I can't hyung." *THIS IS A ROSEKOOK FANFIC, BUT another ship will be included :D...
  • rosekook
  • werewolf
  • shy
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
  • caught
  • shy
  • first
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BLACKPINK by xxibqzzyll
BLACKPINKby xximqzzyll
  • rose
  • facts
  • one
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perilous ➳ jensoo [on hold] by beautaes
perilous ➳ jensoo [on hold]by semi-hiatus
❝ hey, jisoo. ❞ in which jennie is known as the school's badass and jisoo is just another girl. ― beautaes 2017 © all rights reserved started 170131 ongoing in the same...
  • blackpink
  • jennie
  • rose
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MAMA SAIDby dead boyd
『 t + j 』 (complete) mamá dijo que estaba bien ser niña. jos(c)2k16
  • twenty
  • joshdun
  • tylerjoseph
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Bubblegum bitch. ||L.s by tomlinslay
Bubblegum bitch. ||L.sby Alright.
Louis dresses in girly things,Louis gives a lot of attitude, Louis gets what he wants. Harry is older, Harry is mature, Harry is married to a woman he no longer loves. ...
  • fanfiction
  • pink
  • tops
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4 In One (Blackpink And BTS Fanfic) by Sweet_dreamer75
4 In One (Blackpink And BTS Fanfic)by Nathalee Gaylawan
4 girls in 1 world. 4 boys in 1 world. The four will experience alot of drama. A lot of hurdles. How can they get through all of it? How can they escape the dreadless li...
  • kpop
  • fanfic
  • pink
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Forgotten and Unknown by SophieBeveridge9
Forgotten and Unknownby Sophie
*FLASHBACK* "Are those my kids?" A husky voice asked, all I could do was nod. A normal girl right? Wrong. Victoria Scott isn't normal, a young 16 year old gir...
  • pack
  • boy
  • unknown
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Together- A Ruby x Sapphire Fanfic (Homeworld AU) by WhatISeeIShip
Together- A Ruby x Sapphire |-/
Steven Universe alternate universe (AU) where Rubies are the guards/servants of homeworld and fusion doesn't exist. A certain Ruby just happens to belong to a certain Sa...
  • stevenuniverse
  • sapphire
  • yellow
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11:11 [ARTBOOK #3] by Nelitted
11:11 [ARTBOOK #3]by ♡ NETTY ♡
hey hon!!!! welcome to my art book!🌻 here youll find all kids of bullshit, but i mostly draw humans, dragons and furries! :D im okay with you using my artworks as refer...
  • sketch
  • character
  • traditional
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Rooftop Monsters by MissSmileyKylie
Rooftop Monstersby MissSmileyKylie
What if you wake up finding out that seven beautiful and mysterious boys have taken over not only your house but your life as well?
  • hyungwon
  • monsta
  • monstax
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