emo bands x reader smutshots. by TheMadAntiFan
emo bands x reader smutshots. by Steph Mahoney Fanfiction
it's in the title what else do you wanna know . OK ill tell you it includes. fall out boy. panic at the disco. twenty one pilots and my chemical romance. peirce the veil...
Holding on to you // Josh Dun x Reader  by Loveylove5556
Holding on to you // Josh Dun x Re... by Loveylove5556 Fanfiction
your life isn't the best, you were abused by your wicked evil step mom and dad, you felt alone. but when you decided the make the phone call to that one special person...
phone sex  - joshler by inlovewithfalling
phone sex - joshler by lara Fanfiction
"Don't you think it's fascinating? Two people who have never seen each other, agree on lying to themselves and to each other on the telephone." "Are you l...
Adopted....... By Josh Dun? by SpookySpotlights
Adopted....... By Josh Dun? by Jishwa Fishwa Random
Samantha Thomas is an abused 11 year old girl. One night, her parents died. She goes to a foster home, and later gets adopted by her idol. It's not the dream she was exp...
lead singer || a tyler jøseph x reader by shorty_the_surgeon
lead singer || a tyler jøseph x re... by tiaaa Fanfiction
A Tyler Joseph x Reader in your POV. Love. Loss. Tragedy. And the experience neither of them expected. (All respect to Jenna because I love her more than I love mysel...
Glowing Eyes || Adopted by Josh Dun by _its_questionable_
Glowing Eyes || Adopted by Josh Dun by It's Questionable Fanfiction
Lynn Whitcher didn't come from the best family. Her mother abused her, and her older brother was in jail. The only place she could escape was a coffee shop, where a man...
drop of water-joshler- [book one] by usuckisuck
drop of water-joshler- [book one] by kat Fanfiction
in which tyler discovers a newfound power and josh is the only one who can help. -- "you're the most powerful person in the world, baby."
She's A Tear In My Heart // josh x reader fanfic by twentyoneegggos
She's A Tear In My Heart // josh x... by abbo the eggo Fanfiction
~ a young girl with anxiety searching for a soulmate, finally finds true love. ♥ this story is written in your pov. Cover by @mysecretdiary16 (editing a bit)
livewire ➳ josh x reader | book one | by nobodywrote
livewire ➳ josh x reader | book on... by princess ♡ Fanfiction
he needed a friend, and she needed a purpose.
hooked ↣ joshler [UNDER EDITING] by lowlifejoseph
hooked ↣ joshler [UNDER EDITING] by caitlyn 🤤 Fanfiction
Josh Dun lives in a foster home with his little brother, Patrick. His foster parents aren't the best people, only taking them in for extra money to spend on cigarettes a...
Just Drawings by StayAliveForRee
Just Drawings by Whats a blurry face? Random
Just my drawings My cringy, cringy drawings.
Alone by usernames4evertaken
Alone by hi Fanfiction
Tyler frustratingly tries to undo the tied rope one last time, hoping that this attempt would set him free...when it doesnt, Tyler looks up to the dark, lifeless ceiling...
This is Slowtown -/Joshler/Tysh/- by Mrs_Mad_Hatter
This is Slowtown -/Joshler/Tysh/- by moon Fanfiction
- ¿Donde estamos? - ¿Esto...? Esto es Slowtown, Josh.
imessage // joshler by messymadi
imessage // joshler by 🏄🏽‍♀️ madi 🏄🏽‍♀️ Fanfiction
In which Josh gets a wrong number from a guy at Dominos and ends up texting Tyler.
Searching for Purpose (Twenty One Pilots) by bulletproof-daydream
Searching for Purpose (Twenty One... by Lo Fanfiction
Tyler was sad. He was hurt, confused, angry, and scared, too, but most of all, he was sad. He didn't know if it was because he had been stuck in the same town for his en...
Lane boy:  joshler  by -pastelboys
Lane boy: joshler by 👻c a m👻 Fanfiction
Josh moves into a religious home for troubled boys and meets a boy just as troubled as him top!josh
Tear in my Heart (twenty one pilots) by blurryface
Tear in my Heart (twenty one pilot... by Diana |-/ Fanfiction
Life is a mix of the good and the bad, and Jenna and Tyler have been through it all together. But how did it all start? {COMPLETED!}
All I want (twenty one pilots fanfiction) by ilseii
All I want (twenty one pilots fanf... by Ilse Fanfiction
Twenty One Pilots fanfiction, based on the relationship between Tyler and Jenna. Five years after moving to Ohio, Jenna still feels out of place. She doesn't have many f...
The Better-ish side of the war by TheGamingWolf1
The Better-ish side of the war by TheGamingWolf Historical Fiction
Arron and Scott two RAF pilots who have been shot down and are keeping their heads down to avoid the Gestapo ( German secret police ) interrogation Room.
(Don't) Leave Me Alone •twenty one pilots-Tyler Joseph• by LeaveNoWordsUnspoken
(Don't) Leave Me Alone •twenty one... by a. rev Fanfiction
Charlotte Robin Dun is a smart girl- really. She just makes some poor choices with even poorer judgement. Her best friends aren't exactly the best of role models either...