The Bad Men Stories: Russian Arrogance [Book #1] by LittleRebelxo
The Bad Men Stories: Russian Arrog...by Kara
As soon as our eyes met, I told him the words that I had been keeping bottled up inside me the entire time. ''I hate you.'' I spat right into his face. His cold hand cup...
  • past
  • bad
  • zeiss
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I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes Daughter Story) by NeverGiveIn2598
I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes...by NeverGiveIn2598
**EDITED** 14 years ago, Vic Fuentes thought he wasn't quick enough to stop the "love of his life" from aborting his child, so for fourteen years, he wondered...
  • mikefuentes
  • vicfuentes
  • vic
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Her Humanity ⇒ Katherine Pierce (TVD) by Insanity69
Her Humanity ⇒ Katherine Pierce (T...by HIATUS
Natalie Makarov was Katherine Pierce's secret love. For obvious reasons they kept their love a secret. Katherine will do anything to protect Natalie and in order to do s...
  • elena
  • romance
  • katherine
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The Other Petrova Girl by dancingdelena
The Other Petrova Girlby katherine
Two girls were born on June 5th, 1473. Katerina Petrova and her sister, Ana Petrova. They could not be more different, one with a kind heart and shy personality, and one...
  • theotherpetrovagirl
  • lockwood
  • stefansalvatore
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Alpha of the Rogues by shelly314
Alpha of the Roguesby Rochelle
Jadelyn Ryder, AKA Jade is the Alpha of Rogues and has the biggest 'pack' in the world. She's smart, rude, and charming at the same time. She even has special powers to...
  • soulmates
  • rogues
  • wattys2015
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Fandom X Reader Imagines *Completed*  by Lisha_Lemons
Fandom X Reader Imagines *Complete...by Lisha Lemons
Fandoms: Divergent Hunger Games WWE Avengers Mortal Kombat (Any character) Supernatural Loki/Thor Star Wars Avatar the Last Airbender The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings B...
  • oneshots
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You Smile Brighter Than You Should (Kellic) Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
You Smile Brighter Than You Should...by Em
Kellin doesn't exactly live an easy life. His Mom is an alcoholic, he self-harms and on top of all that he gets bullied daily. All Vic wants to do is help but Kellin doe...
  • abuse
  • kellin
  • harm
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Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes) by clearly_delaney1245
Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes)by ♤ Delaney Dean ♤
**Please note there is some Alan Ashby love in this, however, it is mainly a Vic fan fiction** Hadley Marie Hadaway has spent nearly nine years avoiding her best friend...
  • pierce
  • piercetheveil
  • veil
Light in a dark place ~ Damon Salvatore~  by denisem_97
Light in a dark place ~ Damon Salv...by denisem_97
I'm horrible at descriptions soooo Melissa Gilbert, she's smart, kind and thoughtful yet has a mouth on her. The moment you anger her she's quick to fire back. When bot...
  • tyler
  • doppleganger
  • orignals
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Alone. [Tony Perry] by ptvtonys
Alone. [Tony Perry]by ptvtonys
He definitely wasn't what I thought he would be. But I don't know what I was expecting exactly. Just a shy guitar player. That's all he was to everyone, but to me he was...
  • fuentes
  • veil
  • pierce
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Last Seen In San Francisco (Tony Perry) by sidewaystiara
Last Seen In San Francisco (Tony P...by Emily
7 years after her apparent death and Lydia Starr has been revealed. Now she's got attention on her, a mad best friend, and a 6 year old daughter. That's already overwh...
  • veil
  • wattys2015
  • kidnapped
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Kaitlynn Salvatore (Klaus Mikaelson) by whoninja
Kaitlynn Salvatore (Klaus Mikaelso...by whoninja
Kaitlynn Salvatore didn't expect to find her mate when she came back to Mystic Falls. All she expected to find were her idiot brothers and their little orphan Elena. K...
  • damon
  • perry
  • katy
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The Unique Gilbert by AlizaRomaan
The Unique Gilbertby SydneySimmons
Ever heard of Robin Gilbert? No? How about Elena Gilbert? Probably. Robin Gilbert is the eldest out of all the Gilbert siblings. Being Elena's twin and Jeremy's favorit...
  • werewolf
  • petrova
  • traveler
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Paradise: A Brittana Fanfic by thekid05
Paradise: A Brittana Fanficby thekid05
AU. Brittany and her family relocate to Hawaii. She meets a intriguing local girl who turns her world upside down- in the best way. Brittana/Pezberry friendship. I AM Ki...
  • pierce
  • santanalopez
  • brittana
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The Mikaelson Angel (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals) by xlinnythepoohx
The Mikaelson Angel (The Vampire D...by lindsay rose
There was one a girl named Elenour Mikaelson; heart as pure as the sun and personality as vibrant as can be. Being the original hybrids twin or a member of the Mikaelson...
  • salvatore
  • damonsalvatore
  • thevampirediaries
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The Other Petrova (TVD Fanfiction) by DiedT0Live
The Other Petrova (TVD Fanfiction)by Rose Thorns
Have you ever wonder what would happen if there was another doppelgänger? Would Elena still be the center of everyone's attention? What if Elena wasn't the center? What...
  • rebekah
  • petrova
  • nicklaus
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Hail Hydra- B. Barnes (Under Editing) by SkadiLokison
Hail Hydra- B. Barnes (Under Editi...by Skadi
*currently being edited* She can't remember anything except a man who works with her and a machine that messes with her mind. Her right arm and left leg have been replac...
  • red
  • natasha
  • hydra
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Unleashed {Marvel} ||3|| by arrow_to_the_heart
Unleashed {Marvel} ||3||by prim/sammy/miss barnes
{Book 3} *Set in Captain America: The Winter Soldier* Having battled an other realm ex-boyfriend, aliens from another universe, and a power struggle within herself, Kiar...
  • helicarrier
  • shield
  • wintersoldier
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Summer Love by Reliving_Glee
Summer Loveby Glee
Santana and Brittany fall in love at a camp, but the problem is Brittany lived far and no one at Santana's school knew about her real sexuality only her parents. What ha...
  • lesbian
  • lopez
  • love
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Alone. Zayn Malik. [Vampire] by CaitlinHarryTVD
Alone. Zayn Malik. [Vampire]by idkstyles
Zayn Malik is the most feared vampire in the world. Ruthless. Stubborn. Heartless. Hateful. No Humanity. He tears through humans with no remorse, no gentleness. No one c...
  • malik
  • direction
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