Tame My Heart... Or Else by nessie64
Tame My Heart... Or Else by nessie64 Werewolf
Liza has always been shy, afraid of being noticed. As a new school year starts though, she is forced to face unanswered questions. Why did all her friends move so sudden...
Theory [TOM HOLLAND] by wendigos
Theory [TOM HOLLAND] by sof Fanfiction
THEORY. mjsantiago: my love life is like my major: theoretical [ tom holland | social media + real life wendigos © 2017 ]
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Big Love Theory (A Big Bang Theory Fanfic) by Destiny-Celeste
The Big Love Theory (A Big Bang Th... by AwkwardMusician Fanfiction
Leonard's X from Highschool, Leah, moves to Pasadena to work at CalTech. Leonard offers a place to stay in hopes of wooing her, but her heart has another physicist in mi...
let's get physical [kuroo testurou] by owlwayslovebokuto
let's get physical [kuroo testurou] by bokuto :')))) Fanfiction
"my love for you cannot be created or destroyed; it can only change form." - where a girl having trouble in physics is tutored by a science-loving dork. and lo...
Physics Revision by MaryAdidas123
Physics Revision by Mary Non-Fiction
I really struggled with Physics core GCSE so may be you do as well. for that reason I have put together a revision guide to help your revision. I hope you enjoy it.
In The Same Dimension by Mac-kenzie99
In The Same Dimension by Lilith Teen Fiction
It's when Charlotte Scarlet moves to a new city, a new place to escape from her dark past and wants to complete her senior years, keeping her head low and not being the...
Song for Symea by sallyjay4
Song for Symea by Sally Jay Fantasy
This is a story I wrote a year ago for NaNoWriMo, part of me thinks I should finish it. Part of me is unsure. I leave it to you to decide. Also, if the main character...
The Spark of Balance: The Realm of Mianite by Ladyclaire300
The Spark of Balance: The Realm of... by Ladyclaire300 Fanfiction
Captain Sparkles huh? Claire was just a normal college girl with a normal life until one day she became a part of a world she loved due to a science experiment gone wron...
BLACK HOLE by Srgthe1
BLACK HOLE by सक्षम राज गिरी Non-Fiction
Read to sharpen your knowledge about black hole.
EQUATION FIHA by SulaymanCeasar
EQUATION FIHA by SulaymanCeasar Science Fiction
It's pretty obvious when the Honorable Physicist Fiha has solved something new. When he's working on something, he's completely absorbed in it... and that's all that he...
Inductive Effect (studentxteacher) { On Hold } by truant_Delilah_xx
Inductive Effect (studentxteacher)... by Raindrops [ মেঘবালিকা ] Teen Fiction
As soon as he started to walk towards me I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I did not want to look at his mischevious gaze,so I turned my vision to the common bala...
Once When You Were Mine by writermaggie
Once When You Were Mine by Maggie Allen Teen Fiction
High school in the early 90s: it was before cell phones and social media, but the problems were the same. How do you get the guy you're interested in to notice you? W...
Fantasy Physics by Magnus_Rerum
Fantasy Physics by Magnus_Rerum Fantasy
Less a story and more of a nerdy collection of possible loose explanations as to how certain fantasy/fictions work. Update every Sunday
TERMINAL VELOCITY《 joshler 》 by anathematicjack
TERMINAL VELOCITY《 joshler 》 by 《 j 》 Fanfiction
Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph are repulsed by each other. So, naturally, when they are paired up for a physics project, neither of them would consider themselves particula...
stardust. by lypophreniac
stardust. by 超人 Short Story
"i witnessed the creation of the universe, but it was not as terrifying as seeing you again." lowercase intended. cover made by @puberty2
drown the stars by constantorion
drown the stars by s e m i · h i a t u s Poetry
❝just like relativity, we are only a theory❞ [cover by @antigravitea]
Misfortune Without A Conscience #Wattys2017 by justinh2002
Misfortune Without A Conscience #W... by Justin Hew Fantasy
Ryder Philip, an individual characterised as one reclusive, isolated and disconnected from the social world. But what he is acknowledged of has him be destined to embark...
Pelican Inc Presents, "Just friends?" by rescueheroes
Pelican Inc Presents, "Just friend... by Donna Belizaire Adventure
Evangeline liked Terron as a friend, he was the one who always was her teammate in P.E., her partner in science, and her husband to her egg baby in Human Development, ev...
Quantum Mechanics by AlexanderGooZongHan
Quantum Mechanics by Meredith Swift Non-Fiction
A book on Quantum Mechanics Oh, and ignore the fact that I'm 12, just trust me. I have learnt quantum mechanics.