wrong number | editing by -pastelhearts
wrong number | editing by morgan :) Short Story
•#7 in Short Story• ❝Baby I miss you, I need you. I scre-❞ ❝Who the hell is this?❞ ❝Ashley?❞ ❝I'm no Ashley.❞ ❝Shit.❞ ❝Wrong number?❞ ...
Teen Helpline [#1 of the Helpline Trilogy] by winestains-
Teen Helpline [#1 of the Helpline... by valerie Teen Fiction
❝Hello there, this is Teen Confessions Helpline, what's the problem? Feel free to confess anything you like and we'll be there to help you every step of the way!❞ ...
Holding Onto You by UnsinkableShips
Holding Onto You by sarah Romance
When Helena finds a phone on the night train, she decides to text the first number in the list of contacts in order to figure out who it belongs to. Copyright © 2017 by...
The Cell Phone Swap by DoNotMicrowave
The Cell Phone Swap by Lindsey Summers Teen Fiction
Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy...
Fine Apple | ✓ by clato_maroondiamonds
Fine Apple | ✓ by tina Short Story
❝HELP HELP HELLLP!❞ ❝Hello, this is the Fine Apple market, and no, we are not an Apple knockoff store; how may I help you?❞ ❝Well, someone just stole my phone.❞ ❝Sorry...
Funny Texts by CLNovels
Funny Texts by CL Novels Random
{FUNNY TEXTS 2 RELEASES 09/22/17} {Cover By Yours Truly} Ever Had A Moment, Where You Were Texting and you or you're Friend Made an Autocorrect Mistake, or Just Said Som...
(#1) My Survey Dude  by cruise-ing
(#1) My Survey Dude by gem Short Story
❝Hel-❞ ❝Dad? How is she?! I would come now but-❞ ❝'s Willow.❞ ❝Oh, shit. Sorry. Wrong number.❞ + #26 ; short story (23/11) #17 ; short story (14/12) #8 ; short...
If the Shoe Fits | ongoing by skylarxrosen
If the Shoe Fits | ongoing by sky Short Story
Brielle Woods wishes to forget the amazing dance she shared with Eric Matthews at her school's annual masquerade ball. Too bad he's determined to find the girl that stol...
Once Upon a Bathroom Stall by hyrule
Once Upon a Bathroom Stall by ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ Short Story
(alternatively called: a lot of people shit with pens) ❝I- what? What are you talking about? Who is this?❞ ❝Well the bathroom stall says that this number is the gateway...
100 Voicemails by BookgirlingMoments
100 Voicemails by Sarah Wazir Short Story
[Highest ranking: #1 in Short Story] After a car accident, seventeen year old Steve Carlton, goes into a coma. When he does wake up after a few months, he suffers from...
Hot Line | ✓ by iwearheelys
Hot Line | ✓ by ᴮᴿᴵᵀ Short Story
in which a guy calls a sex hotline just looking for a friend. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.
Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
The Rented Husband (Southern Nights Series) by MercyRose
The Rented Husband (Southern Night... by Tara Romance
Olivia Murray, a 29 year old successful attorney has had enough with her families intrusion on her personal love life. Mother, father and siblings included have all gon...
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) (Watty Awards 2012) by rinkadink
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (... by Lucy Fanfiction
For her 16th birthday, Lucy Martin received a "present" from her childhood bestfriend, Louis Tomlinson; she got to be a backup dancer for One Direction. Things...
↝ sexts ↜ by saintlystyles
↝ sexts ↜ by 他媽的 Random
.sexual texts.
Wrong Number Included | ✔ by taledust
Wrong Number Included | ✔ by g h a e v i a Short Story
"Aurel?" "I told you I'm not a girl" "Well, since I haven't seen you, your sexuality is not confirmed" "You want me to send you a pic...
My Bad Boy by Nickymb
My Bad Boy by Megan ♦ Teen Fiction
Kelsey Mays knows everything there is to know when it comes to loving a bad boy. They're uncaring jerks who will leave you brokenhearted and alone without a second thoug...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Needed by Kelsey Teen Fiction
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
Call Me by dreaminglyy
Call Me by t e g a n - l e a Short Story
in which two strangers communicate via calls #1 in short story #16 in what's hot winner of the brigade wattys 2016 a dialogue story
Pizzeria Boy (#1) by mercurially
Pizzeria Boy (#1) by ishaana Short Story
❝Hello, this is the Harrison Pizzeria, how m-❞ ❝LOGAN, LOGAN! GUESS WHAT?❞ ❝Ma'am, this is not Logan, I'm Marv!❞ ❝Uh... no hablo inglés.❞ ---x--- Copyright © 2014 Ishaan...