Hazard by blue_jules
Hazard by blue_jules Fanfiction
"More... Ah!.. Please..." I gasped. He thruster harder in me. My head hitting against the headrest. I could feel myself about to come. "Hold it in, I'll...
Where Did I Go Wrong? //Phan// by phanaticphan
Where Did I Go Wrong? //Phan// by My name is [Madi] Fanfiction
Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil... Dan is bullied by a group of boys at school. Phil is one of these bullies but he sees Dan differently. *triggers listed at the top of the...
Phan Oneshots by usernamePhan04
Phan Oneshots by ☁ Fanfiction
A collection of Phan oneshots, all of which are written by me. - Fluff - Angst - Sad - Song!fics Requests are more than welcome, I can't thank you all enough if you read...
Can You Be My Daddy (Phan) by dootissoftandneat
Can You Be My Daddy (Phan) by Snowbell Fanfiction
Where Dan is a little looking for a new daddy. Also this takes place on kik, but it will also have longer chapters
Maybe || d.h. x reader by Desi990
Maybe || d.h. x reader by Desi990 Fanfiction
You've admired Dan Howell ever since he was a wee little YouTuber with videos like "HELLO INTERNET" and "Butterfingers". He was an inspiration to yo...
candy boy ⚣ phan by drearymil
candy boy ⚣ phan by mil !! Fanfiction
in which a curious librarian receives a message request from a candy sales boy. (texting fic | lowercase intended) copyright 2017 © drearymil highest rank: #242 in fanfi...
you look good in thigh highs  by rutilantjosh
you look good in thigh highs by rutilantjosh Fanfiction
If you're into texting phan, general phan, smut :) , or innocent!dan and fuckboy!phil and major daddy kinks then you've come to the right place
precious | j.s. by cailynlouise
precious | j.s. by 🎱💎🏁🦋 Fanfiction
[SOCIAL MEDIA] joe sugg "joe_sugg liked your tweet" // DISCLAIMERS // *first ever social media fic, trying it out *no photos are mine unless otherwise stated...
Phan One-Shots by AwkwardPhanGirlVibes
Phan One-Shots by Dan.And.Phil.Are.So.Married. Fanfiction
Just some random One-Shots with Phan (Dan and Phil). It's my first One-Shot book so I'm trying my best! Don't forget to Vote and Comment!
Lost {Dan × Reader} by little_winged_angel
Lost {Dan × Reader} by unimpressing angel Fanfiction
y/n l/n moves out of her home in America and to a new home in England with her grandparents after her mother dies. She has to start a new life at a new school. she has t...
sent ➳ phan by howellize
sent ➳ phan by grae Fanfiction
New Kik message from dannyfire! dannyfire: hey dannyfire: i think i have a crush on you ©howellize 2016
Forget//Phan by MischiefTheWolf
Forget//Phan by AsexualWolf Fanfiction
Dan forgets everyone. He forgets what they look like and what they said. Everything. He doesn't even remember who his parents are. Until one day he remembers someone Phi...
bloom // phan by obsessioniskey
bloom // phan by -ˏˋ lauren ˊˎ˗ Fanfiction
A lot of things bloom. Like the flowers on Dan's crown, or the feelings Phil develops for him.
Prince | phan by AllTimeRachel
Prince | phan by Miraculous Phan Fanfiction
It's the time where Prince Philip needs to find a princess to share the thrown with. Except he isn't interested in any of the princesses. Over time he becomes more inte...
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate AU by LashtonsFlowerCrown
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate... by Sammi <3 Fanfiction
Imagine a world where every mark on your skin is put on your soulmates skin as well. Cool right? Phil thinks so, but Dan thinks it could be farther from the truth.
pause // dan howell x reader by takeachilldil
pause // dan howell x reader by georgia Fanfiction
romance doesn't always begin at first glance, but when the world is paused, it's hard to ignore a second heartbeat. © ; 2016 WORKING ON EARLIER CHAPTERS BECAUSE THEY AR...
Wrong Number// Phan  by _PanicAtThePityParty
Wrong Number// Phan by Danirific Fanfiction
New message from DaddyDestroyerLester Reply to message? {yes} no ~ This is honestly gon be so kinky
addiction ✎ phan by yayyphan
addiction ✎ phan by メアリー Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] when dan buys cigarettes to a store who has a cute shop assistant
Stuff Only The Phandom Understands by occasionaloranges
Stuff Only The Phandom Understands by 🍂sarah🍂 Fanfiction
A book exploding with edits, memes, headcannons, pictures, gifs, videos, and humor, just for the Phandom! Come here for all things Dan and Phil, but if you are a demon...
ocd ; phan by laveinder
ocd ; phan by crow Fanfiction
in which dan howell struggles with ocd, and doesn't find a cure, but someone who makes him feel a bit better regardless. [p.s. i didn't expect this to pick up like it di...