even if it's a lie by oceanicdaniel
even if it's a lie by oceanicdaniel Fanfiction
say it one more time, even if it's a lie
SARAHAH • PHAN by space kid Fanfiction
hey, you looked cute today! hopefully your day goes well. i love you! <33 SAFE STORY. © pj, 2017.
Phan One-Shots by EllieStories14
Phan One-Shots by BornIntoThePhandom Fanfiction
Just some random One-Shots with Phan (Dan and Phil). It's my first One-Shot book so I'm trying my best! Don't forget to Vote and Comment!
The Delinquent  //  Phan by CrystalPhanWhiskers
The Delinquent // Phan by Dinosaur Phan Fanfiction
Phil is the happy, confident Head Boy of his school. Dan is the devilish leader of his group of delinquents. Could a relationship be salvaged between these two, or will...
Soulmates | Phan Au  by denim_daniel
Soulmates | Phan Au by Ugh Fanfiction
Phan soulmate AU where whatever happens to your skin happens to your soulmates. Trigger warning. Depression, self harm, self hate, attempted suicide. *Not finished yet* ...
poor//phan by lassyisnotonfire
poor//phan by ≽•≼ Fanfiction
Incomplete (Trigger Warning) Daniel James Howell, a poor and lonely homosexual boy, whose parents constantly fight. Phillip Michael Lester, a confident boy, with many se...
candy boy ➢ phan by drearymil
candy boy ➢ phan by mil Fanfiction
in which a curious librarian receives a message request from a candy sales boy. (texting fic | lowercase intended) copyright 2017 © drearymil
Social Anxiety | phan by supermarketdaisies
Social Anxiety | phan by supermarketdaisies Fanfiction
"Oh, the things I'd do to be normal." Dan has social anxiety, which causes him to suffer from even more forms of mental illness. He envies his classmate Phil w...
Special Boy // phan by GypsyRover
Special Boy // phan by ˈfärəˌwāÿ Fanfiction
Dan Howell is so plain it's unique. In a world where everyone has a special ability, a "power", Dan is alone in having nothing to show for it. This fact is not...
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate AU by LashtonsFlowerCrown
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate... by Sammi <3 Fanfiction
Imagine a world where every mark on your skin is put on your soulmates skin as well. Cool right? Phil thinks so, but Dan thinks it could be farther from the truth.
bloom // phan by obsessioniskey
bloom // phan by you'll float too Fanfiction
A lot of things bloom. Like the flowers on Dan's crown, or the feelings Phil develops for him. - punk!phil pastel!dan Trigger Warning: emotional and physical abuse, bul...
Phan Fluff by grammatical-phanfic
Phan Fluff by I'll Write Phanfiction But No... Fanfiction
All my fluff fics compiled into one big fluffy ball of happiness
ethereal  by -ASTROHOWELL
ethereal by 꽃미남 🥀 Fanfiction
[ phan ] he looks at that boy like he's an angel sent from heaven; as if he's ethereal 🍒 ©-ASTROHOWELL, 2017
I Love You||Phanfiction  by WifflingWords
I Love You||Phanfiction by An Awkward Boop Fanfiction
This is a Phan story (Dan Howell and Phil Lester if you don't know.) I'm making this up chapter by chapter, so I have a bit of a rough plan for this story, but no detail...
Good Boy (Phan) by nevermxnd
Good Boy (Phan) by salem Fanfiction
In which Phil Lester is the sweetest boy in town until Dan finds him sneaking out his window one night and learns that there's no such thing as a good boy - they're just...
Infatuation - Phan AU by johnidonthavefriends
Infatuation - Phan AU by BinChild Fanfiction
High school AU - When Dan bumps into an adorable black haired boy (who happens to be very popular) on the first day of school, neither of them can stop thinking about e...
deadroses | phan  ✘  by foreverhome-
deadroses | phan ✘ by -ˏˋ roos ˎˊ- Fanfiction
in which a boy named dan leaves flowers with every step and phil wishes he could grow a garden in his small london apartment (previously called rose)
another's arms / phan au  by romantique-
another's arms / phan au by eleanor Fanfiction
"i miss you," "no you don't." "i'm sorry," "no you aren't." or in which he was in another's arms. lowercase intended, triggers...
Colorful | Phan | Completed by danandphilphann
Colorful | Phan | Completed by ☕️ Fanfiction
"Reason number one not to fall in love with Phil Lester, he speaks in colors." ~ Dan Howell is in his last year of high school when, thanks to a bet, he is for...
one last chance ; joe sugg by dearjgs
one last chance ; joe sugg by ღ Fanfiction
"You know I'd never hurt you, I'm here to protect you and look after you." ✧ Joe Sugg / ThatcherJoe Fanfiction -!- CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE, SAD SCENES, MATURE...