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happy by default
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hope is a dangerous and disquieting thing *** my name is courtney, i'm eighteen and the greatest experience i've ever had was when a random guy explained what agave was to me in walmart my update schedule is :/ lmao good luck i used to have a really long bio that listed everything i like, so if you actually want to know that kind of stuff, my tumblr is the best way to go FOLLOW ME: instagram: @co.celeste tumblr: @drxpdeadofficial twitter: @vibrantromeo snapchat: @drownthem kik: cxuterized weheartit: @gayplato spotify: @fearmeplease email:
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Hey I'm Hayden Ellis and I love to write. Honestly, I love to write everything- but lately just tend to write more Phanfiction than anything. My most popular book is Wrong Username, with 2M+ reads. It also has a sequel, called Adopted By Phan[ON HOLD]. I'm an astrology nerd, I love space, which is why my book Star Signs is so important to me. It has a utopian take on Phan (DanxPhil) and has to do with star signs, who belongs with who, etc. I'll tell you a bit about myself since you already know I love space. I also love plants, a lot. I find myself buying house plants quite regularly. My favourite colour is yellow, which is a quite under appreciated colour in my opinion, but I adore it. Mustard yellow is my ver favourite. I have a unique obsession with Praying Mantis, my favourite insect. If you love Mantis we will get along perfectly. Literally. I am a huge Harry Potter and Percy Jackson nerd, I can never read too much of that. I may end up writing a Percy Jackson fanfic soon. I mean honestly, I get so caught up in the world it's not even funny. I have tons of ideas for that so if you want that you should message me and tell me because I'd love writing it! I also have a weird fascination with Pokémon and Warrior cats. Both of which I have never grown out of. I have a Pokémon book sitting in my works that I work on from time to time but I haven't decided if I should post it or not! It'd be something that I work on rarely. I'm 15, a sophomore in highschool, and I'm interested in boys & girls. The LGBTQ+ is my home and everyone is so sweet there. I grew up on Sailor Moon so I am a HUGE geek about that. I adore anime. My favourite is Your Lie In April. (: Also I love Studio Ghibli productions! Whisper of The Heart is my favourite. I don't really have an update schedule... Sorry!
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Hi there ^-^ First off my name is Moona :D ~~~~~~~ I ship Phan I guess ~~~~~~~ I love glee so much u dnt understand fite me ~~~~~~~ Alexander Kirk is a smol cinnamon roll don't mess with him ok im scolex af but also scomiche af ~~~~~~~ KDRAMA IS MY LIFE OK SOMEONE PLS TALK TO ME ABOUT IT LMAO ~~~~~~~ I am in love with Pentatonix and i'm a huger (huge and super) Pentaholic :) (also Scott and Mitch on SUPERFRUIT are perf like #Scomiche even though they ship themselves). ~~~~~~~~ I LOVE SPONGEBOB ALOT JUST SAYIN. ~~~~~~~~ I love loads of youtubers but especially Onision, Jkfilms, Jkparty, Jknews, David So, Jack, Dean, Bribry, Patty Walters, Dan, Phil, Chris and Pj. ~~~~~~~~ My favourite bands are PTX, Muse, FOB, P!ATd, ATL, As It Is and MCR. And Twenty Øne Piløts. ~~~~~~~~ I LOVE ANIME ALOT. My faves are One Piece, Black Butler, Death Note, Kaichou wa maid sama and Fruits Basket. Also some of my yaoi favourites are (manga or anime) Junjou Romantica, Sekaii ichi Hatsukoi, Koisuru Boukun, Bukiyou na silent, Kirepapa and Love Stage. ~~~~~~~~ I ship: Phan Kickthestickz Tronner Klaine Jack and Dean (kinda) ~~~~~~~~ Instagram: (Personal) = @geniusotaku ~~~~~~~~ Tumblr : ~~~~~~~~ Twitter : @geniusotaku_x ~~~~~~~~ ****PROMPTS CLOSED **** ~~~~~~~~ I am basically a socially awkward londoner :/ ^ͺ^ So....ya. BYYEEEeee...
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❁ Luna ❁ Instagram- http.9pm my writing is shIT yet people still seem to read my crappy books. i'm not famous stfu. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Phanesia completed: 18/11/15 Group Chat completed: 4/1/16 Loading... completed: 23/1/16 Downloading... completed: 16/2/16 Installing... completed: 19/3/16 Butterfly Messages completed: 17/4/16 Sad Boy completed: 28/5/16
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im not good at writing about myself idk, my names nadine, im 17 and i like to write and stuff also keep in mind that most of the fics on here were written ages ago so they might not quite represent my thoughts on certain topics anymore on another note: yes i still live, no i dont log onto this site often anymore and no im not writing phan anymore
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i'm audrey and i write books sometimes. social medias named below; send in fanart or just dm me any time! ♬♪♫ ヾ(*・。・)ノ ♬♪♫ I've hugged Dan and Phil (6/8/16). UPCOMING BOOKS Blind (a novel) Addicted (phan) Youth (LGBTQ+ novel) SOCIAL MEDIAS ✿✿✿✿ younow: audrat instagram: audreymoliver twitter: ieroverit snapchat: audrey_singer
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I'm not going to be active on this account anymore (all the works will be left up, albeit still probably unfinished) so if you want to contact me, go to my tumblr:
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-- vic remixes saved music