SARAHAH ✎ PHAN by [spooky] space kid Fanfiction
hey, you looked cute today! hopefully your day goes well. i love you! <33 SAFE STORY. © pj, 2017. [this is a safe story, but there is angst at the end. you have been...
Hazard by blue_jules
Hazard by blue_jules Fanfiction
"More... Ah!.. Please..." I gasped. He thruster harder in me. My head hitting against the headrest. I could feel myself about to come. "Hold it in, I'll...
candy boy ✦ phan by drearymil
candy boy ✦ phan by spooky mil Fanfiction
in which a curious librarian receives a message request from a candy sales boy. (texting fic | lowercase intended) copyright 2017 © drearymil highest rank: #621 in fanfi...
Fluffy Phan One-Shots by mads040511
Fluffy Phan One-Shots by mads040511 Fanfiction
Cute Phan One- Shots, mostly fluff.
Phan One-Shots by EllieStories14
Phan One-Shots by 🎃SPOOKY.ELLIE🎃 Fanfiction
Just some random One-Shots with Phan (Dan and Phil). It's my first One-Shot book so I'm trying my best! Don't forget to Vote and Comment!
Hi, My Name Is Dan | Dan Howell X Reader by FangirlAri
Hi, My Name Is Dan | Dan Howell X... by ❀SERENDIPITY❀ Fanfiction
You are a popular singer who happens to be Phil Lester's younger sister! When you meet Dan, his tall and sarcastic flatmate, will you develop feelings for the guy, or wi...
In Your Dreams // phan by GypsyRover
In Your Dreams // phan by ˈfärəˌwāÿ Fanfiction
Dan Howell never wanted dreams. Because dreams meant he met his soulmate, and meeting his soulmate meant dooming them to a terrible life of memories about his anxiety-ri...
dan and phil facts by fakehowell
dan and phil facts by e***y Random
everything you need to know about d-hizzle and p-lizzle highest rank: #1 in random cover by: @pornhubjoseph
arms // {phan} by strawb3rryvib3s
arms // {phan} by E.H. Fanfiction
Summary: Dan draws, Phil doesn't. Phil wears black shirts, speaks loudly, and glares at everyone. Dan wears grey jumpers, doesn't talk, and tries to stay invisible. ...
bloom // phan by obsessioniskey
bloom // phan by -ˏˋ lauren ˊˎ˗ Fanfiction
A lot of things bloom. Like the flowers on Dan's crown, or the feelings Phil develops for him. - punk!phil pastel!dan Trigger Warning: emotional and physical abuse, bul...
Maybe || d.h. x reader by Desi990
Maybe || d.h. x reader by Desi990 Fanfiction
You've admired Dan Howell ever since he was a wee little YouTuber with videos like "HELLO INTERNET" and "Butterfingers". He was an inspiration to yo...
//daddy af// phan by thunderinghowell
//daddy af// phan by cal ♡ Fanfiction
one typo changed his life. {lowercase intended}
Phan oneshots by midnightgalaxyowl
Phan oneshots by MidnightGalaxyOwl Fanfiction
A book of phan oneshots because obviously we don't have enough of them already, I mean... I don't have a schedule but if you want me to do a oneshot come shout at me, al...
The First Time (Phan) by PhanIAm
The First Time (Phan) by PhanIAm Fanfiction
Dan was a teenage boy who was a bit awkward and not the most popular person. He was happy, but not the happiest he could be. That was until he was told about a certain Y...
Troublesome babyboy Rewrite// by phanstorms
Troublesome babyboy Rewrite// by • Cloudie Writer • Fanfiction
Dan is Phil's baby, Phil is Dan's daddy! Here are their and their friend's adventures! (Rewrite)
Internet Love    by fandomsandphan
Internet Love by Tori Fanfiction
You are a YouTuber, and a famous one at that. How much trouble can one stay with your best friends Dan and Phil be? I mean, they barely leave the house anyway... Final...
sugar // phan by weepyhowell
sugar // phan by julie !! Fanfiction
"i have an even better job for you," in which dan applies for a job at a local candy shop but ends but getting a better deal. sugardaddy!phil
Pregnant (Emilio Martinez) by MartinezTwinsFanFic
Pregnant (Emilio Martinez) by MartinezTwinsFanFic Fanfiction
Molly Dawson and Emilio Martinez make a great couple. That is, until she finds out she is pregnant with his BABY!😱🤰👶
Killer | Phan by phandabbydozi
Killer | Phan by >ㅇ< Fanfiction
Today I could have sworn he saw me... but he didn't do anything. Just simply shook his head like he was judging my life and then turned over in his bed. I'll go back tom...
KIK | Phan by minaxlol
KIK | Phan by meep Fanfiction
- Hey do you send nudes?