working girl »  tommy shelby. by johnshelby
working girl » tommy - D
❝six inch heels, she walked up in the club like nobody's business. goddamn, she murdered everybody and i was her witness.❞ Rosie is a prostitute, earning her money by us...
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  • fanfic
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midwife  » michael gray. by johnshelby
midwife » michael - D
after a night of violent pub fights, michael gray stumbles across a shivering midwife and offers her company after the delivery of a baby. started - 27.12.17
  • perioddrama
  • period
  • drama
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Period Face Claims by starksolo
Period Face Claimsby ;-;
face claims from medieval and other time periods • Started July 15, 2016
  • period
  • furturistic
  • gameofthrones
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Kaleidoscope Prison by StormyTheZebra
Kaleidoscope Prisonby Aria Brynn
Pay no attention to the girl in the back of the class, her dark brown hair hanging over her face as she sketches. Attempting to speak with her will only disappoint you...
  • emotional
  • shooting
  • change
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Period Tweets by Lampadariu
Period Tweetsby Andrea Salariu
《It's so fucking weird how girls can just tell when our periods start. Like the exact fucking moment. You're just sitting in bed or standing in line for groceries and yo...
  • period
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  • badblood
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Remember me || G.B.D by oldaccountsorryxo
Remember me || G.B.Dby oldaccountsorryxo
[Based on their real lives] Madison has been best friends with Ethan and Grayson since diapers. What happens when she leaves for a couple years and and comes back to a n...
  • dolansmut
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Road Trip With Mr. Annoying by ChellybeanLovesFood
Road Trip With Mr. Annoyingby Chellybean
I glared at Tony and held out my hand. "Give me my tampons" I hissed through gritted teeth. Tony smirked and held the package high above his head. "Come a...
  • annoying
  • ten
  • pads
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Period of Pretties, Petticoats and Power by breethebook
Period of Pretties, Petticoats Bree Summers
Alys Marquis isn't that bothered with being a lady, or having to marry, but rather more interested in learning and teaching. After the death of her mother, Alys is sent...
  • principle
  • magic
  • power
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Period Stories by jesusislife
Period Storiesby 👸🏾 Q U E E N 👸🏾
A book that consists of painful and cringeworthy period stories. Lol, enjoy! *Boys can read at their own risk.
  • aunt
  • period
  • pain
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Youtube Images by maddisongould12
Youtube Imagesby Maddie g
This is going to be short stories about Youtube in different situations You can suggest some and I will do them, it can be like you are there wife ,girlfriend ,close fr...
  • period
  • fancy
  • life
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Period stuff by ncsu2018
Period stuffby Tabitha Michelle
My tips, tricks, stories and advice on periods!
  • girly
  • blood
  • experence
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Period Stories by silly_pills_4ever
Period Storiesby Silly pills
Here are some period stories. And they are embarrassing.
  • stories
  • embarrassing
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22 things you should never say to a girl by fallingstar2002
22 things you should never say Verified Fangirl ☑️
"There are somethings that you can ask a girl- but these things are far from that category."
  • hate
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The Cruel Princess (A Sexy Non-Fairy Tale) by iliada
The Cruel Princess (A Sexy Iliada Troy
This is not a children's story. Mature readers only,please. ...
  • comedy
  • naughty
  • eroticromance
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Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader FanFiction) by Tayahashanti12
Back to the Past (Hamilton x Tayahashanti12
"Are you okay, miss? I never heard of this forty-second street or an apartment complex? We're in Virginia." He stated, crossing his arms. "Were you sent b...
  • lafayette
  • fan
  • herculesmulligan
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Sharing Corrie || ✓ by heyhannahj
Sharing Corrie || ✓by Hannah
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when longing is fulfilled, it is a tree of life." Corrie Walker never expected to have to abandon her English degree...
  • featured
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  • newadult
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The crush by Bethia06
The crushby Bethia06
School is confusing as it is......Now it's even harder when she comes to like someone.
  • exbff
  • thecrush
  • drama
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Love Endures A Thousand Autumns by Th1rtin
Love Endures A Thousand Autumnsby MhamielS
"Even when in peace, think of danger; choose honest and capable officials and heed their opinions. That's all I know as your wife and nothing else." -Empress W...
  • princess
  • leata
  • empire
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Freedom Fighters (Updates Weekly) by syllabuspearl
Freedom Fighters (Updates Weekly)by syllabuspearl
"We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it." Cuba. 1955. A time of darkness and strife. The dictator, Batis...
  • historical
  • fiction
  • romance
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Tourist in Youth by 2B-ornot-221B
Tourist in Youthby Myles Elio
A character-driven drama that focuses on the happenings of a boy as he is subjected to live his life years before his birth. Ever wondered what life would be like one hu...
  • drama
  • teenromance
  • period
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