The QB Bad Boy and Me | ✔️ by tayxwriter
The QB Bad Boy and Me | ✔️by Tay
Highest rank #1 in teen fiction. I attempt to step around him but he grips my wrist and pushes my back against the wall, holding me in place as his chest rises and fall...
  • team
  • school
  • party
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Perfect Illusion by claudiaoverhere
Perfect Illusionby ♛ Queen Claudia ♛
Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire's son. He's got the whole package: blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. killer lips. He's absolutely swoon-worthy. ...
  • boy
  • teen
  • lit
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Timothee Chalamet imagines  by AndreaMartinez4Life
Timothee Chalamet imagines by AndreaMartinez4Life
I love Timothee Chalamet so yea.
  • imagines
  • fanfic
  • actor
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How to be PERFECT II by Fighterprincess6100
How to be PERFECT IIby Prinz Mamua
A whole guide of beauty and health tips that may help you start a new lifestyle that will improve your attitude and life quality. Start and finish successful plans, set...
  • tricks
  • diets
  • health
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The Perfect Rejection by kutekittykat8265
The Perfect Rejectionby Blood Wolf
My eyes lock with his and for a moment, all I can feel is euphoria, then I remember who he is. He is Derek Thayne, the next Alpha of our pack. "Mate," I breat...
  • female
  • rogue
  • war
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Stolen by BillieJay3
Stolenby Billie Jay
My name is Jade. I was kidnapped and given as a gift. Like a pet. A gift meant to mend the bond between a father and son. But before his son knew I even existed, I was...
  • suicide
  • firstperson
  • perfect
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The Maze In Her Heart (Newt, Minho ::The Maze Runner.)  ✔ by MadNewtSkillz
The Maze In Her Heart (Newt, ♡ lily ♡
[Property of WICKED] [Test Group A] [Label: The Glue's Glue.] [Marie.] Twin sisters Marie and Minnie came up in a box to find themselves in the middle of a huge plot of...
  • glade
  • fangirl
  • perfect
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Hermione and Draco, a Forbidden Fantasy (Dramione) - Completed by BekkaChaos
Hermione and Draco, a Forbidden Rebekah
He was left broken, with no hope of ever putting himself together, until she entered his life. He never thought that life could be so rich and that she could make him fe...
  • friends
  • fanfic
  • truth
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I Dare You by taylorbryie
I Dare Youby ᴛᴀʏ
*this is not my work* it was easier for me to transfer this to wattpad than to read online. >> full credit to blacklightning1212 << ***ALSO there's a seque...
  • bechloe
  • pitch
  • beca
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Louder ~ Castiel X Reader || Supernatural by xx_mrbrightside_xx
Louder ~ Castiel X Reader || xx_mrbrightside_xx
Your life was based around Supernatural and Netflix, but what if it actually BECAME your life, and you fell in love with an Angel.
  • perfect
  • fanfiction
  • castielwinchester
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You're Perfect  (Daveed Diggs x reader) by SophieGladiator3434
You're Perfect (Daveed Diggs x Smol_Baguette
You, a humble YouTube/actress/comedian/choreographer, had the honor of making a musical with one of your best friends. And the man of your dreams just happens to be at t...
  • humor
  • music
  • romance
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perfect//finn wolfhard by justelamour
perfect//finn wolfhardby l i e b e r h o e
finn wolfwhore: your perfect y/n: you're** •finn wolfhard fanfic •texting/social media story •not edited •he is famous in this one (surprise bitches) •finn x y/n
  • jyatt
  • jaedenlieberher
  • wyattoleff
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Mission Jenzie 🌹 by adoringjenzie
Mission Jenzie 🌹by Jessica
(COMPLETED) It hurts when you want someone, but you can't have them. It hurts even more when you have had that someone and you lost them.
  • perfect
  • hannie
  • jannie
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It's Not Perfect by The_Queen_97
It's Not Perfectby Carebear!
Emma: shy, traumatized, and an ex-wild child. Duke: violent, abusive, and out for revenge. Ryder: sarcastic, sexy, and champion MMA fighter. Emma is determined to slide...
  • love
  • survival
  • danger
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The Perfect Lie by greenwriter
The Perfect Lieby Janelle Ruiz
One perfect lie to make her problem go away. One man to make it all happen. One crazy family to make it difficult. One group of crazier friends for backup in case she ne...
  • university
  • college
  • liam
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L i t t l e   C u l l e n  ↠  C,M,A by --Apollo--
L i t t l e C u l l e n ↠ C,M,Aby leeann
❝Promise, you'll never leave me. Please?❞
  • volturi
  • water
  • girl
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11 Days and 12 Nights by chillyswirl
11 Days and 12 Nightsby chillyswirl
  • trip
  • imperfect
  • love
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Legs Crossed by Auburn_Ivy
Legs Crossedby Rebbi
(GirlxGirl) Dylan Knights life was most defiantly uncomplicated…well at least to her. Except everything around her seemed to fall to the ground the day her heart takes a...
  • tears
  • sister
  • feel
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U.T.O.P.I.A. ✒️ by KrystalM
U.T.O.P.I.A. ✒️by Krystal Munroe
The system is called Utopia. The codes are never wrong. Everyone has a perfect match since they're born. Everyone will meet their match at the age of eighteen in Utopi...
  • self
  • teenfiction
  • perfect
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Out of all stars { BeChloe } by frxgilesky
Out of all stars { BeChloe }by •
•beca is in a relationship with jesse •based on pitch perfect 2 •this is the first fanfic I wrote, so forgive me if it sucks. •totally appreciate it if you guys comment...
  • sendrick
  • anna
  • fiction
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