Above Us Only Sky by kiwi747
Above Us Only Skyby KristyintheSky
1966 was a year of seismic changes for the Beatles. By the end of the year, the last single Beatle, Paul McCartney, was on the verge of saying "I do" to his Ca...
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The Nearest To My Heart -John Lennon Fan Fiction - Paul McCartney Fan Fiction - Beatles Fan Fiction by jonesingjay
The Nearest To My Heart -John jonesingjay
Interracial. During the Beatles Christmas show concert dates they strike up a friendship with their co-liners the Debutantes a up and coming black girl group from New Yo...
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Here, There and Everywhere by paulswife
Here, There and Everywhereby Madison Morell
January of '64 in London, England. Our setting is quite simple: girl meets boy, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, girls scared to tell boy her feelings, boys friend is an...
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All For Her {A Paul McCartney Fanfiction} by jordiemccartney
All For Her {A Paul McCartney jordiemccartney
"I'd like a cup of tea please. Two sugars." Paul stated, not taking his eyes off of the pretty lady standing before him. She giggled at his request. "Tea...
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Colorblind <> Paul McCartney by Meowstacheo
Colorblind <> Paul McCartneyby Gurg McCartney
&quot;You're in color.&quot; I stated breathlessly. I wished to know why this was happening. Why here, why now, why him. But my questions where left unanswered, and the...
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