The Beatlegirls by Grace_McLennon
The Beatlegirls by Grace Lennon McCartney Fanfiction
HISTORIA PUBLICADA DESDE EL 1 DE NOVIEMBRE DEL 2015 HASTA EL 4 DE SEPTIEMBRE DEL 2016. Está vez... las cosas son al revés ¡LITERALMENTE! Cynthia Powell, Jane Asher...
Clandestine | G.H by quietharrison
Clandestine | G.H by gold dust woman® Fanfiction
❝ When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to res...
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fa... by Miss O'Dell Fanfiction
In 1965, George meets a mysterious young woman outside of Abbey Road Studios. As he is drawn into a passionate and turbulent love affair with her, it becomes clear she i...
Yer Blues by Lilie79
Yer Blues by Joj Lover Fanfiction
George Harrison had always envisioned his soulmate being beautiful inside and out. He'd just never thought she'd be blue.
I've Just Seen a Face by UltimateMcCartneyFan
I've Just Seen a Face by UltimateMcCartneyFan Fanfiction
Lucy Ambrose was born and raised in Liverpool and is best friends with Paul McCartney and John Lennon. However, Lucy has to move to Ireland due to her mum's work. Lucy m...
The Beatles Wives Club by beatlesbelike
The Beatles Wives Club by Hiatus Historical Fiction
Dedicated to Cynthia Lennon, Maureen Starkey, Pattie Boyd, Linda McCartney, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Barbara Bach, Heather Mills, Nancy Shevell as well as Jane Asher...
Your Love Is Forever (PAUSADA) by Bulma_Brief7
Your Love Is Forever (PAUSADA) by Bulma_Brief7 Fanfiction
Pero a diferencia del verano que llegó y se fue Tu amor es para siempre. Lo puedo sentir y mi corazón sabe que lo compartimos juntos.
If I Needed Someone {ON HOLD} by BohemianBrunette
Beatles Chatroom by pizzabeatles
Beatles Chatroom by ella Random
Somehow the Beatles are put in a Chatroom online. These are how some conversations go... Credit to @cleanoldman
Young Love by leah9712
Young Love by leah9712 Fanfiction
Cynthia Powell has always been the perfect girl in class. When she changed from class, she finds some friends who will be true to her like her old friends weren't. But t...
women of classic rock // quietharrison by quietharrison
women of classic rock // quietharr... by gold dust woman® Random
dedicated to the beautiful, intriguing, exuberant women who've taken the hearts of our favorite musicians. // cover by @georgieharrisun