Book Ideas  by WriteAwayGirl01
Book Ideas by Aimee
A random book of randomness. It's late at night & I'm snuggled in the warm covers of my bed. My mind is busy swirling with thoughts. In the midst of trying to finish sc...
  • wcked
  • friendsandfamily
  • loyalty
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Wake Up by ChocolateChipSwirls
Wake Upby Anna
Melissa's parents had passed away in an unfortunate car accident when she was five years old. Innocence were crushed and any feelings of happiness were put aside so she...
  • love
  • depression
  • happiness
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Nurul Qalbi by sahbeerah
Nurul Qalbiby Asmau Aliyu
Please abbah..i dont want to do life would come to an end..mamah please..anty zulaihat please talk to abbah..i dont want to go..she broke down in tears
  • nigerianauthors
  • sacrifice
  • patience
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BOOK COVER 2! (Extreme!) by CailouCovers
BOOK COVER 2! (Extreme!)by :3
♧|Hello there fellow authors!|♧ First of all, I want to apologize due to my long hiatus. I know every single of you are disappoint with my poor behaviour. I have a reaso...
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The Waiting Room by Confodense
The Waiting Roomby Jena
Wait, just wait. This is the book to read while you are waiting for an update on one of your favorite books. Patience. Updates are pending... *This mainly dedicated to m...
  • humor
  • updates
  • comedy
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Midnight Chats With God by Faith_Pens
Midnight Chats With Godby Oluwaseyi Faith
Ever wondered why super heroes in movies aren't ordinary human? Why movie directors and script writers think no ordinary man can save us except with a supernatural help...
  • god
  • chats
  • patience
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Next To Your Promise by deylthe
Next To Your Promiseby Nevertheless ♡
A Love that have been found, but also changed and disappeared. 'TRUE LOVE WAITS'
  • firstlove
  • love
  • patience
Love can't be forgotten by chongo95me
Love can't be forgottenby Mwaba June
Do we forget the people we fell in love for or is it a decision to hide away?
  • friendship
  • love
  • patience
Past by firdauszs
Pastby firdauszs
Its not a story,its more of a poem
  • loveisfree
  • loveisblind
  • patience
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Hidden side!! by Ishu189
Hidden side!!by Nisha
All you need is to read.
  • struggle
  • support
  • courage
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AUTUMN FELT by spencermwambisi
AUTUMN FELTby Spencer.M.
where our hearts longed for,fought for but died for...
  • loveless
  • patience
  • love
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The Nurse's Notebook 2: The Case of the Sudden Sister by AaronMilligan1
The Nurse's Notebook 2: The Case Aaron Milligan
Mariska Rosewood has successfully solved her first case - and gotten some friends into the bargain! Now comes the next step: getting to know these new people, learning h...
  • fantasy
  • urbanfantasy
  • teenfiction
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Magkabilang Mundo by DamnYouBoss
Magkabilang Mundoby An An
  • hurt
  • fighting
  • ache
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A romance that never happened by FantasticGirl1400
A romance that never happenedby FantasticGirl1400
This is a reminder that not all love stories need to be within the relationship to be significant, and that those kind of loves can be just as hurtful as long-term relat...
  • deeplove
  • teen
  • memories
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° Worth of Eternity ° by ntyrqn
° Worth of Eternity °by . i y a h .
Kasinungalingan. Pagtataksil. Pagmamakaawa. Pagtitiis. at higit sa lahat, Pagmamahal. Hanggang saan mo kayang ipaglaban ang taong sobra mong minahal kung ang lahat ng na...
  • love
  • waiting
  • eternity
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The Stranger by mswriter2be
The Strangerby mswriter2be
A simple romantic poem addressed to the stranger whom she hasn't met yet... She advises him to treat her right so that she can be her truest self.
  • truelove
  • defense
  • heart
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A fact to know by Abhishek_Donikena
A fact to knowby Abhishek Donikena
''Nobody wants to know that you know more about something. They only want to know what they really want to know.''
  • interview
  • patience
  • controversial
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la forêt des livres by justesuzanne
la forêt des livresby Suzanne
Pourquoi vivre dans un monde où il n'y aurait pas d'arbres ? Pourquoi vivre dans un monde dans lequel tout le monde serait ignorant ? Voilà le débat qui rode dans la têt...
  • livre
  • beauté
  • lycée
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A Light in the Darkness by Kittykatplays
A Light in the Darknessby Heather Moyle
After going blind by a severe accident when she was young, Cecilia Duke would forever be ever haunted by the darkness that she would forever see. So, when encouraged by...
  • cecilia
  • music
  • light
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On The Horizon  by Taysha4912
On The Horizon by Nimeesha
They say you have to fall in love before you decide to marry someone. You have to fall in love before you decide to spend your whole life with them. But things were a...
  • love
  • husband
  • passion
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