Classmates by LoversHell
Classmatesby P A C H E C O
Every story has it's own endings... Highest Rank: 53 Story Started:November 1 2017 Story Ended:November 16 2017
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•Gasoline• (TomTord Eddsworld) by HelloAssholes124
•Gasoline• (TomTord Eddsworld)by FuckingCommie
(I DON'T OWN THE ARTWORK I USED FOR THE COVER! THIS IS ONLY THE SHIPPING OF THE CHARACTERS, NOT IN REAL LIFE!) Tord was devastated to rule the world until Tom shot him w...
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{Lovers Vacation} a TomTord story by Tord_The_Gay_Baby
{Lovers Vacation} a TomTord storyby FuckOff
Edd and the gay fuckers ((sorry)) go to Norway for vacation! They get to meet Tord's family and see the beautiful Norway and where he lives as a smol gay baby ((haha get...
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My Best Adventure Was You (TomTord) by SpoopyTree
My Best Adventure Was You (TomTord)by kreep
'You make sacrifices all the time and you put off things that you want to do and you put off adventures. You put it off because the best adventure is being together and...
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Please Stay... (A Pen Fanfic) by Spookay_TeamTDM
Please Stay... (A Pen Fanfic)by TayTDM
Jen is an 18 year old girl whose father abuses her and her brother Bob. One day they decide to run away, but soon Bob becomes a drug addict and starts abusing Jen. But t...
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~Eddsworld Imagines~ by Tates_is_an_emo
~Eddsworld Imagines~by Slushieboi
oh boi here I go again with an Eddsworld story that will fail
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ART/RANT BOOK by HelloAssholes124
ART/RANT BOOKby FuckingCommie
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Red Leader & His Pet by LittleNorskiTord
Red Leader & His Petby Tord
Red Leader has Tom as his pet.
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Henry Bowers Girlfriend  by bowersgang_
Henry Bowers Girlfriend by bowersgang_
A story of a young girl that has a unhealthy relationship with Henry ends up being a victim of mistreated and the unthinkable happens.
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- eddsworld imagines - by lovvelydreams
- eddsworld imagines -by lovv
I will also be making some one shots in here ^ ^
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New Beginnings (TomTord Comic)) by dontworryOppa
New Beginnings (TomTord Comic))by sin sin sin
idfk I spelled beginnings wrong fuck
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Different Worlds: A Popularmmos x Gamingwithjen fanfiction by bluefairywrites
Different Worlds: A Popularmmos BlueFairy
Pat, more commonly known as Furious Destroyer, is the son of the Lich King and is feared throughout dimensions. Jen is the princess of The Overworld, and known for her c...
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KNB Scenarios and One Shots by Altean-Queen
KNB Scenarios and One Shotsby Ennuyeuse
Kuroko no Basuke Scenarios and Oneshots. Oneshots: Character(s) x Reader Some scenarios include me in it, depending on what kind of scenario. Thank you. Disclaimer: Ku...
  • romance
  • murasakibaraatsushi
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Experiment Blue by kittykat12368
Experiment Blueby TomTord
A scientist named Tord kidnaps an innocent citizen named Tom and does experiments on him. A/N if this book is like any book you've read, i don't care and don't tell me b...
  • paul
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I Love You (A popularmmos and GamingWithJen fanfiction. Pat X Jen) by dogeshiba2468
I Love You (A popularmmos and Twilight, Summoner of Elements
Jen is a smart girl with family issues. Pat is an athletic boy who has the perfect life. As people say, opposites attract. One day, they fall in love. Both are afraid to...
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Pau/Tord by LittleNorskiTord
Pau/Tordby Tord
I was not going to post this until I was done with it but whatever. This is Pau/Tord.
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Hanahaki disease au tordedd fanfiction by SkylarNorski
Hanahaki disease au tordedd PastelPineapple
So its basically take place after the end(and during in flashbacks but who cares) and while edd looks through old memories and realizes that Tord will never love him, h...
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Behind the Screen~  a Garuku Bluemoon X reader  by zerodahewo
Behind the Screen~ a Garuku scared
In a chat room, you can say anything and get away with it. Gar may flirt a lot with you, but you only thought it was because you were the only girl in the group. When he...
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(forever childish) *TomTord* +Completed+ by shadowmere-0h
(forever childish) *TomTord* shadowmere123
characters that'll be in this- Pau Pat Tord Tom Edd Matt and some others, anyways it starts out with Pat and Pau, Pat has always wanted a child of his own and Pau sug...
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Coffee • Fanfiction by idkfeelss
Coffee • Fanfictionby .
Gar comes in with a crying baby in his arms, a bottle of milk, Dante the dog, and a sheepish grin on his face. Pat's world is flipped upside down.
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