His Unwanted Wife by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wife by sweetstuff1111
Sabrina Reed is Nathan Alden's unwanted wife. Excerpt** "I found her like this sir." Sabrina's eyes slowly open. She rubs them trying getting out the blur. &q...
  • husband
  • lovestory
  • series
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My Stupid Story With The CEO by lumierutsuki
My Stupid Story With The CEO by lumierutsuki
What happens when you end up working for the hottest man on the planet? Oh did I forget to mention he's a CEO!? (Disclaimer: If you are reading this on a site other than...
  • contract
  • dominating
  • gorgeous
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You're The Boss. by mrblueskies
You're The Boss. by Erica
"I want you to accept it, Gabriella. I want you to accept that it's me, not Jason, not anyone else, it has always been me." He sighed. "You think I haven'...
  • assistant
  • michael
  • passion
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The Deal by nenekue
The Deal by nenekue
SUE Being friends on social media for years, Sue does not know that Clivean, is a multinational billionaire and soon discovers that her family owes him thousands of mone...
  • billionaire
  • contract
  • familyproblems
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The Gang Leader ( Andy Biersack ) by Kissess4ucutie
The Gang Leader ( Andy Biersack ) by Kissess4ucutie
Where a dangerous gang leader falls for an innocent girl. •Fiction Awards 2016 finalist• *This is my story. All of this was my idea. Please do not steal my work, or any...
  • hate
  • black
  • gangs
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The Dancer And The Gangleader by RL0303
The Dancer And The Gangleader by Reynah Lopez
Highest Rank: #81~ Teen Fiction 1/10/18 Hayden Star is a well-known name around the world especially since she is a professional dancer and gangleader. She takes care of...
  • sisterlylove
  • bestfriends
  • challenge
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The Playboy's Girl by miaaamiamia
The Playboy's Girl by miaaamiamia
Chase Ashton Knight is the heir of Knight Corporation. He is a serious businessman as well as a famous playboy. He is a handsome, arrogant, stubborn, and intelligent man...
  • arrogant
  • player
  • billionaire
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Wish You Were Here || H.S. Harry Styles by RubySlippers_
Wish You Were Here || H.S. Harry S... by RubySlippers_
MATURE CONTENT - Olivia is private, introverted and loyal to a fault and when her world literally collides with Harry's, a successful, confident musician, everything cha...
  • smutty
  • friendship
  • harrystyles
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The Professor's Girl by HarleyLaroux
The Professor's Girl by Harley Laroux
|18+ MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY| In one night of drunken, post-breakup passion, Lizbeth manages to hookup with the dominant boy of her dreams. It was supposed to be a one nig...
  • teacherxstudent
  • professor
  • kink
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A baby for Dana  #wattys2016 by tamlaura1
A baby for Dana #wattys2016 by Heather Teston
Dana Jones wants a baby but not a husband or to have the father of the child in their lives, she will do what-ever it takes to have a baby. Jake Rayburn wants his inheri...
  • feathured
  • love
  • domineering
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The Lovely Stranger by miaaamiamia
The Lovely Stranger by miaaamiamia
Zacharias Petropoulos - The heir of Petropoulos Enterprises Holdings Inc. , half Greek and half Danish. Handsome and sexy as a Greek God. He could get what he wanted in...
  • badboy
  • heiress
  • arrogant
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Maitre by pxrfaite_cochonne
Maitre by I N C O N N U E
Enola, 17 ans actuellement sexlave de Mathéo 30 ans. Aucune pitié, violence sexe passion. " Enola : Tu ne me détruira pas ! Mathéo : C'est ce qu'on verra. " ...
  • porno
  • sexe
  • hard
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Discovering  Scarlett by xBiancaRose
Discovering Scarlett by Bianca
When Scarlett's high school sweetheart of four years kicks her to the curb, he turns her world upside down. He is also the heir of Anderson Corporations, her employer. H...
  • featured
  • mature
  • dangerous
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Passion et amour by tatyy26
Passion et amour by Tatyana
Kassy se sert de la boxe pour se défouler, s'échapper de tout le reste. Jérémy entraîne un groupe de boxeurs pour les compétitions, et il la remarque, elle, Kassy. ...
  • passion
  • boxe
  • amour
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Loving Ethan Steele by 1HaitianPrincess1
Loving Ethan Steele by 1HaitianPrincess1
A romantic affair was the last thing Ethan Steele was looking for when he attended a dinner party at a friend's house. He had broken up with his longtime girlfriend five...
  • mafia
  • jealousy
  • contemporary
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The King by kasa_m
The King by k-m
When the soon to be king Jeremiah Holt has to find his wife for the throne he is furious. He doesn't want to be married to get the kingdom. He still wants to date what e...
  • king
  • love
  • romance
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Moon Bound by alsey89
Moon Bound by Alsey Grayland
COMPLETED Follow to see the private chapters inside. ~ Once upon a time, there was a girl. Scarlet was raised to lead and protect. But he was something no man...
  • wild
  • different
  • moonseries
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I Broke Into The Alpha's House ✔ by Nadineat2
I Broke Into The Alpha's House ✔ by Nadine AT
She was running from her brother, into the woods then suddenly she found a big house and the lights were turned on. She didn't waste any second and opened the door to t...
  • abuse
  • love
  • luna
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Damien by the_rebellionxx
Damien by S.S
Damien Stryker, notorious for his cold hard personality is someone you don't want to get too close to. Unfortunately for Serena Mclane, she doesn't have much of a choice...
  • heat
  • cold
  • hurt
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His Bad Boy Ego | ✓ by apricitys
His Bad Boy Ego | ✓ by apricitys
Highest rank #36 in Teen Fiction. Written by @apricitys. _ _ _ "What is this?" He asked, not even bothering to look at the canvas in front of me. Instead, his...
  • teen
  • goodgirl
  • heartbreak
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