Gangleader? Oh No by Ja_Writer
Gangleader? Oh Noby Shieaannn
Bria is 17 years old, lives with her parents. She's an only child Everyone thinks her life is perfect but behind every smile is a scar. James is 20 years old, lives alon...
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Avengers Imagines Part 2 | The Request Book by shining_jewel
Avengers Imagines Part 2 | The On Hiatus 😩
It's a book to cater to the imaginations of all Avengers fans, where your requests end up as stories!! --- Note: it's unfinished because I took a break from Wattpad and...
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The General is a gamer.(Lucifer/urushiharaXreader)  by snowVantas69
The General is a gamer.(Lucifer/ Snow Vantas
I suck at summaries. Basically a cute story of you and your online best friend. Dont hate me.
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No One Else (Sequel to Only You) by doriwritesanything
No One Else (Sequel to Only You)by doriwritesanything
Did love exist without hate? sequel to only you; all characters belong to the marvelous j.k rowling :) i tried to be original with most of the ideas but connected back...
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Tord X Reader Part Two by ItsTotalyBlue
Tord X Reader Part Twoby Alyssa Sargent
Should probably go read my other, cringey, book... just sayin
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Yuriality by Meep911
Yurialityby Meep911
A couple of months have passed. Danny's finally a senior. He still has memories, but that's all they've been. She never came back. Or so it seems
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My Brother's Best Friend 2 by MyStories2121
My Brother's Best Friend 2by Alissa
Nick and Clara had their ups and down in the last story but a year later, Clara graduated high school and is now living with Nick. Everything is great until Clara finds...
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
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New Cullen *Complete* by FabianneMax
New Cullen *Complete*by Fabianne
Sapphire was attacked and turned into a vampire. Now she loves with the Cullen family. Everything goes wrong though when she start going back to school.
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Dauntless Dreams by sheo_fourtris_
Dauntless Dreamsby Becky
[Part two of Dauntless Devotions] Tris and Tobias lead a happy, normal Dauntless life- other than the fact that they're Divergent- with their tiny daughter, Tori. But th...
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Scrap #2 by --Prince
Scrap #2by .
Part two of admins shit
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Till Death Do Us Part (Reader X Bill Cipher) by AmourNicole
Till Death Do Us Part (Reader X ❤️Curious Kitty❤️
*Strong Language* Previously known as "Dicipher". "Let's make a deal." I said, my arm outstretched. He gave me a face of pure amusement. "Here'...
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My Ocs 3 by ThePunkGoddess
My Ocs 3by Wolfie
more of my characters
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Once more? : Cameron Dallas by _cupcakelarry
Once more? : Cameron Dallasby _cupcakelarry
Sequel to my brothers best friend and when I return!!!
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Halloween: Bring me back to you by FluffysLove
Halloween: Bring me back to youby FluffysLove
Second part to Halloween: a new patient, our Audrey only remembering fragments of what she was. With Carter DeWitt watching over her for 10 years. Occasionally having se...
  • myers
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Rình coi cách vách mãnh nam (thô tục thịt, song tính, sinh tử) by kamui_chan
Rình coi cách vách mãnh nam (thô kamui_chan
Rình coi cách vách mãnh nam (thô tục thịt, song tính, sinh tử) Tác giả: Đại Anh Đào Nguyên sang nam nam hiện đại cao H chính kịch ̣ tinh tế thụ la mạn Này tác phẩm li...
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Bound To Him by _xo_kaur_xo
Bound To Himby Simran Kaur
'My heart raced with anxiety and I gasped for air as his lips returned to mine. The light above me began flashing without pattern until it too died out. I couldn't see a...
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Coffee, Crime, and Her~Spencer Reid Story by advancedmathematics
Coffee, Crime, and Her~Spencer AK
Fan fiction. Criminal Minds. Spencer thought he knew everything--and probably did--before meeting Audrey Borders. While working on an intense case, he can't stop thinkin...
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Maybe not so much of a bully by Cashewapples
Maybe not so much of a bullyby Cashewapples
Part 2 of my bully Grayson Dolan
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My brothers' best friend part 3 by MyStories2121
My brothers' best friend part 3by Alissa
It's been a while since Nick died and now Clara is on her own taking care of their daughter Nicki with the help with her parents and her brother. It's been two years and...
  • drama
  • clara
  • military
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