Across the Misty road (love in the moonlight season 2) by beenu_yehara
Across the Misty road (love in the... by beenu Fanfiction
Prince Lee Yong fell in love with a eunuch who served him without knowing what is happening to him. But before anything goes more further he got to know that he was a sh...
화랑 - a tale of curiosity [ON HOLD] by simply0nay
화랑 - a tale of curiosity [ON HOLD] by ❝네오미❞ Fanfiction
this book is temporarily ON HOLD until i can get back into the flow of things. my sincerest apologies to all my faithful readers. if you have any concerns or doubts, do...
Crimson Legend || Hwarang by akia_huneey
Crimson Legend || Hwarang by A i k a Fanfiction
"I am in love with the Faceless King. There was not a day nor night when I wasn't thinking of him." -------- "Don't go near her, don't look at her, do...
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sunwoo) by dawinabieber
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sun... by shamine Fanfiction
"Why haven't you kill me yet?" "Why haven't you reveal my identity to the rest?" - Jidwi "Because for now the people still needs their king. I...
Jealous Till Jade: A Hwarang Fanfic by armydiadem
Jealous Till Jade: A Hwarang Fanfic by armydiadem Fanfiction
Two years since the establishment of King Jinheung's reign, the young king orders the rejuvenation of the "wonhwa" ("original flowers") system as a m...
Hwarang Princess by silverdropck
Hwarang Princess by 唐元静 Fanfiction
Princess of Hwarang, but the princess of two kingdoms..... Will you stop the havoc between the Baekje and Silla, or is it all to late?
Engage •PARKHYUNGSIK/OC• by lrnomr
Engage •PARKHYUNGSIK/OC• by jooyyy Fanfiction
•FANFICTION•PARKHYUNGSIK• it was there first meeting; "can you stop taking pictures?" "huh?,why would I?" then there unexpected second meeting; "...
It's Finally Over...For Now (Wanna One Fanfic w/ Some Kdrama Actors & Actresses) by MJ-Wolf
It's Finally Over...For Now (Wanna... by MJ-Wolf Fanfiction
A Wanna One Fanfic along with some kdrama actors & actresses. Also, Wanna One's age will be different than usual. This is my actual first fanfic of doing one group inste...
Come To Me | A Park Hyungsik Fanfiction by blu_blu_skye
Come To Me | A Park Hyungsik Fanfi... by blu_blu_skye Fanfiction
Hyeyeon and Hyungsik squabbled their way into becoming the best of friends. Having grown up in the same neighborhood, there was nothing that they did not know about each...
Strong Woman Do bong soon - A sequel by K-lover_ANI
Strong Woman Do bong soon - A sequ... by Abby Fanfiction
♦ This is a sequel to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Since we couldn't get enough of Ahn min hyuk and Do bong soon in just 16 episodes, I will be writing just a few more rom...
Hwarang: Hard Decision  by XxJeonKookiexX
Hwarang: Hard Decision by XxJeonKookiexX Fanfiction
Book 2 Being love by four beautiful men is not easy. It's full of pain and heartbreaks and impossible decision. One of the hardest decision you'll ever face in life is c...
The Casanova Girl's Love #Wattys2017 by ceyxxcjv
The Casanova Girl's Love #Wattys20... by Villaxx Teen Fiction
Don't you dare fall in love with me. It's a trap. I don't believe in love. 😏 -Izea THE CASANOVA GIRL'S LOVE Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved English-Tagalog 😊
The Time Traveller : A Hwarang Fanfiction by sookie_desu02
The Time Traveller : A Hwarang Fan... by saloni virkar Fanfiction
You are a 21st century 17 year oldgirl who lives a normal life. But your life changes when you find yourself in the capital of silla. Things turn out worse when you see...
Lovely Lovers by labasky
Lovely Lovers by dorky Fanfiction
Beak jang mi and park hyung sik are lovers just that jang mi is very rich while hyung sik is poor. Jang mi got impregnated by hyung sik which result into her being disow...
Wrong Number by kkaepsoongg
Wrong Number by Sooyoung Fanfiction
- Hello Who is this - - it's me Hyungsik I don't know anyone Hyungsik? - - oh sorry wrong number ...
Deranged Hearts by ChellJeon
Deranged Hearts by Reibbys Mystery / Thriller
Jeud Cody Zweign. He's the definition of a lunatic And he can surely make you more crazy than him. He was known as a cold heartless lunatic who loves spiders pero sa kab...
Let's Be Honest Heather by OneOfTheGuys17
Let's Be Honest Heather by Alexandria Teen Fiction
R-13 Taglish Heather Salvo, the daughter of the Leyte governor, transfers back to St. Magnus Academy. Yvan Diaz, Heather's ex-crush, assumes she came back for him due to...
Can't Help Falling In Love by maekeeml
The Confession of Park Hyung Sik by skjnkm
The Confession of Park Hyung Sik by seokjin's wife 👅 Short Story
"I want to experience the kind of love wherein when you look at that person, you can only see her and no one else."
Wanted by wthjeilx
Wanted by jeilx.lmao Romance
"You're just like everyone else, you only want me for my powers." I said as tears started to stream down my face. "I want you, because it's y...