Shatter Pieces by Aubreydemoux
Shatter Pieces by Dawnosaur
"You are nothing, just a worthless piece of garbage!" He yelled as he hit me. I stayed silent as he hit me over and over again. There was no use in trying to g...
  • anxiety
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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super fucking angsty tree bros by johnlocked_in
super fucking angsty tree bros by trash boy
so so far connor turns up at evan's house at two in the morning. we'll see how it goes. spoiler, it escalates. vent fic, so there's probably gonna be some graphic sel...
  • panicattacks
  • selfharm
  • dankhumor
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DarkWeb by TaliaVines
DarkWeb by Talia Vines
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} {Highest Rank #1 Mystery/Thriller} When the FBI approaches 22 year old Wren Bower to work as an informant, she knows she'll take the job no matt...
  • fbi
  • completed
  • technothriller
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The Bow Brothers by Charlotte21102015
The Bow Brothers by Charlotte21102015
My heart physically hurt "I don't know what you want from me" I whimpered and took another step back but he closed the space "I want you to understand t...
  • gắng
  • bullied
  • bowandarrow
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Devil's Lake by light-in-darkness
Devil's Lake by Angela Merlo
THERE'S FREEDOM IN MIND CONTROL || Highest rank - #3 in Paranormal || Alison Halse is eighteen, fresh out of high school, and terribly depressed. It's been seven years...
  • demons
  • mentalillness
  • depression
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The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto Fan Fiction) by Insomniac_Lullabies
The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto... by Insomniac_Lullabies
Cashile Kuroki has discovered the Frailty of Genius, the shortcomings of prodigious talent, the weakness that comes with strength. Standing alone she fell, with no one t...
  • kakashi
  • shippuden
  • humanity
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From non-believers to believers by Bookwriter2121
From non-believers to believers by Aurora_Writer_Reader
A powerful story that will make you believe and hope for love "You were my miracle," she whispers, my tears like salt to her skin. Exactly during that moment s...
  • romance
  • theicecreamawards
  • love
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Suicide Hotline by nicolewongmy
Suicide Hotline by NICOLE WONG M.Y ☺
"Hello, here's Suicide Hotline. How can I help you?" "..." "Hello? Are you there? Are you okay? Hello? P-please tell me yo-" He's worrying...
  • love
  • phone
  • panicattack
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Collide (A Sanders Sides FanFiction) by waterviking4
Collide (A Sanders Sides FanFictio... by Helie Bloom
Anxiety usually would have a panic attack, he's anxiety for crying out loud! Usually Roman would support him and help him through it, but can he help his friend when thi...
  • thomas
  • anxiety
  • morality
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Into Deep ⭐ by AgnajitaChakraborty
Into Deep ⭐ by Agnajita Chakraborty
{<Cover by me>} Immature arrogant badass bitch! That's what people think of her. Amber Colton a normal teenager with lots of problems. She was an introvert. But un...
  • somuchmore
  • barbarapalvin
  • camerondallas
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Not Afraid - Negan X Reader by FalloutWolfe
Not Afraid - Negan X Reader by Dante
She was down on her knee's, the gravel below her biting into them. The pain in her ankle was almost unbearable. She jumped as a man beat on the RV door, and looked up as...
  • maggiegreene
  • thewalkingdead
  • youngerolderrelationship
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You're Driving Me Mental - Phan by dil-finds-phan
You're Driving Me Mental - Phan by Quest For Narnia
Phil is the new patient at an adolescent mental health unit. A young Dan is told to keep an eye on him but apparently, not caring causing things to go down hill. Will P...
  • phần
  • danhowell
  • fanfiction
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Bat Brothers (one shots, shorts, YJ) by CourtNicxYJ_Robin
Bat Brothers (one shots, shorts, Y... by Courtney
One shots and shorts that are surrounded around the bat bros: Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. Mature content. JayDick, JayTim, JayRoy, TimKon, BirdFlash, Damian a...
  • selfharm
  • dickgrayson
  • kidflash
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Trust, Heal and Love by booklovertash
Trust, Heal and Love by booklovertash
Young mother Clare has been on the run for a year. Living in fear, she's continuously on the move; determined to keep herself and young daughter safe. Escaping her old p...
  • child
  • heal
  • ptsd
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Wishes Do Come True  (Severitus/Sevitus) by otaku6337
Wishes Do Come True (Severitus/Se... by Otaku6337
The Wish Magics gave him a girl's body and Severus Snape: Meet Arianna Katherine Snape. Daughter of Severus Snape since a week and a half into the Summer Holidays, origi...
  • fluff
  • harrypotter
  • femharry
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Partnered Up. ✔︎ by nisag27
Partnered Up. ✔︎ by Nisa ✍︎
☕︎Two people. Two different worlds. Two problems☕︎ "And, your stupid, ignorant, a- and, a butthole!" I yell back, with a stutter hidden in my voice. Who does h...
  • familyproblems
  • stuttering
  • akwardmoments
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Virgil Suffering  by angsty_female_teen
Virgil Suffering by
Anxiety is anxiety and therefore in constant suffering. What happens when the others realise how deep this suffering can get?
  • panicattack
  • sanders
  • angst
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Devil's Doorway by light-in-darkness
Devil's Doorway by Angela Merlo
THERE'S FREEDOM IN MIND CONTROL || Alison Halse never thought a suicide attempt would lead her into the arms of a man who can compel the human mind. As frightening as mi...
  • innerdemons
  • heartbreak
  • anxietyattacks
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Boss!2p!America x Reader-Surprise! by Dina-soar
Boss!2p!America x Reader-Surprise! by Mexico
Finally, your old boss is retiring and the office decides to give him a farewell party. In your opinion, it's a celebration. He was a pain! And on your drunken night, yo...
  • america
  • xreader
  • aph
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Aniexty by nessamelissa1
Aniexty by nessamelissa1
Overthinking kills your happiness. All this happened to me,and is still happening. I have anxiety,do I? Sometimes I don't know.
  • anxietydisorder
  • socialanxiety
  • sad
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