Another Slap || Jeon Jungkook by 1TheKawaiI
Another Slap || Jeon Jungkookby The Kawaiiツ
"ouch!" I bumped into someone and feel on my butt which really hurted. "I'm so sorry" the male's voice sounded familiar but I ignored it. "It's...
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Momenti nostri (parte 2) by Silu13
Momenti nostri (parte 2)by Silu13
Claudio, Mario, Silvia, Vittorio. Le avventure di una famiglia, scene di una vita quotidiana fatta di semplici ma significativi MOMENTI LORO
  • figli
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My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heartby Sky
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
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We Bare Bears Boyfriend Scenarios by unlovedduck
We Bare Bears Boyfriend Scenariosby UnlovedDuck
Hello! Join your favourite bears on an adventure of your relationship. What will happen? What will they say? Find out in this fanfiction! Enjoy!!
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PANDA🐼 by Amyambrose
PANDA🐼by Amy Jauregui
Soy un panda solo entra y ya :3 Imagenes (no soy yo la de las imagenes) y frases o lo que se me ocurra
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The Bad Boy's First Lady by xXArachnidXx
The Bad Boy's First Ladyby Reen
Chancer Alvarez is your modern Greek God; famous for his undeniably good looks and of course his bad boy attitude that has everyone, men and women, swooning at him. He m...
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Book of art #1 by HunterTheWolf28
Book of art #1by stop with the cute comments
Oh hello this book has art requests are open
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Untraceable (Harry Potter) by abominablesnowflake
Untraceable (Harry Potter)by Tahl
Sapphire Dawn Malfoy was the twin sister of a certain Draco. But she leads a very different life. Blonde, arrogant Draco is a Slytherin king; Dark haired, crazy Sapphire...
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We Bare Bears {Oneshots} OPEN by sipjoss
We Bare Bears {Oneshots} OPENby joss
This is a X reader. unless you want a bear x bear :)
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Fic nhỏ của Busan gửi qua Đài Bắc by sunBUSANrainDAIBAC
Fic nhỏ của Busan gửi qua Đài Bắcby Nắng nơi Busan cầm ô che mưa...
Blog được tạo bởi Sữa aka thích nhả fic, cụ thể là blog này nè :v "Có một cậu bé tham gia P101, cũng có một cậu bé nữa...
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We Bare Bears X Reader by SqueezyBee
We Bare Bears X Readerby When you realize you're BTS t...
Update: 22K! Thank you guys for reading! :D This is an X Reader book for the show: We Bare Bears. I am soon going to start taking suggestions, so start thinking! ;) Al...
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Sweet Berries {Tokyo Mew Mew} by EvaSykesFiction
Sweet Berries {Tokyo Mew Mew}by Eva Sykes
A sixth Mew joins the team of Tokyo Mew Mew. Kisshu see's this as a whole other game to play. Hearts change, loyalties are questioned and kisses are stolen quite frequen...
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🐼🐻Hopeless Romantic (A Grizz x Panda) by jayemerald
🐼🐻Hopeless Romantic (A Grizz x JayEmerald
Panda never had much luck with women and dating sites. Maybe he should try someone who has been right in front of him, the Grizzly who was always there...
  • panda
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Being Tao's Younger Sisters by M3lodyz300
Being Tao's Younger Sistersby M3lodyz300
Zhou Sandy and Mandy are Chinese twin sisters. The two were always alone. They were adopted when they were 11 years old and now they are 13 years old. They have an older...
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My Assassin Fox (Kung Fu Panda fanfic - Tigress x OC) by Grace_ShadowWolf
My Assassin Fox (Kung Fu Panda I'm—so—FABULOUS
Long after Takano was rejected by Tigress, he became China's greatest assassin. As an assassin, they are known to be sneaky troublemakers. But him, he was loyal, but not...
  • assassin
  • tigress
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Not so cold. (Ice Bear X Panda fanfiction) by Gaiatiful
Not so cold. (Ice Bear X Panda Gaia
When Panda made a profile on a new dating site, he only expected a new partner, not his brother's feelings and sadness. A romantic fanfiction featuring the We Bare Bear...
  • icebear
  • romance
  • pandaxicebear
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We Bare Bears x Male Reader by vocataku20
We Bare Bears x Male Readerby Vocataku20
This book is inspired by CodaAbunny's book, also this book will have fluff and limes/lemons if you guys want, they will be in their human forms. Well by for now (・ω・)ノ
  • icebear
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Vội vã [Daniel - Guan Lin] by sunBUSANrainDAIBAC
Vội vã [Daniel - Guan Lin]by Nắng nơi Busan cầm ô che mưa...
Từng mẩu short-fic buồn nhẹ nhàng.
  • kangdaniel
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  • laikuanlin
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Grizz's Girlfriend by pandasgirls8 by pandasgirls8
Grizz's Girlfriend by pandasgirls8by pandasgirls8
Grizz is head over heels with a girl he meets on match
  • ice
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  • shelley
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❀ Dream City of Paris ❀ Adrn.Agrst by choi_jaejeugin
❀ Dream City of Paris ❀ Adrn.Agrstby sᴀᴇɢᴜʟʟ
[ ON HOLD || ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ major ʀᴇvɪsɪᴏɴ ] A girl named (y/n) (l/n) dreamed so many things, she thought that everything around her revolves only in one purpose. Until the day h...
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