All Started With A Dare by infinitely_finite
All Started With A Dare by rhea Humor
"You'll do anything will you?" Keeley smirks, a mischievous glint lighting up her brown eyes. "I dare you, Jade Elsie Brooke, to break into Trystan Woods...
precious ⇢ j.b by bluntmccann
precious ⇢ j.b by nat Fanfiction
❝We all have secrets and sometimes secrets are better left off unsaid.❞ Copyright © 2017, bluntmccann
baby daddy. by libellulles
baby daddy. by sophy🥀 Fanfiction
The 23 year old Lauren Hastings is the CEO of Hastings Hotels. She could have anything she wanted but there was one thing money can't buy. Love. Lauren wanted a mini her...
Greater H.S by ChloeStyles03
Greater H.S by -1994- Fanfiction
{Sequel to Better} Harry, Olivia and Bella are finally happy. With a baby on the way and a wedding to plan, they feel as if their lives are back on track but when a myst...
Yes I Do by XxgothicgirlxX
Yes I Do by Mere Teen Fiction
"Like what you see, babe?" he smirked at me. "How about you, like what you see?" I replied to him while raising my eyebrow. "Yeah I like what I...
Campamento de idiotas. #CDV2 by HeyAngelGirl
Campamento de idiotas. #CDV2 by two years Teen Fiction
¿Se acuerdan de Campamento De Verano? El año pasado llego un grupo de chicos allí, un pequeño grupo no más de cinco personas, pues este año vuelven, pero no solo el pequ...
Treacherous by dropstodream
Treacherous by summer Werewolf
❝We were born to love, but fated to hate. ❞ The Vigorous Moonlight Pack and the Tumultuous Moon Wolf Pack have been enemies since the beginning of time. They have battle...
I'll be your Romeo,You'll be my Juliet (A Jason McCann Love Story) by JBieber69
I'll be your Romeo,You'll be my Ju... by J. Fanfiction
Lilliana Davis (14) is all lonely in life.Her parents died in an accident.Her brother left when he got married later after the incident and she knows nothing about him n...
Little Black Dress by JessieImpulsive
Little Black Dress by Jessie ChickLit
Enter little Elizabeth Jones, she isn't the popular type of girl and people always judged her by the looks on how she wore her clothes. "Cow Ugly Scumbag Slut Pig...
Really? They together? ✔ by Anet_Bieber
Really? They together? ✔ by JBisKING Fanfiction
Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin story: 2015 Anet_Bieber
Take Care;  jb (Completed) by -Kitteen-
Take Care; jb (Completed) by Bree'✅ Fanfiction
(Previous Description got deleted) Melody (19) falls in love with famous popstar, Justin Bieber (25). They met at one of Justin's meet and greets in the year of 2015. Cu...
Runaway bride  by DrunkenHabits
Runaway bride by Vanessa Teen Fiction
I thought he loved me but I was wrong. After finding him kissing her at the restaurant he proposed to me had made me realized I will forever always just be his best frie...
The shadow of innocence {On hold} by CaKe__Eater
The shadow of innocence {On hold} by Ana-BANANA Random
Ever thought of a lion falling in love with a Deer? foolish right? it's supposed to be It's prey well now think about this , the America's Most Wanted falling in lo...
Best JB Fanfics🌹 by Kanikabiebz
Best JB Fanfics🌹 by MrsMcCann🌹🔫 Random
Need help for finding a good Justin Bieber fanfic? Then you're in correct place. I gotchu fam!!! ONLY ACCORDING TO ME, there are some good JB fanfics.They all are amazin...
Un Vuelo de Amor by marystarw
Un Vuelo de Amor by marystarw Teen Fiction
Un viaje cambio la vida de ambos. De enemigos a amigos. ¿Será que puedan ser algo más?
Bought Wife|| J.B by PewPewBitch
Bought Wife|| J.B by PewPewBitch Fanfiction
On: Wiesz gdzie chcę cię pocałować? Ona: W usta? On: Nie. Ona: W policzek? On: Nie. Ona: W szyję? On: Nie. Ona: No więc gdzie? On: W...
Pretentious Lover by GotxAxSecret
Pretentious Lover by Jessica Schreave Romance
When you seek for vengeance before love, never expect a happy ending. All Rights Reserved 2017 Jessica Schreave GotxAxSecret)
Serenity [Book 1] by gryffinclawprincess
Serenity [Book 1] by Claire G Teen Fiction
A Francisco Lachowski and Barbara Palvin Fanfiction
More Than You Could Imagine | Isaac Lahey Fanfiction by kaliforniagirlsx
More Than You Could Imagine | Isaa... by kaliforniagirlsx Fanfiction
She's back. She's back to Beacon Hills. Everybody thinks she's just a normal teenager, they think that she's the weakest in this supernatural world. They think she's use...
Cambie solo por ella by blindun
Cambie solo por ella by abril Romance
''Seré un mejor hombre, solo por ella.'' Portada: skyiscrying