Host Club Mother by SilhouetteofaBreeze
Host Club Mother by Yuna Fanfiction
Kyoya was the mother of the Host Club until Haruhi's sister Rika returned from a trip abroad. With teaching requirements from her school in America, Rika begins a semest...
The Shy Type (OHSHC Reverse Harem story) #Wattys2017 by Addicted_To_Anime1
The Shy Type (OHSHC Reverse Harem... by Victoria Alexis Fanfiction
Lizbeth Fujioka is Haruhi's twin sister and the newest edition to the host club. She's cute, shy, and happy, not exactly like Haruhi. She doesn't look like Haruhi either...
Mori x Reader by D33bird
Mori x Reader by D33bird Fanfiction
You and Haruhi are best friends. Starting a new school together is great, but when you both enter the host club, What will happen? Will love blossom? Will the Host's fin...
The Ignored Brother (OHSHC) by AndiPunk
The Ignored Brother (OHSHC) by AndiPunk Fanfiction
Listen, I was never the one that was noticed. Or the favorite. That was my sister, Haruhi. I wasn't the one who was automatically enrolled in Ouran, it took me a year to...
Wrong number (ohshc) by beccaff
Wrong number (ohshc) by Beccaa Fanfiction
What happens to Aika when a wrong number changes everything for her? *cover art belongs to artist I did not draw it. I do not own Ouran High School Host Club or any...
OHSHC Boyfriend Scenarios by _AnimeObssessor_
OHSHC Boyfriend Scenarios by Ari Nikos Fanfiction
Scenarios for the Ouran boys! The Characters I will be doing are - Tamaki - Kyoya - Hikaru - Kaoru - Nekozawa (( I apologize for Honey and Mori fans... I feel awkward...
Nodoka and The Inevitable | ohshc by daddylonglevs
Nodoka and The Inevitable | ohshc by 🌹 Fanfiction
Whereas reclusive Nodoka Kitagawa learns what it's like to socialize, all thanks to Kyouya Ootori's tenacity... and because it's inevitable. ➸ Recently entitled: "W...
See You Smile (OHSHC) by YellowMelow
See You Smile (OHSHC) by Lexie Fanfiction
Makoto Fujioka only wanted a regular life. That's all she wanted. But, unfortunately, we all can't get what we want. After returning to Japan after ten years, she reuni...
Behind the Door ➳OHSHC [#Wattys2015] by AsiyaHiya
Behind the Door ➳OHSHC [#Wattys201... by Asiya ☾Hiya☽ Kageyama Fanfiction
❝ One, looks that attract the public eye. Two, undaunted wealth. Three, the chivalry that cannot overlook the hideous wickedness of the world. We, the Ouran Host Club, w...
Jezebel's Story (Ouran High School Host Club) COMPLETE *Under Edit* by oddgirl97
Jezebel's Story (Ouran High School... by oddgirl97 Fanfiction
Jezebel a sweet and shy girl who didn't like change, and youngest triplet of the Hitachiin's. She was the girly girl of the family and always looked up to her older brot...
Master's A Pervert! by _Sinoflust_
Master's A Pervert! by Bitch-Senpai Fanfiction
its only a lemon that im making its only gonna be a few chapters...
Mori X Reader ouran OHSHC Takashi by kate_inspired
Mori X Reader ouran OHSHC Takashi by Kate_inspired Fanfiction
"Give it your best shot." Slow updating and unedited (F/n) is the new girl. The one that's different. Pulls back and away yet still fights. At times bold and...
Larger Than Life ({ OHSHC }) ({ Boy x Boy }) by ElectricBlueDualist
Larger Than Life ({ OHSHC }) ({ Bo... by EBD Fanfiction
He had a simple life, a caring girlfriend and a decent school life. But that all changes when his widowed mother meets a rich Japanese bachelor, who just so happens to b...
The Kind Type ( OHSHC) Mina by potatowhip
The Kind Type ( OHSHC) Mina by PotatoStories Fanfiction
Mina Fujioka is the older sister of Haruhi. She had been gone the past year in America on a temporary passport for an Athletic Running program. When sent back home Mina...
The Scars Unseen (OHSHC) by klypso01
The Scars Unseen (OHSHC) by klypso01 Fanfiction
Risa Soretzu has always been in the shadows, passed over at school and abused at home, she struggles to simply keep breathing at times. Ever since her mother and brothe...
The Hitachiin Triplets (honey x reader) by IGotJiminsJams143
The Hitachiin Triplets (honey x re... by IGotJiminsJams143 Fanfiction
do not hate my very first fanfic and do not copy many grammatical errors
Obsession-  Yandere! Various x reader one-shots by Goldenkokoro
Obsession- Yandere! Various x rea... by Goldenkokoro Fanfiction
There's that one person who loves you and killed all for you, who is it?
Life After Death (A OHSHC fanfic)  by toxic_nightshadow
Life After Death (A OHSHC fanfic) by Icchan Fanfiction
(Guys gentle note. This is a sequel. There is another book before this one. Its called hidden chains. Please read that book first before reading this one. Thanks!) What...
Twins?!- The Hostess with The Mostest (Completed) by maybe210
Twins?!- The Hostess with The Most... by Maybe...Definitely! Fanfiction
:•After some time away Haruhi's twin sister returns to Japan to attend Ouran High School but not without her own past. She soon becomes a new addition to the clubs fami...
The Shadow King's Princess (An OHSHC Fanfic) [Completed] by UnchainedHeart
The Shadow King's Princess (An OHS... by Kat Fanfiction
Zaira Bello hasn't been to Japan for more than a week at a time in five years. Upon facing her parents death, though, a friend and business partner of her mother's offer...