TomTord images/comics by aestheticrat_
TomTord images/comicsby •Rat•
I'm sad,depressed, and TomTord obsessed. ALL OF THESE IMAGES/COMICS ARE NOT MINE CREDIT GOES TO THE CREATORS WARNING: There are going to be some NSFW in this book! ☄Best...
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Instagram// Jerrie au by sparklemix
Instagram// Jerrie auby Roro ✨
@jadethirlwall: hey, we should hang out someday @perrieedwards: mmmh sorry, you're not my type lol In which Jade follows Perrie and tries to get her at any cost. {Copyr...
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Fierrochase Stuff by sunshineandcryin
Fierrochase Stuffby motherfucking apple pastries
Basically a (near) bottomless pit of fierrochase · dank memes, fluff and headcanons · Highest Rank: #367 in fanfiction
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Raindrops (Lams Oneshots)  by SmolJohnL
Raindrops (Lams Oneshots) by SmolJohnL
Lams Oneshots! I take requests!
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Kik love - Klance by The_Mom_Friend
Kik love - Klanceby ★KLANCE☆
Kik Klance story au (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) ~It's kinky as fuck~ LanceyTheTailor: Heyyyy!~ Red: Who the fuck are you? LanceyTheTailor: Awh don't be so mean Red!~ Red: You sound like an...
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Spoiled Brat | Taekook by baektanned
Spoiled Brat | Taekookby john
Taehyung is a spoiled brat. He gets whatever he wants, including that hot raven haired boy named Jeon Jungkook. Taekook Fanfiction. English.
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Waking Up In Green Sheets - Dramione [COMPLETE] by AphroditeofSlytherin
Waking Up In Green Sheets - Dramio...by AphroditeofSlytherin
Hermione is married to Ron, an alcoholic and an abuser. Every day, her love for him is questioned. Until, fate takes it's turn, and she wakes up in green sheets.
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Afterdeath One-Shots! (Aftertale Sans x Reapertale Sans) by -unPure_Trash-
Afterdeath One-Shots! (Aftertale S...by Nothing But Trash
Are you thirsty for some Afterdeath? (or some gay skeles) Well you have come to the right place! 'Cause I am too ;3; ...I blame the internet !! All art belongs t...
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until our love gives out || ziam au by asseaterliam
until our love gives out || ziam auby Honey
Liam learns to hate Zayn for breaking his heart, but he will love him until it gives out. Or The one where Zayn breaks Liam his heart in the worst way possible out of lu...
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Prinxiety one shots. Anxiety x prince by whatislife420
Prinxiety one shots. Anxiety x pri...by whatislife420
Just a bunch of prinxiety one shots. Two of Thomas's Sander Sides
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Dramione:  WANTED by kitcatkandy
Dramione: WANTEDby Nightshade
Hermione Granger, Gryffindor's Good Girl, Head Girl, Cleverest Witch of her Age, Nice to even the lowest of the low, Charity starter, Best Friend, Savior of the World, B...
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TomTord Oneshots by MadisonCianciarulo
TomTord Oneshotsby Just call me Dark
(Mostly TordTom, to be honest, since Tord is mostly the top in these) Heyo everyone. I was bored and have to wait to make another story, so I thought 'you know what? I'm...
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Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate AU by SweetForgiving
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate...by SweetForgiving
Imagine a world where every mark on your skin is put on your soulmates skin as well. Cool right? Phil thinks so, but Dan thinks it could be farther from the truth. Cove...
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Dance With Me (Norminah) by 7272k12
Dance With Me (Norminah)by 7272k12
An uptight Normani is partnered with the carefree Dinah Jane for their dance showcase. Will they be able to work together and put on a magical performance, or will their...
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Tomtord pics by iminmars
Tomtord picsby PONIES
everybody will love me now XD °these pictures are not mine these belong to their rightful owners°
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Drarry texts  by drxrryship
Drarry texts by Drarry
(Text AU) Drarry texts Just imagine if they had iPhones at Hogwarts..... ok good now this is exactly what im writing about, this is a drarry (dracoxharry) fic so Yup jus...
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Twice One Shots/Imagines (Member x Reader) + OTPs {ON HIATUS} by Rorll_Sorii
Twice One Shots/Imagines (Member x...by TWICE OWOW ❤️
트와이스 Member x Reader Member x Member Highest Ranking #137 (February 03, 2018)
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trixie and katya (one shots) by candymattel
trixie and katya (one shots)by 💍
taken from tumblr and ao3 and some of my works (contains smut so if you are 13 please go away)
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blank space ↪ kth & jjk. by trashyung
blank space ↪ kth & jjk.by will update soon.
❝ in which taehyung took jungkook the wrong way ❞ ㅡ COMPLETED ↻ fetus writing (cringe)
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Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFrisk) by _fransfics_
Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFris...by A.P.M.B
FRANS This is a request and I have been really exited to start writing it! I really hope you like it! Echotale is not my AU! Neither is Jailtale! This is just my own lit...
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