No Talking //TomTord\\ by TheCandyKing__
No Talking //TomTord\\ by (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * Fanfiction
"Hey, Mr. Larsin! I kinda forgot about my homework, so-" "Oi, no talking Thomas." "But-" "Your voice is seducing me." *snickers c...
TomTord Pics (Read The Rules >:/) by OfficFuckingTurdle
why peterick is real. by bishopsknifetrick
why peterick is real. by gee whiz Fanfiction
dear patrick martin vaughn stump, i warn that you don't look at this book. (: highest rank: #420 in fanfiction ! ! !
Imagine Your OTP #3 by AxtonWaters
Imagine Your OTP #3 by our ghost son, washington ♥ Random
This is a trilogy of "Imagine Your Otp #2." It's made up of imagines and prompts of YOUR otp! Imagines may include: NSFW, Fluff, Angst, Dark, Holiday-themed...
Safe and Sound | Nalu by catbug__
Safe and Sound | Nalu by Elle Fanfiction
"You know...because of everything that's happened to me growing up...I'm not sure what love feels like," She whispered, unable to meet his gaze. He gently...
You Are Mine  by aalayahupson
You Are Mine by aalayah Fanfiction
*TRAILER IN FIRST CHAPTER* One day whilst writing the next chapter for your latest fanfiction you get a message from kik saying that they read your fanfictions. What if...
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate AU by LashtonsFlowerCrown
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate... by Sammi <3 Fanfiction
Imagine a world where every mark on your skin is put on your soulmates skin as well. Cool right? Phil thinks so, but Dan thinks it could be farther from the truth.
Kik love - Klance by The_Mom_Friend
Kik love - Klance by ★Voltron Fan★ Fanfiction
Kik Klance story au :D mah second book people. (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) ~It's kinky as fuck~ LanceyTheTailor: Heyyyy!~ Red: Who the fuck are you? LanceyTheTailor: Awh don't be so mean R...
Tomtord pics by iminmars
Tomtord pics by PONIES Romance
everybody will love me now XD
Jerika / The Bet by itzmegan_s
Jerika / The Bet by Randomgirl101 Fanfiction
Anthony: If you get her to kiss you, I will give you $1000. If you don't get her to kiss you, you owe me $1000. Jake: Game on. Be ready to give me the money. Also, when...
Please, Just Hate Us by SweetRainDrop13
Please, Just Hate Us by RainDrop~ Fanfiction
A war that lasted 25 years and happened 50 years ago, has brought the world to where it is today in 2100. Vampires were discovered to exist in 2025. The vampires were hu...
Step By Step (Yoonseok) by applesauce01
Step By Step (Yoonseok) by Kayla Fanfiction
Min Yoongi has been a trainee for three months and he finally gets to meet his roommate, Jung Hoseok. At first he's distancing himself from him since he's Min Yoongi. Bu...
A Collection Of Various One Shots Depicting Thomas Sanders's Characters by StarOfLightning
Shadowhunters Media by thatsnotpxnkrock
Shadowhunters Media by Mikayla Fanfiction
{TV Show Version} This is just the Shadowhunters group online. This will be them posting on social media and texting.
Fallen by SignalBonaeBitch
Fallen by PABO Fanfiction
I'm different, I'm better. When my everything disappeared, I changed. Me, my life, my friends. I'm never doing that mistake again, I told myself. And here you are, temp...
I React to Musical Ships by Arcanada
I React to Musical Ships by - Arc - Fanfiction
I, Arc, react to musical ships. (Hamilton & cast, Heathers, BMC, 21CS, and DEH) Yes, this time it's me reacting, and not the Hamilton people. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOR...
Group Chat✖️Multiship by wonderlandjoseph
Group Chat✖️Multiship by O D D T R E E Fanfiction
10:57pm Bread: hello young gays ⚠️THERE ARE TW⚠️ Features: Joshler, Brallon, Peterick, Frerard, Halsanie, Tronnor, Phan, and more!
numb | fillie by clinicallylonely
numb | fillie by georgia Fanfiction
"okay let's make a deal." finn says after a while. "what's it going to take to get it back wolfhard?" "you have to come with me.&qu...
utopia | fillie by clinicallylonely
utopia | fillie by georgia Fanfiction
《short sequel to the story numb-fillie》 u·to·pi·a; yo͞oˈtōpēə; noun; an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. (lowercase intended)
Dramione:  WANTED by kitcatkandy
Dramione: WANTED by Nightshade Fanfiction
Hermione Granger, Gryffindor's Good Girl, Head Girl, Cleverest Witch of her Age, Nice to even the lowest of the low, Charity starter, Best Friend, Savior of the World, B...