Broken Girl Meets Broken Boy by directionerac0
Broken Girl Meets Broken Boyby yolo
On dit qu'un cœur brisé qui un jour aime à nouveau est quelque chose de magnifique et de fort, mais personne a dit que c'était simple ou indolore. Luia (Lou i a) Pare...
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Soccer/Football Imagines by SportsStarE
Soccer/Football Imaginesby SportsStarE
First Wattpad Story! Originally on my Quotev account, Eloise DeCrion. Original imagines, I didn't steal them from anyone. I don't do dirty imagines. I can do suggestive...
  • barcelona
  • thomas
  • cristiano
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The Scranton Branch by CydneyJardine
The Scranton Branchby Cydney Jardine
"I used to impress Michael with paper puns. Now...now it's just depressing knowing how much I know about paper." --- Jim Halpert is in love with the receptioni...
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  • jim
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Newsies Preferences (SLOW UPDATES) by GirlMeetsTMNT
Newsies Preferences (SLOW UPDATES)by ➳Ally-Bean➳
Title states all!! (Cover Cred To: Kathryn LeTran, @ellubient) Jack Kelly Davey (David) Race (Racetrack) Spot Crutchie Blink (Kid Blink) These Preferences are all connec...
  • racetrack
  • jack
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On my block imagines  by imagines4everyone
On my block imagines by imagines4everyone
I write imagines for the Netflix show on my block if you have any requests send them I will most likely do them and yeah enjoy, lots of love-Mi
  • monse
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Evie Frye x Male Reader by jetrayf
Evie Frye x Male Readerby The Writer
A short story about our favorite female assassin and a lovable male assassin (You) Assassins Creed is owned by Ubisoft See an adventure that tests the boundaries of the...
  • wattys2017
  • templars
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Odd Squad One Shots by Kimberly1612
Odd Squad One Shotsby Kimbella22
These are a few ideas that I thought of for Odd Squad ships. I hope you like them. (:
  • oonå
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  • octavia
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flight || a poe dameron fanfic by dvmnitsme
flight || a poe dameron fanficby rey!
"Do you think you can fly that-?" I screamed, sand flying everywhere around us. "I can fly anything." Poe replied, a serious tone to his voice. I gu...
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Yabancı Film Replikleri by mystery_writer0
Yabancı Film Replikleriby mystery_writer0
Kimi zaman bazı senaryoların bitişi bir diğerine gebe olur. Önemli olan o senaryoda kendinizi bulmaktır. Kendinizi bulduğunuz an karakterler size ilham verir ve bir çok...
  • korku
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RWBY: Soulbonded ( Oscar x Ruby ) by ThatLittleWerewolf
RWBY: Soulbonded ( Oscar x Ruby )by ThatFrozenRose
A Fanfiction between Oscar Pine and Ruby Rose from the anime/CGI show RWBY, what will happen? Let's find out!
  • rwby
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  • romance
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Odd Squad One Shots by keshaswarrioranimal
Odd Squad One Shotsby Hi there
I will be making One Shots with all kinds of ships. From Olive and Otto to Olympia and Otis. I take requests so please request any ship in the comment section. P.S: I do...
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Employee of the Year by DmitriRagano
Employee of the Yearby Dmitri Ragano
Temo McCarthy works in the call center for Passion Financial. He spends his days "dialing deadbeats", convincing broke, desperate customers to pay their overdu...
  • romero
  • salvador
  • love
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Ask Odd Squad! by ThickSubset2037
Ask Odd Squad!by TheycallmeSubset
Me: An ask and dare odd squad book! Where- Olympia: Where you can ask or dare any and all OS agents, present or past! Me: Yes, and- Otis: Yes, unfortunately, I will *...
  • thicksubset
  • otis
  • odonohue
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Big book of puns by treylore
Big book of punsby lord commiasr trey
Rwby puns and much more,here on this pun book Puns courtesy of @kavinTK and the ever lovely Yang Xiao Long hope you guys get a laugh out of this
  • puns
  • lieren
  • yangxiaolong
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The Summer When (Thiago Silva, Oscar Emboaba, Neymar Jr) by AddieJay
The Summer When (Thiago Silva, Osc...by AddieJay
how does one choose between the two? maybe the decision isn't as hard after all...
  • thiago
  • brasilnt
  • neymar
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ignite → the last jedi by starkwalker
ignite → the last jediby jos
in which she finds herself choosing between giving into a force bond with the first man she ever cherished or the man who showed her how to rebel. POE DAMERON...
  • oscar
  • poedameron
  • thelastjedi
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Oscar and Neymar Love Story by KaraFerruzza
Oscar and Neymar Love Storyby BarcaCule
Julia Garcia is the daughter of Luiz Felipe Scolari. Her father wants her to train the boys with him. Until Neymar Jr and Oscar Emboaba met Julia. Oscar and Neymar beg...
  • neymar
  • oscar
Along Came Winter - A Snowbird Fanfic by EarthGrl210
Along Came Winter - A Snowbird Fan...by PoetryQueen
(Written By Me & @YouBelongHere from Quotev!!!!! ^W^!!!) Qrow Branwen is a tall, avian and drunk hunter from Vale. His life is going nowhere until he meets Winter Schne...
  • winter
  • ozpin
  • qrow
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On Purpose (Otis x Olympia) by Kimberly1612
On Purpose (Otis x Olympia)by Kimbella22
What if there was an alternate universe buried deeply in the depths of Atlantis? It was a city claimed to have been long gone, and a main reason why Ms. O never wanted...
  • mso
  • merpeople
  • oscar
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relax | c.h. by r0lliebarone
relax | c.h.by r0lliebarone
cody herbinko fanfic (murderized)
  • oscarherbinko
  • cody
  • vine
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