The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader)- Year 4 by Lumina_Rose14
The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader... by The Slytherin Queen Fanfiction
~(4th book in the Slytherin Queen Series)~ Death Eater Attacks, Strange Dreams, and looming fear..... Mysteriously entered into the dangerous contest known as the...
Pet Angel. by Jelsa_Lover_27
Pet Angel. by An 'Author' Romance
Abigail was sent to hell by her uncle, god. After 7 years of torture,, shes become a slave to the soon to be ruler-of-hell, while she falls for him. All he sees is a pet...
Tattooed Heart by acreativeblur
Tattooed Heart by kat Teen Fiction
"I'm not going to pick and choose the pieces of you and your life that I will take. I want all of you, Grace Baker. I want the smiles, I want the cries. I want the...
Fighting instinct (A/B/O dynamics)  by BloodySky97
Fighting instinct (A/B/O dynamics) by Dacchan ^.^ Werewolf
Faith has been hidden from the world since age 6, she's 20 years old now. Her parents were killed when she turned 18. Never been outside for 12 years, she needs to lea...
The Bite  by xXClaireLouiesaXx
The Bite by -CLARA Werewolf
| THE BITE | BOOK ONE | RE-WRITTEN V. | The night before their second year will start two boys took an evening stroll after they had dinner with their family. Just in...
Northbrooke by KawiWaki
Northbrooke by KCM Werewolf
Northbrooke, a nice quiet town..or so one may think. When Jamie Hawkins moved into the town, she never could of thought of the events that would unfold..
Hua Aira by PricklyLotus
Hua Aira by PricklyLotus Historical Fiction
"I cannot believe this," I said as I shook my head in disbelief. "I know nothing of finding love!" 16 year-old Hua Aira is in a disadvantage, her fat...
AU Generator | Plots, Prompts & Stories ✓ by summermia_
AU Generator | Plots, Prompts & St... by ✩ Mia ✩ Random
❝I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you.❞ Need help writing a fanfiction? or any normal...
Started With A Smile(BxB)  by BadQueen069
Started With A Smile(BxB) by 🔞🔞🔞🔞 Romance
Started 15/10/2017 Contains a lot of swearing and sexual stuff (smut included)🔞 If you don't like homosexuals, swearing and smut why fuck you this place is not for you.
Scarlett [ORIGINAL WORK] by MayGarner
Scarlett [ORIGINAL WORK] by m a y y ✨ Short Story
"Dear Scarlett, I'm laying here in this empty bed. I'm still wondering why you left when you did." Maybe, I was meant to fall in love with her. Only to have he...
suede by -voicenotes
suede by e v a n g e l i n e Short Story
she wasn't cool enough to be happy, but she was cool enough to wear suede. © -voicenotes 2017 cover by @acrossthemoonsofiego
My Friend by snickerz171
My Friend by snickerz171 Short Story
Ellie's life isn't the greatest. She has no friends, and she's made fun of at school. Until, on her 9th birthday, she meets a new friend. The best friend she could ever...
一 thrasher squad by blkjuptr
一 thrasher squad by *✧・゚:* Fanfiction
a story in which a new boy meets a diverse group of skaters. © 2016 blkjuptr ;; jay
Remembrance by smashburn
Remembrance by S. R. Mashburn Teen Fiction
"If today I woke up with you right beside me, like all of this was just some twisted dream, I'd hold you closer than I ever did before...and you'd never slip away...
❛ TOUCH MY NECK AND I'LL TOUCH YOURS, YOU IN THOSE LITTLE HIGH-WAISTED SHORTS ❜ ☆ミ in which noah harmon's misleading name leads to her living with a boy who thought she...
Here's To Us by leah_ann
Here's To Us by l.e.a.h.a.n.n. Romance
Asa Gaines and Harper Tovan are the perfect couple. Everything is perfect in their life. From the day they met they knew they had to be together. They were the perfect c...
bye. k.a story the bomb digz [ completed ]  by Txizzler
bye. k.a story the bomb digz [ com... by Twizzler Fanfiction
A girl who lives with her mother that has a boyfriend, they decided to move in with him but it meant she had to go to another country, so she's forced to make friends an...
What You Don't Know by TylerLeBlanc9
What You Don't Know by Tyler LeBlanc Teen Fiction
Clay has a lot of pressure on him for being only twelve years old. He's starting his first season with the Anaheim Firebirds in the KNHL, and he's recently become a big...
Memories With You shall Remain Forever  by minami_zz
Memories With You shall Remain For... by Minami ss Romance
"I love you, Promise me that you'll come back." Why do we sometimes remember and not remember our dreams? What happens to it? Himiko and Asami are the so ca...
A 'Secret' Spy? With Super Powers?! What Do You Call That?! by TigerLiliy9237
A 'Secret' Spy? With Super Powers... by Liliana Teen Fiction
Skylar Green, your average teen, or so you thought. she was a genius, but never knew it. Incredibly strong and could ride her bike better than many people. Okay, okay I...