It All Starts From Somewhere (A Lildeedee ♥ Mika fanfiction) by TOQ_TRST
It All Starts From Somewhere (A Li...by _pallétte
Imagine Mika and Deedee went waaaaay back. They hadn't met at the park, or on social media. How did the story go? How did they find love? Well, as they say, It All Start...
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❛❀❜ ⌈send cocosette.⌋ !¡ by SoyMillieRowland
❛❀❜ ⌈send cocosette.⌋ !¡by —panquequita.✧
❝millie.loves.kalani. 🌻❞ [♡]
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Yours Truly by AstronomyReads46
Yours Trulyby Dat One Gurl
I would like to write this book for updates, late night thoughts, and random crap. Hehe, yeah. This book is weird -My Neighbor Can I have my twenty dollars now? - Class...
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Serendipity  by xFuxkMyLifex
Serendipity by Im sad
Serendipity (n) finding something good without looking for it is it fate... or pure luck... Jimin.. you are my happiness
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war against  the black spirits by user33084378
war against the black spiritsby ranz
petualangan nya bagus loh gimana rasanya kalau punya abang atau kakak 3 pasti pusing checkidout lets go
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Sarah con l'H by Sarah7Diarra
Sarah con l'Hby Sarah7Diarra
Questa storia riguarderà soprattutto la mia vita, i miei disagi e altro ancora but ok. "Chi mi ama mi segua, chi no mi sega" :)) love y'all
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Ships that I want to Rp with  by SEFGaming
Ships that I want to Rp with by I’m a Weirdo
Please, just please.
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Just For You by animor_
Just For Youby animor_
Meet Coffeerhein Brew Salvador ang babaeng bida dito sa kwento.-_-! Simple lang ang buhay ni kape.kumakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw,naliligo sa banyo,nagtootoothb...
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Oreo by _hannahsoko
Oreoby ?hannah
Sometimes the kids at Marley's school want to be seen as big, brave, bold, etc... So they decide to do so by playing a little game. Oreo is basically rock, paper, scisso...
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Mango Butter(2) by WriterKPC
Mango Butter(2)by WriterKPC
Second Book in the Hair Butter series. If you like this so far you should probably read Shae Butter first. "I don't curse, but I hate your fucking guts Jason, your...
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Oreo: Not Just A Game by laikoislonly
Oreo: Not Just A Gameby ItsLaiko
Tori goes to a K-8 school. Which means, most kid push up through the grades together. With them, they bring old games. One game, that pops every once in a blue moon, is...
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Two Minds & Two Worlds |BaekYeon| by glissenoreo
Two Minds & Two Worlds |BaekYeon|by chaelin
Baekhyun is a 22 year old with a secret he never shared and never will. Taeyeon is a 25 year old that only knows the word "depressed". Fate brings them togethe...
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Saved By the Oreos by Oreo_Queens
Saved By the Oreosby 😂🤪💗
Meet Ellie Neveah Taylor, abusive father, sarcastic and all. Still, even with her father, she manages to do what she wants when she wants. But, when it comes down to it...
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Stuff About Me by TOQ_TRST
Stuff About Meby _pallétte
Hey! So I did this poll thingy and I guess some of u wanted to know some stuff about me so why not make it into a book? Just a few detailed chapters with some stuff bout...
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Oreo Oreo Let Down Your Hair by User123455
Oreo Oreo Let Down Your Hairby Amy
I'm not even kidding my friend just made this up I love it it's funny lots of inside jokes 💗 (Love ya Karmen)
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Descendants (BWWM) Wattys2017 by Nadie-Gael
Descendants (BWWM) Wattys2017by Abbey Holder
The war is soon to begin. The army is ready having laughed and said our goodbyes the night before, but now it is a time to fight for what is right. We could all feel th...
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Oreo the midget cat by Ravenwing133
Oreo the midget catby 🖕why this channel🖕
This is a book full of stories, comics, drawings, photos and updates on my cats...I hope you like it because I worked hard on it so have a nice day and ⬇️ ⚠️ WARNING; CA...
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Elise🇨🇦 by -wanderlustx-
Elise🇨🇦by 🇨🇦k u w o n u🇨🇦
My life journal and tags and other random stuff
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The Meme Queen by boobooboowho
The Meme Queenby Adrianna
"Who the fuck do you think you are? " "Honey, I'm the meme queen. " ___________________________________________ Forest-rain is the definition of a...
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Secret Love by FelicityPinson
Secret Loveby ColinePinson
Dans la ville de BountyCity deux Super-héros y protège les habitants, mais qui se cache derrière la magnifique Beast et le talentueux Rock !!! Ils se trouve que derrière...
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