Oreo Graphic Contest by DICKOOK-
Oreo Graphic Contest by 🌸
A shitty graphic contest by DICKOOK, Everyone can join. [•] batch 1 [soon] batch 2
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The Nerd's Playbook by SheWrites_101
The Nerd's Playbook by 🌼Tee🌼
"Hell hath no fury like three women cheated on." Horn rimmed glasses *✔* Low cut bob *✔* Knee-high socks *✔* Good brains *✔* She was good to go. ***~*** Annali...
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Two Minds & Two Worlds (b.bh+k.ty) by glissenoreo
Two Minds & Two Worlds (b.bh+k.ty) by Chaelin💜
Baekhyun is a 22 year old with a secret he never shared and never will. Taeyeon is a 25 year old that only knows the word "depressed". Fate brings them togethe...
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Oops My Bad  by GalaxysDiamond
Oops My Bad by GalaxysDiamond
"Oops my bad, did I roll my eyes out loud?" "Yeah, you kinda did. Now I think I'm deaf." ••• Astra-Nova Jaxson has everything planned: - Sass up anyo...
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It All Starts From Somewhere (A Lildeedee ♥ Mika fanfiction) by TOQ_TRST
It All Starts From Somewhere (A Li... by 👑The Oreo Queen👑
Imagine Mika and Deedee went waaaaay back. They hadn't met at the park, or on social media. How did the story go? How did they find love? Well, as they say, It All Start...
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바닐라 / PERSONAL. by prettyjiwoo
바닐라 / PERSONAL. by 오래오.
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HIS One shots by SarcasticallyWitty
HIS One shots by Leata
This is a one shot book about Stayden, Rivel, Lake, The Original Devils, The Spawns, The Descendants, pretty much everyone. This includes one shots about what happened a...
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Yours Truly by AstronomyReads46
Yours Truly by Miss Sandy
I would like to write this book for updates, late night thoughts, and random crap. Hehe, yeah. This book is weird -My Neighbor Can I have my twenty dollars now? - Class...
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Stuff About Me by TOQ_TRST
Stuff About Me by 👑The Oreo Queen👑
Hey! So I did this poll thingy and I guess some of u wanted to know some stuff about me so why not make it into a book? Just a few detailed chapters with some stuff bout...
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Two Worlds One Choice  by ThatHoodieGurl
Two Worlds One Choice by ThatHoodieGirl
"Okay I can do this, come on Taria it's for the Oreo." I remind myself and why am I wearing a black hoodie in this heat . "um Luke I am your Father and th...
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Marilyn Manson In The Skin by Marilyn_emeritus2049
Marilyn Manson In The Skin by Marilyn_Emeritus2049
My love for Marilyn Manson! 💖 Fan since February 26th, 2016
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Fracasaste como CNCOwner si... by AlitzCncownerX
Fracasaste como CNCOwner si... by AlitzCncownerX
Si no hiciste alguna de estas cosas en algún punto de tu vida siendo CNCOWner fracasaste woman :v. Puede que te identifiques, puede que no, pero este espacio es para ti...
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||OREO|| by xxkpopcheshxx
||OREO|| by Loading...
Hey Reader-Chan!!! This book will usually be updated when Author-Nim (Me) has writer's block or when Author-Nim is bored af. Will contain K-Pop Idols but, before they w...
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Year of The Undead: An Alliance Fanfic by Kitstenk
Year of The Undead: An Alliance Fa... by Kithat And Abox Are OTP
When disaster unlike anything Inanimate Planet has ever seen unexpectedly strikes, life as the objects know it is turned upside down. The infection spread quickly, and...
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Kwiaty (Tomtord) |Yaoi| by ChocVonMilk
Kwiaty (Tomtord) |Yaoi| by Tomboy
"zajebiste" yaoi od jakże zjebanego człowieka!
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➴BAEKYEON, Our Best Love Story (OREOS Community SCRAPBOOK 02) OPEN 2017 by OreosAndStrawberries
➴BAEKYEON, Our Best Love Story (OR... by feel so fine!
Still rising community! An OREO community by: OreosAndStrawberries OREOS' Book of Neverland. This is...
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His Queen by TaylorMcGee676
His Queen by Taylor McGee
Hope the new bad girl in town shes trouble Moving isnt bad but having to face to fake ass bimbos a. ute boy name rein and his gang on top my dad running a gang nope...
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Denis and the Dog by RealKingkai1
Denis and the Dog by RealKingkai1
Find out if Denis made it out of jail Denis READ THIS PLEASE this is a real and ROBLOX fan fiction together
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Life Of A Smol Teenage Oreo (Rant Book 3) by A_Teenage_Oreo
Life Of A Smol Teenage Oreo (Rant... by 💙💚💛A Wandering Undertale S...
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OREO by Star_UnicornHamilton
OREO by lol
Star Butterfly is the sweet and popular foreign exchange student who came to Echo Creak High 2 years ago. She is practically 'royalty' in Echo Creak, and is a princess i...
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