11:11 [BaekYeon Fanfiction] by xolovestiffcy
11:11 [BaekYeon Fanfiction] by 긴안티 Random
Kim Taeyeon, Seorang gadis yang berjuang untuk bertahan hidup dengan penyakitnya. Namun ia tetap tersenyum dan bahkan menjadi matahari bagi orang orang disekitarnya. Byu...
Year of The Undead: An Alliance Fanfic by Kitstenk
Year of The Undead: An Alliance Fa... by ^3^ Fanfiction
When disaster unlike anything Inanimate Planet has ever seen unexpectedly strikes, life as the objects know it is turned upside down. The infection spread quickly, and...
Life Of A Smol Teenage Oreo (Rant Book 3) by A_Teenage_Oreo
Dreams in the river by FrostytheBrosty
Dreams in the river by Caitlyn Horror
Stella Dreamer is a Normal middle schooler to others, but when she goes back to a Dreamer Cabin with her dog Oreo. Many things could happen, and maybe some even face the...
PointlessCookieLife: My Pointless Life  by PointlessCookieLife
PointlessCookieLife: My Pointless... by #PointlessLife Random
Hi this is ThePointlessCookieLife and this is my blog thingy about my Pointless Life! Here I will tell you about anything I get up to in life or things about me! (Mainl...
DU WIFI AU MCDO by LeSucreDuMochi
DU WIFI AU MCDO by LeSucreDuMochi Random
mais d'où vient donc cette légende urbaine selon laquelle il y aurait de la wifi au mcdo?
Mango Butter(2) by WriterKPC
Mango Butter(2) by WriterKPC Teen Fiction
Second Book in the Hair Butter series. If you like this so far you should probably read Shae Butter first. "I don't curse, but I hate your fucking guts Jason, your...
TANGA | k.ty ; b.bh by teleblossoms_
TANGA | k.ty ; b.bh by a n n Short Story
Leslie Gonzales sent you a message. - Bumalik kana please? Ako nalang ulit! Parang awa mona! Hindi ko kase kaya na wala ka sa buhay ko! Please alex bumalik kana! Alex:...
Bullying (Joel Pimentel)*TERMINADA* by katy1118
Bullying (Joel Pimentel)*TERMINADA* by TATI - pandicornia Fanfiction
muchas veces pasamos por situaciones difíciles y nos preguntamos porque a nosotros no podía ser a alguien mas y la verdad todas las cosas difíciles,los obstáculos, etc q...
HIS One shots by SarcasticallyWitty
HIS One shots by Leata Humor
This is a one shot book about Stayden, Rivel, Lake, The Original Devils, The Spawns, The Descendants, pretty much everyone. This includes one shots about what happened a...
Seven Perilous Wishes | Soon by Blackperiewinkle
Seven Perilous Wishes | Soon by Y u z u k i 🌹 Short Story
❝Know this, I am addicted to you for i have tasted your mind, And i just can't forget it's flavor, So can you grant my seven perilous wishes?❞ - Byun Baekhyun. ☁︎Blackpe...
Marilyn Manson In The Skin by AlexysADAWGShepard
xing kong by starcidal
xing kong by nightmare Random
i gazed the star filled skies with fascination. s/mb
Oreo Awards 2017 (Open) by Kittysquid88
Oreo Awards 2017 (Open) by Sydni Random
Want to win an award? Earn recognition? Get feedback? Well, here at the Oreo Awards, you can do that even if you lose. We accept almost any category, you can enter more...
First Love | Kim Taehyung  by Butterflygirlexo
First Love | Kim Taehyung by Cutiechicks Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] "What if in the end lie is the only way you can get your love back?" It's when the first pain come and you start to feel everything and learn to le...
||OREO|| by x_xInsfired_Cheshx_x
||OREO|| by Loading... Humor
Hey Reader-Chan!!! This book will usually be updated when Author-Nim (Me) has writer's block or when Author-Nim is bored af. Will contain K-Pop Idols but, before they w...
Random by ThatOneWeirdFox
Meri phuppo ki beti  by rehmaaq
Meri phuppo ki beti by rehmaaq Humor
Sheroze Khan a 23 year old Pakistani living in UK has eyes in which girls can stare for hours , lips that make the perfect smile , cheeks that makes the perfect dimple t...
♡ Random ♡ by LarryToMyZiam