HIS One shots by SarcasticallyWitty
HIS One shots by Leata Humor
This is a one shot book about Stayden, Rivel, Lake, The Original Devils, The Spawns, The Descendants, pretty much everyone. This includes one shots about what happened a...
His Little Devil by SarcasticallyWitty
His Little Devil by Leata Humor
[SECOND BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] (HIGHEST RANKING: #9 IN HUMOUR) "Of course I'm just like my mother." I roll my grey eyes. "I popped out of her uterus.&q...
Bullying (Joel Pimentel) by katy1118
Bullying (Joel Pimentel) by TATI - pandicornia Fanfiction
muchas veces pasamos por situaciones difíciles y nos preguntamos porque a nosotros no podía ser a alguien mas y la verdad todas las cosas difíciles,los obstáculos, etc q...
Axle by somebodywho
Axle by somebodywho Werewolf
Even simply saying or thinking about his name send shivers to anybody. Axle Rydd When night time falls, they come out to play, killing the innocents. His pack, the Dark...
Accept the swirl (BWWM) by kaiadevoe
Accept the swirl (BWWM) by Kaia Devoe Teen Fiction
Maleah thought her final year of high school would be the best hands down. But when the new boy Aaron Shultz comes to Rosewood High everything is turned upside down. Wit...
Ulani by bbygyaal
Ulani by bbygyaal Romance
"Ulani, Ulani!" He called after me. I just keep walking there isn't a thing I have to say to this man, he embarrassed me. It was long before he caught up with...
Finding My Lost Self [to be edited] by Dark_Starlet
Finding My Lost Self [to be edited] by Tay Humor
She's sarcastic. She was the girl who never cared what people said. She was far from a romantic; She was Oreo obsessed. She used to beat up people in middle school, and...
Meri phuppo ki beti  by rehmaaq
Meri phuppo ki beti by rehmaaq Humor
Sheroze Khan a 23 year old Pakistani living in UK has eyes in which girls can stare for hours , lips that make the perfect smile , cheeks that makes the perfect dimple t...
Cuts, Scars, & Bruises. by TooBlondeForThis
Cuts, Scars, & Bruises. by TooBlondeForThis Teen Fiction
Excerpt:: "Now, I’ll be telling my story. A story that I wish could have a different ending. But it can’t, my story is written. Written, in the blood and tears I...
Fall by irtzaqamar
Fall by irtzaqamar Romance
Ella Pray and Luke Anderson have been best friends forever. They thought they were inseparable, and nothing come between them. However, a kiss at party shared between th...
First Love [Vtae x Baekyeon  FF] by Butterflygirlexo
First Love [Vtae x Baekyeon FF] by Cutiechicks Fanfiction
"What if in the end lie is the only way you can get your love back?" It's when the first pain come and you start to feel everything and learn to let go someone...
The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO
The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO Random
Basically where I let out my random energy and things I would like the world to know. CAUTION: Too many intakes of random jokes may result in LAUGHTER :D
Is He Your Mr. Right? (Mindless Behavior Love Story) by kereishadiamond
Is He Your Mr. Right? (Mindless Be... by KereishaDiamond Fanfiction
How do you know who your Mr. Right is?
11:11 (BaekYeon Fanfiction) by xolovestiffcy
11:11 (BaekYeon Fanfiction) by ppany💖 Random
Kim Taeyeon, Seorang gadis yang berjuang untuk bertahan hidup dengan penyakitnya. Namun ia tetap tersenyum dan bahkan menjadi matahari bagi orang orang disekitarnya. Byu...
A game of oreo by shamanda02
A game of oreo by SmilingPilots Teen Fiction
Niyla is eccentric and outgoing. What people say doesn't phase her. She is always laughing and happy, but don't make her mad. Darren is loud and immature. He always says...
Secret [Baek × Yeon] by moonjaebell
Secret [Baek × Yeon] by bella🌜 Fanfiction
want to know that i will brag anything abt baekyeon in this book too so my fellow oreos, u with me >< ***** "It is ***** that you like, Taeyeon-aah! Not him...
♢ Last Destiny | Soon  by Blackperiewinkle
♢ Last Destiny | Soon by Y u z u k i 🌹 Short Story
❝So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart, For every time you think of me, I'm right here in your heart.❞ - Kim Taeyeon ☁︎Blackperiewinkle's Angs...
Descendants (BWWM) Wattys2017 by Nadie-Gael
Descendants (BWWM) Wattys2017 by Abbey Holder Paranormal
The war is soon to begin. The army is ready having laughed and said our goodbyes the night before, but now it is a time to fight for what is right. We could all feel th...
Life Of A Smol Teenage Oreo (Rant Book 3) by A_Teenage_Oreo
Chase The Spark (Greyson Chance Fan Fiction) by jodineargayoso
Chase The Spark (Greyson Chance Fa... by nichi Fanfiction
You're a girl from a small town. Wishing to meet your celebrity crush,idol,inspiration and husband, Greyson Chance. Greyson will have a concert in the Philippines soon...