Rebel [gale hawthorne] by _writersunite_
Rebel [gale hawthorne]by Kat
Katniss Everdeen. Orchid Perthshire. Gale Hawthorne. The inseparable trio. Hunted and gathered to keep their family alive. What does separate them is The Hunger Games...
  • orchid
  • gale
  • thehungergamesfanfic
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Odd Squad One Shots by Kimberly1612
Odd Squad One Shotsby Kimbella22
These are a few ideas that I thought of for Odd Squad ships. I hope you like them. (:
  • oren
  • oddtodd
  • octavia
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Strange Squad by Kimberly1612
Strange Squadby Kimbella22
What happens when a villainous group creates Strange Squad to show that they are far better than Odd Todd ever was? And what happens when because of them Otis's negativ...
  • strange
  • otis
  • orchid
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Otis x Reader One Shots by Kimberly1612
Otis x Reader One Shotsby Kimbella22
Here are some one shot ideas I thought of between you and agent Otis. I hope you like them. (: If you have any requests for an idea for a one shot, then just let me kn...
  • owen
  • oddsquad
  • orchid
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Любовь мотылька и пламени. by postnikovva
Любовь мотылька и пламени.by ❌ L I A ❌
События начинаются с того, что некая девушка по имени Дарина приезжает в родной город - Майкоп, после того, как провела целый год заграницей. В тот же день, она встречае...
  • летучая
  • дарина
  • время
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Odd Squad One Shots by keshaswarrioranimal
Odd Squad One Shotsby Kesha's fan
I will be making One Shots with all kinds of ships. From Olive and Otto to Olympia and Otis. I take requests so please request any ship in the comment section. P.S: I do...
  • oddsquad
  • oneshots
  • otis
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Dear Orchid  by ConnieRoses
Dear Orchid by Connie
"I want to feel your warmth, I want to feel your skin on mine, I want to feel your breath, your heart beat under my fingertips... I want to stop the spiral and just...
  • represent
  • romance
  • love
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Top Ms. O (Odd Squad) by Kimberly1612
Top Ms. O (Odd Squad)by Kimbella22
When the newest character, top Ms. O is temporarily put in charge of Odd Squad, while Ms. O is off on a mission, something unusual happens. Otis finds himself experienc...
  • octavia
  • olympia
  • ohlm
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Ela - R6S FanFiction  by Luggilu
Ela - R6S FanFiction by luggi lu
Ela ist der Neuzugang im Team Rainbow. Seit Operation Blood Orchid ist sie an einer Vielzahl vonEinsätzen beteiligt. Doch wie sah ihr leben vorher aus? Vor Team Rainbow...
  • prequel
  • r6s
  • siege
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Odd Squad One Shots by Justheretocomment
Odd Squad One Shotsby Sussettey
Just some short stories about OS. I'm not very good at writing them and there are a lot of others on Wattpad. But read if you want. Shipping, but nothing inappropriate.
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  • oneshots
  • oscar
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Made In Germany by RiverWild
Made In Germanyby River Miller, Rivv/Rivvy/Ghos...
Orchid, on her sixth birthday, was sent a gift she will never forget. Two friends in the mail by the names of Bill and Tom. Though utterly hypnotized by these dolls, wil...
  • orchid
  • special
  • hotel
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orchid→kth[✓] by rosewatre
orchid→kth[✓]by aღ
❝The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.❞
  • kimtaehyung
  • fluff
  • kpop
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Blue x fell ;3 by DatOneBoiRawr
Blue x fell ;3by BucketHeadSanses
In this story Blue had hidden that he was having a baby (bruh, in undertale aus logic doesn't matter) from Papyrus, and its ALWAYS in blues pov. He has the baby later in...
  • bluexfell
  • hardwork
  • longstory
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Spark's Journal by jayfeather7777
Spark's Journalby jayfeather7777
Recently, Spark decided to give his journal to Tommy to publish. These are those entries.
  • alphacomplex
  • gordon
  • spark
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Laeti's One Shot Contest by 3dream_writer3
Laeti's One Shot Contestby Laeti
My one shot contest to celebrate me reaching 20k followers here on Wattpad, as well as Forever receiving 11.4k votes in The Fiction Contest. :)
  • orchid
  • grayson
  • nolan
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Lukas and the Diamond Kingdom by richardmidnight
Lukas and the Diamond Kingdomby richardmidnight
Lukas thought he was a regular boy living in the woods with his little sister, and a family who took them in. But then two strangers discovered him. Lukas then starts to...
  • kings
  • family
  • strangers
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🌺Flowers 🌺 by GlenCamsmith
🌺Flowers 🌺by Anime girl 101
These flowers are to enjoy, feel free to use and take as you want. Not my credit I find thes online. I find looking at different flowers in various colors is enjoyable...
  • roses
  • orchid
  • colors
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