Auld Lang Syne by Amarantha_Jade
Auld Lang Syne by Anne Jade Gamboa Teen Fiction
PAST is PAST and it'll never ever come back again.We just need to enjoy all the days and decades that will past. All we can do is to cherish all the happy thoughts and m...
Zodiac Sign Book by -Bethan-
Zodiac Sign Book by ❃ Beth ❃ Random
In case you don't already know, these are the dates for the star signs: Aries - March 21 - April 19 Taurus - April 20 - May 20 Gemini - May 21 - June 20 Cancer - June...
Debate by HersheyQueen
Debate by HersheyQueen Random
Debate; I'll drop a random word, name or subject and you guys get to debate/rant about it... Warning: Don't be too mean to people in the comments or you'll be blocked
Poems i wrote by Aislinn_Mane
Poems i wrote by Aislinn. Aislinn Marie Mane Poetry
These are my personal feelings, my emotions. Feeling alone, or feeling scared...and feeling pain. All of what I have delt with, or what I have felt. A lot of it, is pain...
Ignored by iShipDemDescendants
Option. by shxndrea
Option. by SHANDREA Romance
"I can't be an OPTION but my dumb side and my stupid heart has teamed up."
Sometimes Loving Someone Can Hurt others by MJLOVEM
Sometimes Loving Someone Can Hurt... by MJLOVEM Teen Fiction
It's hard to choose just one. I didn't expect my life to make a turn that big. What can I say though.....I really enjoyed every single minute of it. (?) is my everythin...
The marketing techniques in SoundCloud by rayniece34
Untitled by annyhsexo
Is Marriage Really The Right Option? by ChibiEevee
Is Marriage Really The Right Optio... by Chibi.Eevee Romance
Aiden Rushele is a 22 year old university student and the son of the biggest video game company in the world. But when his father forces him to have an arranged marriage...