Free X Reader One Shots by _SmileyWerido_
Free X Reader One Shotsby TheWeirdoNextDoor :)
(Updates are slow but I'm still writing ✏️) Various X reader ✨ I accept requests!! Hope you enjoy !!!~ author -chan
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10 COMMANDMENTS FROM THE MOST HANDSOME GUY IN THE WORLD THAT YOU MUST OBEY! 1.) Worship me above all things. 2.) Don't wear your panty when you're with me. 3.) Massage y...
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✨ Imagify - Multifandom and others ✨ by pozeracz_dusz
✨ Imagify - Multifandom and others...by don't know don't care
Kliknij i poczuj się, jakbyś miała relację ze swoim crushem/idolem Wiem że jest wiele takich książek, ale naprawdę chciałam zrobić swoją. Czasem cierpię na niedosyt mo...
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SHINee OneShots by taemlie18
SHINee OneShotsby Leslie Luy
Fluff and romance featuring SHINee and you!!! <3
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Wattpad  Character Names You'll like by marshmallowssprinkle
Wattpad Character Names You'll li...by Faith👽
Finding the perfect names of your characters? Here's the an alphabetical list for you my fellow writers of boys and girls' name that will help you decide for your own st...
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Be Mine, Sakenah by animethyst_
Be Mine, Sakenahby animethyst_
Sakenah's Story
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Fell Into A Heartache by teotasyo
Fell Into A Heartacheby Mattyu
Seems like falling never wanted to let your life flow without heartaches.
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Pictures for Covers... by AnnaDolly7
Pictures for Covers...by Suzana
Pictures to choose from to make your cover. I don't make covers. But if you want to, I can give it a shot. I make covers like the one this book has. If you think you li...
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Opinions On Yandere Simulator Ships by wereallmad-
Opinions On Yandere Simulator Shipsby Tata
Read the title and request
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gazebos//Rants by softredhead
gazebos//Rantsby ♡
Gazebos...They're bullshit! Welcome back to my Very own Ranta Books where i talk about Shit and Rants (:
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Corpse party : Before and after by Kelisethellamaqueen
Corpse party : Before and afterby ~* Kelise *~
~*This is a fan made fiction story based on the video game, corpse party. The characters were made by us and there may be plot holes.*~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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Ideas book by Dragongirlgamer1
Ideas bookby dragongirlgamer1
For those who want to write something but don't know what, this book will hopefully get some of those creative thoughts happening! This book contains ideas that are free...
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Your Choice || Michael Jackson by InTheClosetWithMike
Your Choice || Michael Jacksonby ✨Michael&3T✨
Ever read a story and hated what happens next? I think we all have. So I'm giving you the chance to create the story yourself - you decide what happens! The story could...
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A Friend's Sacrifices (One Shot Story Story) by Sapphire_Aqualyn
A Friend's Sacrifices (One Shot St...by Ms.J
Since I was grade 1...I'm her protector Since we're grade 3 our friendship grow build up Since grade 4...the word 'love' is gradually develops a sense of friendship Sinc...
  • rebound
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Depression  by Karmaisbrutal
Depression by Rewriting Everything
All the problems of it and having it.
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When you LOVE HIM, and he doesn't know continued! by ChoiSueLin
When you LOVE HIM, and he doesn't...by Choi Se Lynn/ Sue
Here are Idol, Optional Bias fanfictions.
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The Bridge of Love by frantet_anne
The Bridge of Loveby Frances Anne Reyes
ako si claire. si claire na tulay si claire na option si claire na niloko si claire na umaasa si claire na nag papakatanga parin sa kanya si claire na hindi nag sasawa...
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ELSA'S Special by Tannemin
ELSA'S Specialby Tannemin
a book dedicated to my online friends a book for you to choose your own ending~ enjoy~
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