Tori (One Piece) by Bluefang1
Tori (One Piece)by Bluefang1
Tori lived in the real world until she had died sacrificing her life to save her own brother from dying a horrible death. But she soon awoke in the world of One Piece.
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Follow The Glow Worms: Trafalgar Law X Reader by Alaynahthirteen
Follow The Glow Worms: Trafalgar Aliyyah
Your a genius craftsman or should I say craftswoman who finds a cave full of glow worms when you were looking for shelter from a storm. A few years later while visiting...
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Intangible [ One Piece] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Intangible [ One Piece]by Ashley
Ultimately this is a Marco X OC fanfic, but there will be some Ace fluff as well ^-^ A few notes: The story is going to begin five years before Luffy actually sets sail...
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Doflamingo x reader by Kuineru
Doflamingo x readerby Charlotte Kuineru
{DISCONTINUED! AND UNDER CONSTRUCTION!} You're the mother of Joker's son. But he never knew. One day he pays you a little visit only to find out about the baby. What wil...
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ASL'S Big Brother - (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by WaterMistress
ASL'S Big Brother - (One Piece ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
(COMPLETED) this is a request from @luna16love & I was very interested in the idea
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  • sanji
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Searching for Brothers [One Piece fanfic) by Trufflerabbit13
Searching for Brothers [One Trufflerabbit13
She was the polite one. The smart one. The level headed one. She kept her three brothers in place, making sure none of them did something stupid enough to get themselves...
  • romance
  • friendship
  • ace
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ASL'S Big Sister Atami (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by WaterMistress
ASL'S Big Sister Atami (One ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
(COMPLETED) Portgas D. Atami was her name, eldest daughter of Gol D. Roger & Portgas D. Rouge & older sister of the ASL. ... i know that the new book cover is Lightning...
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Freedom & Fate | One Piece x Reader by ama_rin
Freedom & Fate | One Piece x Readerby Rin
"Fate will find a way." A girl who ran away from fate, a girl who aspires to live freely. Hazy memories and the possessions on her body are the...
  • freedom
  • robin
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Luffy x Neko!Reader        Warm by LittleSnowCloud
Luffy x Neko!Reader Warmby LittleSnowCloud
Half cat, half human, you're a rather strange sight to behold. But Luffy, who is your captain, lover, and childhood friend, doesn't seem to see any of the things that ar...
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Death can't have her by KuraChan-ya
Death can't have herby KuraChan-ya
A wanderer, a student, a marine, a traveler, and now, a pirate. These are the titles Shiki had once owned. She doesn't care what she is, as long as her precious friend i...
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Mihawk x Reader   When Shanks Does A Bad by LittleSnowCloud
Mihawk x Reader When Shanks LittleSnowCloud
Mihawk has dropped by to visit your captain, Red-Haired Shanks. But he seems to have a problem with Shank's willingness to touch you. Shanks done a bad. (This is probab...
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Red Headed Siblings|| Onepiece Fanfiction|| Eustass Kid by KoTakeshi
Red Headed Siblings|| Onepiece KohanaTakeshi
Heard of the hot headed pirate Eustass "Captain" Kid, the Captain of the infamous Kid Pirates, a part of "The Worst Generation"? Yeah? Well, did you...
  • shanks
  • ace
  • whitebeard
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Guardian of the Destined (As You Wish) by AmandaJean12
Guardian of the Destined (As You Strawhat_Skelepun
The pirates gaped, their Captain grinned, she burst out laughing, the song of wind chimes in her wake. REWRITE IS UP! I own nothing but the changes in plot, my OCs, and...
  • destiny
  • onepiece
  • raftel
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Fifth Emperor (A One Piece Fanfic) by RapunzeIl
Fifth Emperor (A One Piece Fanfic)by Rapunzell
There once was a rumour about the terrifying 'Fifth Emperor'. They say he is so strong he can destroy an island in a blink of an eye. They say if you are bad he will des...
  • luffy
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Red Haired Luffia by Muppy-chan
Red Haired Luffiaby Muppy-chan
What would happen is Luffy's mother gave her daughter to Red Haired Shanks to rise? How different would Luffy be if the goofball raised her? And what changes would she b...
  • monkey
  • red
  • sainji
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Keeper  of the Devil Fruits (One Piece Fan Fiction) by chrisymd
Keeper of the Devil Fruits (One Christina
There's a legend circulating around the world and no one believes it could be true. A legend about someone with the powers of every single Devil Fruit whether it be new...
  • zoro
  • strawhats
  • strawhatpirates
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One Piece One Shots (Requests: Open) by OnePieceFanFiction
One Piece One Shots (Requests: Mizu
I will take requests. It can be OC or X-reader. You just have to give me a general idea, and who you want it to be for. (Don't ask for holiday specials, unless the holid...
  • fluff
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Wait for me {One Piece X Reader} ✓ by mwzxxx
Wait for me {One Piece X Reader} ✓by (๑>◡<๑)
| SLOWLY EDITING | | THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN RELEASED: Prologue + Chapters 1, 2 & 3| This book has a few grammatical errors but read if you please. It is said to be fast pa...
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Lost Uzumaki [a Naruto / One Piece Crossover] by Lillikira
Lost Uzumaki [a Naruto / One Silver Dragonfly
[a Naruto / One Piece Crossover] Shanks was used to strange meetings on the various islands of the Grand Line. However, this one was unusual even for the Grand Line. A L...
  • crossover
  • shanks
  • narutofanfic
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The Devils in the Fruits by OneHellofaGrell
The Devils in the Fruitsby Bianca
They think they pick up just magic fruit. They don't. They think the powers they gain are theirs. They're not. They think they can't swim. They can. They don't think dev...
  • devilfruits
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